Saturday, February 17, 2007

knitting fun

The late night knit was a good time - that is after we had the crappiest service ever at a nearby restaurant - but it's all part of our new memory! My buddy picked up the purl stitch so fast - though she was aptly aggravated by the awkward feel of it - remember that feeling? But she will be ribbing in no time. Her friend, Melissa, also joined us - she was a seasoned knitter so she experimented on making a scarf with some yarn she hadn't tried before. I didn't see Molly Bee - or at least my detective instincts (and introverted ways...)didn't help me figure out she was - and we got there so late I surely missed the oreo time? I bet they were good.

I did get a little project request finished - it's in the mail already - more on that after the mailman delivers it... I didn't work any socks at the Sow's Ear but I am making some serious progress on my second Embossed Leaves - thank you to Lady Knitterly for encouraging me to finish a pair, (another potential gift if I can get it wrapped quick enough to keep it off of my own feet!) I have too many orphans. And after peeking at her blog - I think I should give the Monkey sock a try next with my "Lost" inspired colorway from Yarntini. Technically, since the colorway was a Christmas gift from my sister, I could be stash busting!!

I'll be posting some pictures of my finished Embossed Leaves socks soon!!


Anonymous susan b anderson said...

What a fun night out. I love the Sow's Ear so much but I haven't been out there forever. That is quite a drive for you. I printed out that Monkey pattern a long time ago but never made the socks. Those are great looking socks and that picture is so funny. I can't wait to see your little monkeys.

1:54 PM  
Blogger MollyBeees said...

Oy! I missed you. I ended up going home about 9:15! Hope to catch you next time!

10:17 PM  

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