Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Serial inspiration

I have found myself inspired by bloggers again and again since I've joined this fabulous community. Molly Bee inspired me to look again in my Kraft Foods magazine. What a fabulous magazine - if you don't get this freebie - you really should. I am making the Easy Lasagna right now and hope to make the Chunky Chocolate-Jam Bars as soon as my husband can get here with the jam. The recipes are so darn easy peasy - if you have a family - or not - everyone I know talks about these recipes - most recently of course was Molly.

The Knitting Bandit was kind enough to leave me a comment which caused me to wander over to her site. She had a picture of some gorgeous Yarn Ahoy Yarn in a colorway I have in my favorites - which inspired me to look again at Yarn Ahoy and snap up some pumpkin curry silky lace weight yarn. I purchased this yarn to start another shawl - more wonderful challenging frustrating lace - I was thinking Ene from Scarf Style, but then I meandered over to the Knitspot and saw the incredible designs she has created. So now I am thinking possibly the Japanese Feather Stole or maybe the Casino shawl. Oh heck, I ordered them both.

I try to keep up with Runagogo, 100 miles by April 1st...I try to run and walk but now I want to keep myself in the game with the Runagogo group - so I am inspired yet again to try crank out more mileage.

And I just like to peek at Lolly's blog to see what she is up to and learned about the Bejeweled Knit a long - $2.25 for the pattern with a big chunk of that going towards a good cause.

Sometimes I just like to go here and here and here, oh...and here to see pretty things and inspiring photographs.

In a free moment, some days I have more than others, it is great to catch up with knitters, to see what they are up to, ranting about or just...knitting. I often have to keep a notepad handy to keep track of all of the new ideas and thoughts about the craft, or whatever you girls are talking about. And dang, what a inspiring group you are! Thank you!


Anonymous knitting bandit said...

I'm back! I do agree it is very inspiring to see what everyone's up to! Almost too inspiring! I get so busy looking that I run out of time to knit! Thanks for all the fun links you shared! I'll look forward to a photo of your new yarn--but I can't go and look at her website because I have no willpower!

10:23 PM  
Blogger Lolly said...

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog! I hope you decide to make Bejeweled! It is a fun pattern ;)

6:10 AM  
Anonymous susan b anderson said...

Great links! Thanks! I love all of that sweet embroidery and of course Betz's tutorials are the best.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous sandra said...

ALso huge fan of Betz! And Heather!

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! That lasagna recipe is on my to do list too! It sounded yummy! How did it turn out?

1:46 PM  

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