Monday, July 09, 2007

the power of 4 meme...

Another one of those "get to know you" entries - I finish these and realize, "I'm not that interesting"...nice. I was tagged by Ann over at Yellow House Treasures -I'm sorry...I'm too unassertive to tag anyone. I mean, can you be "unassertive" on the net? Go look at Ann's new yarn from Hello Yarn, it's so squeezable...tomorrow I'll be perched at my computer to get some at the next update - and you're on, Ann, I'll be trying to race ya for the good stuff!

4 Jobs I have had in my life
-Wal-Mart, has everyone had that job? "Welcome to Wal-mart Discount City..." *blech*
-at a custard stand where you could eat your mistakes
-on a "line" putting marshmallow eggs in cartons and occasionally st this job I got to stand under a chute catching "circus peanuts" in boxes - how's that for living a nightmare? Good grief.
-campus mail room, a lesson in humility. It was a work study, what can I say?

4 films I can watch again and again
-Footloose - even if I don't want to - Ren is hot!
-Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, the only movie I own. great soundtrack too!
-The Departed
-Stars Wars Anything, it's a childhood thing. I dressed up like Darth Vader in 3rd grade, it rocked.

4 places I have lived
-Janesville, WI as a baby
-I grew up in rural Fort Atkinson, WI on a non-functional farm except a few cows - it was awesome to grow up with what seemed like miles of endless ground to cover!
-at college, UW-Whitewater, in the "party dorm" on the intensive study floor, as if.
-South of Madison, WI - I clearly don't get around too much

4 TV series I watch
-Lost - I'm more lost each time I watch it
-at least one ridiculous reality guilty pleasure...American Idol, Big Brother, Rock Star...I'm ashamed
-The Office - "Beer me some strength" "Wanna hug it out bitch?"
-E.R. (what is going on with Kovatch?)

4 places I have been on holiday
-Ft. Myers Florida an eternity ago
-Eagle River, WI
-Wisconsin Dells, WI
-Orlando, FL
Again, don't get out much,

4 things I do every time I go on the Net
-check my e-mail
-check my Bloglines
-usually I look up a "better" word on - just love words!
-inevitably I will "google" something

4 things I would not eat for anything in the world
-limberger cheese
-red, bloody meat, I am a vegetarian "waiting to happen"
-anything with eyes - like a fish or whatever, if it is looking at me, forgetaboutit
-pigs feet, or any other odd appendage, aint happening. I am picky, but that would just be ridiculous.
-while pregnant I had a strong aversion to McDonalds which has yet to heal. This is not a bad thing

4 places I would love to be right now
-the spa having a massage and a glass of something smooth
-hiking at a National Park looking at an amazing view
-sitting by some calm, clear blue water
-on my couch reading, knitting or napping. a very multipurpose couch.
a relaxation theme here? apparently work has been a drag on a subliminal level...

I cannot tag anyone, if you feel like it, please partake, if not, no pressure:)

Don't forget my contest:) I'm planning to sew a little notions bag too! Something with sheep on it.

btw...thank you for all of the kind comments on my apron-gift - mostly so glad to hear jo-na digs it! maybe scrubs to match? okay, not.


Anonymous Ann K. said...

LOL! With my luck, I'll likely forget and go to the store or something at the time of the update!
Can I enter your contest again!? I really want that yarn! LOL! At least hook me up with when the Yarntini updates are! I am never around or whatever for anyone's updates, except Adrian's.
Oh yeah.. guess what? I flew past my 100th post over the weekend, no now I'll have to have a "Celebrate my 110th" or something of the sort. I think it was the wine I drank Saturday night... I don't drink to often anymore so two glasses has me singin'!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Phoebe said...

I have the same guilty pleasure with my penchant for reality TV...are you watching BB8?

6:09 AM  
Blogger cbknits80 said...

I hear you on the wanting to relax, I'd like nothing better then to sit on the couch and knit, and then maybe go to a spa :)

6:59 AM  
Blogger Knitterella said...

"Beer me some strength" - HA! The Office cracks me up!

This was fun getting to know you better - Thanks!

6:11 AM  
Anonymous susan b anderson said...

I'm right with you on that living only in Wisconsin thing. I have too much family here to ever leave.
Are you going to share your bootie project?

7:00 AM  
Blogger Marisol said...

What an absolutely adorable pattern! I Heart these booties! I'll have to look up the pattern and check the yarn requirements to see what I have in my stash to make a pair! Now I just need a baby:) Since its not happening for me --I may just make some for a co-worker in boy colors:)

3:54 PM  
Blogger lilachica said...

Ok, I have to comment again. I read down further and saw you went to UW-whitewater, which is where my friend Lori went to school. I don't think I'd heard of that school before I met her ( being an east coast/mid atlantic girl). Very strange coincidence.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Wilbur Smith said...

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5:05 PM  

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