Friday, December 08, 2006

Cheers to weekend!

I am home with another sick kid - Calgon take me away...seriously, I think she was fine after her bout this morning, so by the time I got home to relive my husband for work at lunch - she was good. We played Candy Land, watched silly TV and even snuck off to Menards to buy a new Christmas tree - shhh...I had her keep her jammies on just in case the boss was out shopping. Still, it wouldn't have felt right to send her to school after two accidents this morning. (you remember those poor kids who
vomited at school - I didn't want to risk my 6-year-old's fragile reputation. First grade is harder than you think.)

I also got my holiday cards ordered from Shutterfly- starring a picture of the girls with Santa Claus. It was a rushed visit - we arrived at the mall just as Santa was seeing his last visitor before his break. My poor daughter's face crestfallen when we learned we had to wait an hour for the bearded fella to come back. Wandering around the Disney Store was no treat - but we made it more less unscathed. The little one just stared, the eldest was so excited she remembered after we were out of the "North Pole" that she forgot to tell him what she was longing for - luckily she was easily convinced that he "just knew" - after all, he must be listening after she got a prized trinket on St. Nicholas Eve right?
ho ho ho!!
And so the cards, they're ordered. I just love receiving cards with pictures in them, watching friend's and family's children grow. I am sad when I receive a card with a simple signature - I feel like telling the sender, please save the 39 cents if you haven't a thing to say (but you're sending me a card, don't you want to say something??). Where are the days of a hand-written note? I mean - we call it "snail mail" - that doesn't do much to conjure a positive image. I would rather write a letter over hang on the phone any day. I enjoy the suspense of waiting for the return letter, for answers to my questions. It is a lost art. But then knitting was lost for the majority it is everywhere - joy to the world! An article in the new Winter Knitty (go look!!) suggests it could be on the way out...**hands over ears "la la la"**...would I get more letters? Well, anyways, what are the chances?

I finished yet another pair of Fetching mitts - to match my one-skein, one cable scarf. The scarf turned out a little skinny, I hope it is long enough to keep the receipient warm. it's cold outside!


Anonymous sandra said...

Wish here is cold/colder - maybe there wouldn't be so much virosis!

Fetch/scarf pair is great - love that icey coloure! And your idea about our fetch-along is great! Just say when!

Hope to hear from you soon, but since I really know you are more than busy these days - just take time! I have no much to do becide knitting so I'll write!

6:58 PM  
Anonymous jessie said...

Your girls look sooo cute in their matching outfits!!

Love the Fetching/scarf combo. The color is just beautiful. It's been really cold around here, but thankfully I think we're going to see a bit of a warm up. Maybe that will give me time to make my own set. Only thing to add would be a hat!

6:40 PM  

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