Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Post Man!

Thank you Sandra for this awesomely generous package. Check out this beautiful yarn - a fine cotton in my favorite color. She said Croatia specializes in delightful cotton, she was not kidding! I went for a walk yesterday and thought the whole time of what I could make. I need some suggestions but I really like this - and if I can possibly keep growing out my hair, it might not even look ridiculous. Otherwise this would make a wonderful baby item - but I really, want to use this for something for me - I love the simple lines and crisp fabric of cotton. (following Jessie's comment, I did the conversion and figure I have nearly 930 yards of this fabulous cotton - thank Jess)

She also enclosed darling stationary, a neat pencil, post-its and squares of fabric which I had coveted on her blog. And some buttons - a deep red with etched flowers - to be saved for something special for sure, and some more whimsical flowers and hearts. But that's not all - also some sweets from Croatia - some called Bajadera a "nougat dessert" - they look decadent. I may hare one with my world travelling friend, otherwise - they will be hidden I think!! She also enclosed cute socks for my daughters - my eldest is off to school with hers on already, as well as some yummy candy for them. Oh, and lest I forget beads! Limey green stars - they could be some funky stitch markers. So I felt like it was my birthday - to come home from a nice family trip and find this perfect and thoughtful gift. Thank you! And I sure hope you come home to my parcel as well - soon! I have more photos but my webspace seems to have eaten them - more later...


Anonymous jessie said...

That yarn is so pretty!

What's the weight and how much do you have?

10:09 AM  
Blogger LeeAnn said...

I made an Odessa in a satiny Merino/silk blend last summer and it gets lots of great comments and does a fairly good job of keeping me warm, even when it's windy.

It was a great project to learn bead knitting with too.

I've been contemplating making another with a cotton yarn for just a bit more thickness, and that color you have is just divine. I bet it'll look great!

2:17 PM  

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