Thursday, September 16, 2010

Got the goodies!

I received my Urban Goods Home swap package from Bibi - whose flickr name is funkygoodstuff. I love every single piece. I just painted my kitchen/ dining area aqua and red, and the wall piece is perfection! The coasters are so cute, I will almost hate to put a drink on them.


I also have a new sewing machine cover - yaay! My sewing machine has been naked for ten years. This cover fits so perfectly nestled around my machine in the cabinet. It really jazzes up my sewing room, and maybe even will serve to motivate me to clean it up a bit:) Well, maybe that is aiming a bit high...


My UHG package safely arrived to my partner as well - Amy, whose flickr i.d. is makeaface. She wrote me the kindest note and said that she loved everything and it even made her day. Well, after a crummy work week, her compliments and kindness just made my week. This swap rocked for me. It was inspiring to keep an eye on the flickr group to see what other swappers were cooking up. I think I might even be feeling a little lonely for another swap already.

I have been distracted planning an ambitious little tour of Disney World with my husband and kids in October. I have to be honest, I think I am more exited that anyone else in the family, including the kids. wth? OMG, I can't wait for time off and the fun, fun, fun of disney world. We have our tickets to the Not So Scary Halloween party and the dining plan was included with out package so we'll be hitting a character meal or two, as well as a super swanky dinner at the California Grill. I have a stack of books 1/2 a foot high with all kinds of hints. Lastly, I have my prescription for "You Can Fly" medication so bring on the mouse! Any helpful hints are welcome:)


Anonymous kim said...

Such fabulous goodies. Love that little hippo! A vacation in Disney is something I have never desired, yet I can see the appeal of watching excited children (and you, of course!) enjoy it... Have a wonderful trip! PS> I hate to fly as well. Good luck.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

Disney World? If you get the chance.....I know it's more money - do Discovery Cove. It's part of Sea World though....not DIsney. It was incredible, and I will never regret the money we spent there. What a blast! My kids liked this better than Disney!
PS - love your scap haul!

4:12 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Love Disney World!! Enjoy. :)

Very great goodies too. Especially like Mr. Hippo

4:54 PM  

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