Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday knittings...

I finished a second pair of Fetching fingerless mitts. I used the recommended Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and I am pleased with the feel and thickness of the fabric. I am hooked on these things. I have my One-Cable scarf 1/3 done - I think it will make a nice set - I am waiting for the LYS to open so I can go get another skein of each color to make the pieces for both sets. I tried to get a bit of my new knit-n-go bag from Scout's Swag since it rocks. You can snap it on your purse or beltloop and knit just about anywhere you can stand or sit. I got mine in camoflauge hoping no one would notice me knitting in the line at the bank.

I also signed up for a class with kind of a knitting superstar - Annie Modesitt - since I just finished her Backyard Leaves scarf she is on my mind. I got a newsletter via e-mail from a shop I recently checked out in Illinois, Wool and Company - only a mere 90 minute drive - and they are featuring her in January. For a new book tour...hmmm new book?I'm a book whore. Anyways, I thought this could be a great way to break up the most pitifully long dragging month of the year... plus I figure I love knitting, I love beads - have to check out knitting jewelry. Classes always inspire me to move beyond my comfort zone and try something new - from a power knitter!! Bonus! (one caviat - I will freaking sh*t if we have bad weather or snow. it will be January afterall..)

gobble, gobble


Anonymous susan b anderson said...

Oh, I am jealous-Annie Modesitt will be fantastic! I'll keep my fingers crossed on the weather for you. Did you know she is moving to Minneapolis?
Your Fetchings are beautiful and the cable scarf, too. Good work.
best, susie

5:00 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Oh, seems like those fetching are addictive! And single cable scarf is great for x-mas presents!
P.S. Hope you'll soon get my parcel! I keep on checking your blog!

1:11 AM  

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