Sunday, January 14, 2007

Booga and the Wii

I finished my Booga Bag for my KSKM pal - I hope she likes it - I just love this colorway:)I have some mittens felted for myself in it. Gosh, have you ever worn felted mittens? They sure are warm. I did not get the Hermione pattern mailed to me in time - it is somewhere enroute - so I had to get the PDF pattern e-mailed to me - so paid twice for the same pattern - but I wanted to include it in her package and the mail deadline is Tuesday - whew, that was close. And now I have an original pattern for myself too!!

Well, I was over at Booga J's blog checking out the Booga Bag pattern and I was reading about how she is a gadget queen and had the Wii gaming system. Then we played it at my brother-in-law and sister's last night - I confess, I am a bit of a gadget junkie. So between my lack of objection and my husband's reasoning - we got ourselves a Nintendo Wii today - wiiii - literally. My rational is this - it is a video game you have to move to use - you have to move. I think this is a selling point when I look at the sedentary generations coming up - including my 6-year-old's. So maybe we won't just veg out, but move around. We bowled, boxed, played tennis and baseball - we worked up a sweat, removed layers - this is good. All in our living room.

I did miss my mark this week for Runagogo mileage, only clocked 5.4 with a goal of 9 - soooo tomorrow I am planning to start the week off with 3 miles to get off on a better foot, no pun intended.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great bag! Your swap partner will love it.

Keep up the mileage for Runagogo. And don't worry about missing your goal. It's all about the big goal.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

Love,love,love,love,love, bag and its coloureway!

Really looooooove!

4:34 PM  
Anonymous susan b anderson said...

Oh my, your shawl is so beautiful, Stacey! You should be so incredibly proud. Your progress is amazing to watch. Your booga bag is great, too. That is probably my favorite Kureyon colorway-I used it for the Inca Snowflake hat in itty-bitty!
I'm impressed once again, and I think I may have to start thinking about a lace project. susie

12:01 PM  

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