Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baby on the way...

My sister's friend Jenn could be having her first baby any day now. I have been working on this baby bolero from One Skein. It has been a great way to practice seaming...on this tiny instant gratification project. I bought the cutest little lounge pants and onesies with taupe bears on them (From the Gap natuarally) to go along with it. Gosh, all of those tiny clothes...I think I envy? Seriously, now that I know I am done having children, I get kind of emotional about babies - I used to hear other women going through sadness and wanting babies and thought "ah, they're crazy." Not so much.

BTW, my secret pal left a comment explaining why I hadn't "heard" from her in a bit - well, she was off having a baby! Congratulations SP. 3 teens and and a baby, I'm tired already:) Have fun with your yummy little one.


Blogger Nell said...

Wow! There are lots of babies!

I love that little bolero. So cute and very hip right now! Of course, everything that little is cute.

7:01 PM  

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