Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yarn score!

I stalked Sundara Yarn yesterday for her update and was able to get some gorgeous yarn, Port over Nectar...doesn't the name just want you to take a savored swig of that? The yarn is not in my greedy hands yet - but being involved in her Petals Collection sock club - I know it will be lickable. I was "smart" this time and got two skeins of the same sock yarn - one for me and one for my secret pal. (however, don't think I haven't already pondered keeping both to make a shawl - I think I have yarn attachment issues.) I am really hoping to knit her Tatami Kimono with one of her repeatable multi colors - so I think I will be posting some yarn today on Destash for Cash - what a handy site as my "priorities" change. (And I have seen Chicken Knits pick up some good stuff here!)

On another note, I just began reading this:
the knitting cirlce

While this book will not have the epiphianic quality of Eat Pray Love, it is an enjoyable read so far. The lead character has lost her 5 year-old daughter to menegitis. First, she finds solace in knitting then ultimately a circle of knitters who all come with their own heart breaking story. As a mother, I ache for my children when I read of a mother's loss - fiction or not. Ann Hood, the author did suffer through the death of a child, so I am certain she will bring a rawness "any fiction writer U. S. A" could not.

If any one would like to read:knitting under the influence

I will mail it media mail to the first commenter who would like it...just leave me your e-mail so I can get your snail mail address. This was a fun, more fluffy read. I wouldn't say olive'd (bud dum bum) it, but it was a low commitment, entertaining read. There are also some good girly drink recipes in the back - can you say "Pink String Bikini"? I would love to pass this on to another knitter.

I was wandering at Border's last night and Eat Pray Love is their non-fiction pick - they offer a reading guide with discussion questions...just sayin. I grabbed two...

psst. secret pal 10, how are things going with the new baby? I just love the smell of baby noggins - mmmm...


Blogger Phara Thomas said...

I would like it

11:38 AM  
Blogger Nell said...

Shoot! I just missed it.

Oh well. I'm waiting on my Destash invite so that I can make room for my new stuff. I like that my knitting priorities have changed and I have a good place to find the yarn a new home.

11:50 AM  
Blogger MollyBeees said...

Oh Funny! I just picked up the book you're reading now at the library!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Rebecca M. said...

I'm interested to see how the new book is - it's on my wish list, but I can't bring myself to buy another book, especially before I move next month. I have tons of books I am packing and shipping that I haven't read yet...can't wait until summer reading time!

2:40 PM  
Blogger a friend to knit with said...

i wish i was your secret pal! that yarn does sound DELICIOUS!
I have that book, and have yet to start it....just can't find the time! :)(hmmmmm, i guess i'd rather be reading knitting blogs! ) :)

10:53 PM  
Anonymous susan b anderson said...

Stacey, I am meeting Ann Hood in Lexington, I can't wait. I loved her book even though it was a tough subject.
I love baby noggins, too, and the nape of their fuzzy's too much.

12:37 PM  

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