Saturday, December 23, 2006


She's nearly done, I'm thinking I should call her Stella - as in Stella was a hell-a-va futzy thing to do so close to Christmas:) I have some final touches and the ballet slippers to make. After working on her every spare minute the last couple of days I am thinking she is really more of a "display doll" than a "play doll" - I gave her a bit much hair, so she is a bit top heavy and maybe not so horseplay friendly. But really, just to sit on a little girl's dresser or watch over a sleeping child from the bedstand - I think she is kind of charming. I wouldn't mind my own little Stella, she offers me a little peek back into childhood. I had a Raggedy Ann doll who aptly became known as "raggy"... her dirty little body is still in a box at my parents house. That poor doll's limbs were sewed on over and over - sometimes her feet faced the wrong way - but I sure loved her.

We'll see how Stella goes over with my daughter - it's a crapshoot these days with the amazing toys out there quickly trumping anything handmade, I am merely hoping she might inspire a memory of some sort for us to remember fondly in Christmas future. "Remember that silly doll mom?" The possibilities are endless...


Blogger Gramknits said...

She is adorable. I am sure some day she will inspire memories.

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