Friday, November 17, 2006

yawns and wanderings

What a long, great, day. Despite my headachy garbage this morning I managed to pull together to go holiday shopping with a very good friend - totally secret, just us and our holiday cash - armed and ready. Toy R Us is still managable, the mall was quiet, Target - well, Target was Target(heaven)...and I snuck in two yarn stores - merely fondled yarn - bought none - amazing.

I am the biggest Bath and Bodyworks coupon whore ever - I have had to start giving them away, there are so many good ones - so get out there - get Festive Pomegranite and I guarantee you will smell like Christmas! It's so nice, memory provoking, comforting.

Before our trip I had no idea how many Littlest Pet Shop critters there are - I kept finding more new and different ones - Santa has left the building. I was glad to find that Carter's still makes good jammies for 6 year-olds and tub toys are not very interesting...what happened to the good ole Fisher Price houseboat? But most significant - I once again learned that Rum Runner's at Jimmy Buffet's restaurant Cheeseburger in Paradise...dee-freaking-vine. What a glorious day it turned out to be.

But wait - I went on to have a really nice night with the girls - well, until Tutti had the biggest tantrum EVER when play dough time was over. Sorry, kiddo - you're the second kid, I can wait out a tantrum with the best of them. It ended as abruptly as it began but it was pretty record breaking. And now is time for bed. I should sleep like a rock after such a productive day - well, that and being up since 3 am wrestling with the scarf pattern. Rock. definitely.

Lastly, my dh may have a great opportunity for a new job that encompasses his passions - running, biking, swimming. He could make money dealing with things he loves only slightly less than me and the girls. Problem is he will make a little less cha-ching. ouch. at least for now - but he must chase this dream. Anyone out there - cross your fingers this will come to fruition for him. Afterall there are some serious benefits above cash...I am convinced if he is happier at his job he will come home and beg me to do laundry - so pray hard!


Anonymous sandra said...

I have my fingers crossed for your hubby!
Love the gloves from previous post! My sis wanna ones!

5:36 PM  

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