Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wristwarmers are for girls...

First let me say - I freaking love Mountain Colors yarn - it is nice to knit with and the colors are so rich. I used half of a skein of Wild Raspberry 4/8's. The pattern is the "yarn spotlight" pattern on page 7 of the Fall 2005 Interweave. I really like how these came out - but you know it's hard to take a picture of your own hand, and it's harder yet to really show an effective picture of fingerless mitts without hands in them. But I digress, I think I am going to make a scarf to match, which of course means more Mountain Colors - yippee! I have a smidge of the Brooke's Column of Leaves started - the sample is variegated - and knit with MC! However, today I quickly learned that I can't knit lace-ish stuff at the lunch table, far too much yapping going on.

Speaking of too much yapping...we had a school conference for our first grader today - what a joy!! She is a great little student at math and reading... so helpful to her classmates. But she is a teeny bit too social. She likes to chat a bit excessively. I can help her with math, reading, even drawing a little but talking? The little stinker gets her work done and then decides it's social I get why it's a problem and we've talked about consequences but I was a talker in school myself (those who know me are nodding vigorously)- I was moved to the front of the classroom many times - I always regarded this as a "mixer" of sorts...I could chat up new people in each new seat I tried out...see I was rationalizing was back then. As a matter of fact my 11th grade History teacher told me he would give me the "A" I had earned if I would shut up for the last two weeks of the quarter. Ouch. But wait, I believe in equality so just to share the blame, we do call my dh "chatty daddy" around here - so maybe he is the culprit? Is yaking genetic? We simply aren't modeling good behavior:) But we turned out fine, right? I'm sure she'll be fine, just is good right?

Later...much 4:00 a.m...clearly I am a little delusional with this flu-like whatever that keeps teasing with me but I am about ready to strangle myself with my yarn as I keep on screwing up the Brooke's Column of Leaves pattern - and not because there is a thing wrong with the pattern - I mean other people are getting scarves done right? must be me?? I can. not. do. lace. without. a chart. I keep losing stitches or getting extras as I try to read accross the pattern - so there it is, on the free pattern link - A CHART. So my little scrapbookin' self is now cutting and pasting this pattern together on some nice cardstock because I am going to get it - it will at least be prettier huh? Is stubborness a virtue? Good grief, I really should sip some 7-up and hang it up for now. But not until after I frog this baby back to the beginning - a fresh start in the morning...wait, it is morning!


Blogger Carrie said...

OK, there is something seriously wrong with Blogger - can you see my blog? 'cause I can't see my own blog... (grrr)...

Anywho, yes, I agree whole heartedly about Emmitt and Mario! It is true that Mario had fancier footsteps. At times they were very nice and precise and at times they were WAY sloppy. (And he was WAY cockey like you said as well!) Joey had very nice foot work and technique as well. And personally I was routing for Willa - at the point in the competition where she got eliminated I thought she had the best combination of style, technique, footwork, and performance. (Boy was I pissed when she got cut!) Of course, I place a lot more emphasis on the technical stuff than the average viewer, actually coming from a ballroom background. But anyway, I thought that Emmitt, with his ineffable charm and that smile! His humility in the face of more technically proficient dancers was so genuine. And that smile! I think he gave ballroom dancing a great boost. He's a real "guy", if you know what I mean, so if he can, and wants to, do it, then anyone can!! (Did I mention the smile?!)

I love the column of leaves pattern by the way!

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