Sunday, May 11, 2008

come read with me...


My mom treated me to this angel for Mother's Day, so fitting for the rabid reader. We had a great day together, she and I. We went to Sephora!! I splurged on some Hope in a Bottle - my mom wondered if maybe Philosophy could make some Hope in a Bucket...hee hee!

Anyways, back to the angel - do you see she is reading? Have you read anything good lately? This blog entry has kind of greased the wheels for me - what books would I many good books out there. I've been on a streak of kinda "meh" reads...

I am just starting Jane Austen's Persuasion in homage of my latest Plucky Classics shipment which was inspired by Captain Wentworth. I love literature but sometimes "translating" the "fancy" language bogs me down a bit. However, I have heard that things pick up after the first four chapters - so I am hanging in there.


I just finished The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian, which was graciously sent by the Knitting Bandit. I had read this author's Midwives and loved it. Double Bind took a little more effort - the middle was a bit tedious but the ending was one of those that you think "did I read that right?" - great little twist.

I also just read But Inside I am Screaming by Elizabeth Flock. I enjoyed this book - a woman's journey from nervous breakdown through the psychiatric ward, to recovery. At times I thought, am I nuts? I could relate to the main character Isabel, her thoughts and feelings - I am guessing that many women could relate to her...more than you would probably care to admit sometimes - em:)

Next up I'm hoping to dive into a sweet little thriller, Underlife by Robert Finn, gifted to me by Auntly H. I just love you bloggers - so generous, and kind. I wish I knew more of you in my real life as somedays, I wonder, where have all of the kind people gone to? Since when don't we do things just because we want to? Since when do we talk on our cell phone everywhere? General ambivelence has made me feel sad this weekend - gosh, to just be nice, smile at a stranger, hold a door, say "excuse me"...ah, the good old anyone else feeling a little hollow about the state of affairs? Is this just "the American way"? I was wondering today, do people wander about in their own little bubble in every culture? Food for thought.

**the only thing I haven't enjoyed today is knitting - eek! I had better get those jammies on and get out my sock - one more chart repeat - woot!

And Happy Mother's Day, you mothers!


Blogger Nell said...

Thanks for the book suggestions!

I smile at everyone. And then people look at me like I'm a weirdo. But every once in a while, a stranger smiles back. I like to pretend that they were having a bad day until I smiled at them. (probably, they are a weirdo like me.) I miss manners even more than smiles. Would it hurt you to say "please" and "thank you"? Really?

1:29 AM  
Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I feel like living in a bubble is the human condition, but as Americans we are in our own particular bubble of entitlement!
I love 'Hope in a Jar',it is a bit of a miracle worker, in my opinion. Glad you had a good day with your mom.

5:06 AM  
Anonymous kim said...

Your mom cracks me up. Must I buy some of this miracle elixir? I have resisted since I buy the stuff Stalone's wife hawks on the rival network.

The other thing I want to know is how anyone who knits has time to read?! I've tried to do both, but knitting is my passion, and the books sit in piles unread. Although... I did finally read "My Sister's Keeper".

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day!

6:28 AM  
Blogger a friend to knit with said...

i am going to read more this summer. i am. i am. !!!!
lovely reading angel!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Marisol said...

Yes thanks for the references ot all those great books. I will have to stay tuned to Persuasion. I actually managed to get my greedy little hands on a Plucky Knitter subscription and I think I may have ordered the book from amazon... I should check into that:)

Happy Belated Mothers Day!

1:22 PM  
Blogger mle said...

I was thinking about reading Persuasion for my next book. I think the only other Jane Austen book I've read is Pride and Prejudice and I really enjoyed that one.
Hope you had a good Mother's Day!

5:50 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

Of Jane Austen's work, I've only read Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice. Persuasion's pacing is slow, but, then again, it is the story of a love denied and how two people have changed and stayed the same over (I think) seven years. Stick with it - and then let us know: Wentworth or Darcy? :)

7:18 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I'm cheating a bit.... well not cheating, but listening to Persuasion instead of reading.

It's still reading, right?

How do you like Hope In A Jar?

8:12 PM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

I've been given a few of those angels and I love them! Thanks for the book suggestions. I'm always happy to pick up a good book!

9:07 PM  
Blogger Cinnamonamon said...

What a beautiful figurine; I have 3 Willow Tree pieces that I love. I hope that someday I have the brain power to read something more than completely "froo-froo" light books.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!
I agree that the state of affairs of our country is indeed sad. I think sometimes people are shocked when I hold the door for them, or smile and say, "Hello!" One of the things that impressed me most about my new job is that when you walk down the hospital corridors, most people say, "HI!" It's amazing! I don't get in the hospital that much, but it never fails to amaze me!

5:09 AM  
Blogger SSK* said...

Funny that you should mention Persuasion... I just watched The Lake House last week and this book figures into the movie. DD17 *almost* bought herself a copy of Pride and Prejudice over the weekend, but decided to save her money -- good thing because DD21 is giving it to her for her birthday!

I want to see a post with finished socks!

:) Joan

11:01 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Love your reading angel, so simple and sweet.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Bergère de Lochaber said...

I just finished my mammoth book Les Misérables. I read to fall asleep which takes two pages. haha. I loved, adored and enjoyed this story. Persuasion is one on my shelf but I read two pages of another book last might be a while before anything else. I manage to read and knit but am very slow at both.
I loved your comment about reason#357 to buy a wheel...LOL

1:50 PM  

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