Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sunshine at last

The sun has shown the last couple of days, a taste a spring. It has really helped me get back on my runagogo track, logging 7 miles after a long hiatus with sub zero temps. This little bit of spring fever really does brighten the spirits. I took my vehicle through the car wash yesterday and knit three rows while I waited - I love to multi-task, I get off on multi-tasking - a little left over ADD fetishness - and a little sun warming my face helps me feel like I can accomplish things. Now we are supposed to get some soaking rain this weekend - but this kick start of 40 degrees will help me get past it.

I got some Blue Sky Alpaca in the mail yesterday. This started with needing one skein of Organic Cotton to finish a baby bolero - well, it isn't anywhere locally so I found Fabulous Yarns. What a great little on-line store - the prices are phenomenal - a "volume discount" for Blue Sky - yippee! I purchased a kit to make this simple shawl I have been admiring forever. I wonder if I should have gotten the same champagne color as the sample on the pattern - but doesn't "ruby" just give you a kick? I will totally revisit Fabulous to grab more savings on the BSA - I also got an additional 10% coupon if I come back - no need for bait, but what the heck.

I am having fun with my Monkey sock - I just started the foot today - the yarn is "Lost" inspired, and well, it's on tonight - so I'll haveta work on my sock right? to log some miles on the treadmill before sleeping beauty awakes from nap.

And another thing...

My sister and her Calorimetry - or shall we call it Kasimetry? Anyways - I made it the late night knit for her in bubble gum Malbrigo to match her Christmas So Called Scarf. You. Look. Marrrrvelous! (if not a wee bit blurry, sorry sister:)


Anonymous sandra said...

Happy, happy knitting!
And I really urgently need your mailing address!!!!!!

1:11 PM  
Anonymous susan b anderson said...

You have beautiful socks (wow!), a beautiful baby (shhh), a beautiful sister (wow again!), and steak and lobster with your hubby (yum). You are one lucky knitting girl. I really love those socks. What is that pattern, is it from interweave? I might have to break my stockinette only resolution to knit those.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your sister here. Just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful handmade goodies. You are without a doubt, the best sister EVER. Enjoy the sunshine. Love you. Kasey

10:03 PM  

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