Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I got an SP Present!


I got home to a package today - from Holland! Yes, Holland! My pal sent me several cool skeins of Louet - an Opal and a Gem. OOOh what to make? Ideas welcome:) I also got a skein of Carina fine cotton. This could make a darling little accessory or nifty top for Stella. Or maybe a sweet hat for one of the babies my office is expecting this summer?


Also included was some yummy coffee candy! There was also a nifty card with daisies on it, did you make it? The technique is cool! And a hint of a future possibility of some sock patterns designed by my pal herself! Fun!But wait...possibly my most favorite thing...


A Fisher Price Little People DVD!! You see, it's the weirdest thing, my kids love, love Little People. I was so pleasantly surprised to find it in the envelope! We have several VHS tapes and only one VCR that barely works so we limit "the peeps" - my daughters will be so happy to see something new (and mommy will be so happy to have content children so that she can knit!) makes me wonder, have I written about People? I am telling you pal, you must have some psychic power to know how much my family loves these darling videos, I find myself humming the theme song often! I even have a pencil drawing of Fisher Price people hanging in my office flanked by a shelf with a wooden Fisher Price figure from my own childhood - the blue lady with the blond bun. It takes me back...OMG I had the Village, the Boat, the Schoolhouse - my mom says I counted them before bed to be sure they were all accounted own kids have the Farm, the City and the Family House - not too mention the whole Nativity Scene of people that graces our Christmas. Thank you for the fond memories and warm fuzzy today - truly priceless. Even continents apart we share the same "people" love. Bless you!

Thank you! I can't wait to hear more from you! Take care and your new baby too!


Anonymous sandra said...

OH, your SP really got to know you, ha!
Enjoy it!

1:29 AM  
Blogger elan said...

I had the farm, the bus & the school, I loved those toys.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Your secret pal said...

I tried to place a comment earlier today, but Blogger wouldn't work with me. I am glad you enjoyed the goodies I sent... am working on package no 2 :-)
Have a super weekend!

4:27 PM  

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