Saturday, April 14, 2007

Score! L n V pal rocks!


Check it out. I got a great pile of yarn from my Lime N Violet swap partner. Check out the Socks that Rock in Xmas Rock - the texture of the yarn is ooh so Koigu. Love it! And then Violet's Pink Ribbon from Lisa Souza - to commemorate Violet's current battle with breast cancer, I am wondering what this will be? Maybe part of a chevron scarf I am seeing all over, maybe some lickable socks? Then there was also two bulky pink softies - hmm, a scarf for me? Maybe my daughter? We'll have to wait and see. And then I got two skeins of Paperdolls from Knitpicks, some Confetti sock yarn with blues, greys and purple (yay!) and candy - lots of it, I ate some before it could make the photo shoot. I'm quite content here admiring my new stash enhancement and nibbling on goodies. Thank you L n V pal!!

rocking x-mas str

Probably the best thing about this package was it came on a day when I was a real grumpus, nothing could go right, 7" of snow in April - so it was a serious mood booster - thank you.

This day...
note our spring flag...
3 days later it is entirely melted and we'll be biking on the trail today - only in Wisconsin.


Blogger Emma said...

Wow, quite a great haul you got there!

2:45 PM  
Blogger So Much Fun said...

Oh man that is the best goody delivery I have seen, nice!
P.S. i love the spring flag out there, holding its own, or at least trying.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Knitting Bandit said...

Whoa! Awesome! I'm so jealous... kinda a bummer for me, it was the first Secret Pal thingeee I've joined, and I never heard from anyone. I did have fun with the blogger name I got though!

1:34 PM  
Blogger MollyBeees said...

Kudos to you for jigging work and running off to the candy store! Why didn't you pick me up on the way! :-) Gorgeous swag! I love the verigated candy colors!

6:02 PM  
Blogger Rebecca M. said...

So glad you got it and that it brightened your day. I always worry about what to send people, but sock yarn seemed a pretty safe bet. ☺

We have had crazy weather here, as well - beautiful sun, melting everything, then snow. Then sun. Then snow. But at least it's not dark anymore!

cheers! your lnv pal, hickorie

7:22 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Who wouldn't like pile like that?!!!!! Enjoy it, little grumpy one!

1:11 AM  

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