Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 off to a running start...literally.

I try to avoid making resolutions. I just feel that they invite bad karma - for me, they seem to set me up to fail. It's a great idea in theory - the beginning of the year is a good time to turn over new leaves, excercize more, eat better, start saving - but why January 1? I say go for the goal whenever you get the notion. I'm more inspired if I just decide when, rather than feel pressure (self imposed or whatever). but then I was surfing...

Check out this site - it's a blog - set up in part by knitster Scout J. - challeging people to run - or more technically move - 100 miles by April Fool's Day. I'm a somewhat fairweather runner - but I walk regularly - so combining both I should be able to meet the goal. So kind of a ready made resolution. I hope to run the Susan B. Komen 5k in May, so this could be a good motivater - I'll keep you posted. I have a "nike thingamajig" that tracks your mileage through the Apple iPod Nano. What a cool little invention, if you have a nano, you should have this thing. It does all kinds of fancy things to help moivate - like you can choose a "power song", if your butt is dragging you can go to this song to pump you up. I like to power up with Renegades of Funk. So if the mood strikes you - sign up to get moving:)

On a totally separate vein - I also got a sweet little treat the day after Christmas I haven't had time to really appreciate until now - I joined Sundara's Petal Collection sock club and got the first installment. The yarn is inspired by the Lenten Rose, a flower I have never seen but it is beautiful. The package was so inviting, an elegant postcard of the flower, the lovely skein and a pattern just for sock club members. I have also joined the Rockin' Socks club - yipes, I have bit off more than I can chew per usual. I think my yarn budget is shot for 2007. I'm just so darn curious about sock yarn. I am weak.

**I should be wrapping up my Swallowtail Shawl tonight, the nupps haven't been nearly as hideous as I anticipated - thankfully. I am 20 rows from the end....granted 20 loooong rows, but I see blocking in my near future. Can't wait to share this with you.


Blogger Gramknits said...

You are so energetic. I really like the lenten rose. Nice flower that blooms in the snow in our area. it would be nice in your backyard I bet.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Honey, also can't wait to see shawl! But must say - your are totally adicted to socks! Who wouldn't with all those beautiful tempting yarn!

2:27 AM  

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