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500 giveaway

500 - now that is something. 500 posts - thank you commenters for encouraging me along the way. I have "met" some of the nicest people through cyberspace, it's really something. And now I have a little something for you. A little giveaway - with just a tiny catch. I am giving away this wonderful book:


And some Yarntini Strawberry Frenzy to make a pair of socks. I'll even throw in some DPNs and a stitch marker or two for the whole kit'n'kaboodle. (if you are not a sock knitter, well, I promise I'll set you up with something nearly as awesome) I have the book shown open here to my most favorite pattern by Kirsten of Through the Loops - Make Up Socks! How cute is that?


So the catch, I need your help. My mom has requested a pair of socks for Christmas. I think of socks as pretty time intensive, so I want to keep it kind of simple, because Christmas brings so many other responsibilities. (and knitting projects) I need your vote - Monkeys? Cotties? (these are sport, which would be a double bonus) Or a pair of Through the Loops Mystery socks, like mine here? Or maybe your favorite simple sock? I can't knit the Make Up Socks, because I just know I would not be able to give them away until I have a pair for myself, is that shameful? Anyways, I appreciate the help and all of the comments over the past 3 years! I will draw a winner next Sunday night, 11-15. Have a great week!


Blogger Pipp said...


7:51 PM  
Blogger Kristy said...

Happy 500th post! I have enjoyed reading your blog :)

What about Loksins! socks? I found those pretty fast, and I see that you've already made a pair.

8:36 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Congratulations on 500 posts!! I'm looking forward to vising you for many more.

I think Cotty would be splendid. And - I'm going to add them to my own queue. Thanks for the inspiration!

8:47 PM  
Blogger Jennifer W. said...

I can't get enough monkeys! I think they are best in semi-solid or very lightly variegated so the pattern really shines through.

I love the pic of your jaywalkers, BTW. It is the best Yarntini photo out there, I'd say!

Yay, you!


9:04 PM  
Blogger Diana @ Photodee said...

Congrats on 500 posts! Wow! Impressive.
As for socks for your Mom......pick anything with an easy to memorize pattern that makes you want to push forward to see the next repeat. I knit Waving Lace Socks and enjoyed them. No purl Monkeys are fun purling! Enough said!

9:31 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Congratulations on your 500 posts! I'd say either Cotty or the Mystery socks :) Have fun choosing!

10:03 PM  
Blogger ..... Carmen said...

Hmmm - tough choice. I did a pair of Monekys and, despite the easy pattern, found them a little too repetitive. I LOVED the Mystery KAL pattern. It was a cinch, but also kept my interest. Not to mention it is SO lovely. That would be my vote :)

As for the book & loot - what a wonderful giveaway! It has brought me out of hiding :) Those 'Make-Up' socks are on my favorites list and have had me eyeing the book to purchase. I'll keep my fingers crossed to be your lucky post 500 name :)

11:59 PM  
Blogger Trisha said...

Happy 500! That is a lot of posts! Glad I could be here for at least part of those.

I think my vote is for the mystery socks you just finished. I bet she would love them and you would love making them again. I know I did and I am definitely making a second pair!

1:07 AM  
Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

Congratulations on 500 posts!! I have to agree, I love this knitting community online! I'm so glad I've gotten to know you through your blog!

Oh, and socks...thanks for the Cotty love!! Can you guess what I would suggest? hehehehe

1:17 AM  
Blogger knitterbeader said...

Wow, 500 posts. I've been reading your blog for some time and enjoy it very much.
As for socks - I personally like the Through the Loops Mystery KAL that you did the best!!! I have all 3 in my favs.

1:31 AM  
Blogger Kellie said...

Oh Cotties! They are fast and so pretty, your mum will love them.
Congrats on the 500 posts. I always love it when i see your name in bold on my Bloglines :o)

1:42 AM  
Blogger Micki said...

For gift socks, I find it's usually safest to go with some sort of ribbing (for a forgiving fit). Undulating Rib from IK Favorite Socks is lovely and looks great in a variety of yarns. Or how about Shifty or Lacunae by Anne Hanson?

5:05 AM  
Blogger Walden said...

I would definitely vote for the Cotty socks. Nice, yet more simple. The lace will add some additional stretch to it if needed.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Katie said...

Go for Cotty. I've never done socks, (I'm at that stage in life where my own twin babies and all my friends new babies have kept me in little sweaters, hats, and booties) but already had that as my goal for this winter!

6:32 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Congrats on 500!

From among the choices you offer I'd go for the Cotties myself but if I could choose anything then I'd do Raindrop Lace by Evelyn Clark. Those are a super quick and easy knit and great for gift giving. It's one of the few sock patterns I've done more than once.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Phara said...

I vote for Cotties...Monkeys took me forever!!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Angela said...

Monkeys - esp. no-purl monkeys - are my "go-to" pattern, when I want a fast, mindless knit. Congratulations on your 500th post!

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Georgia said...

Well, those TTL mystery socks are really beautiful, but if you're going for quick, the cotties would be my vote too.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Kjirsten said...

My fastest socks are Cotty and Loksins. I am knitting Uncle Frank right now (by Irishgirlieknits) and those are going really fast also...If you knit the Cotty socks in sport weight they go REALLY fast.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Congrats on 500 posts.
I vote for monkeys! Easy pattern to remember so you can knit on the go!


8:43 AM  
Blogger Victoria said...

Congratulations! 500 is a big deal.

My vote is for the Cotty pattern. That's my "go to" sock pattern now. That's what I'm making for my mom for Christmas, because I LOVE the two pairs I made for myself, and so did she.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Those Monkeys just FLY off the needles. They are interesting and fast. So, that's my vote!

And Happy 500! Wow!

10:37 AM  
Blogger Melissa B said...

I vote for Cotty - they knit up really quickly in sportweight yarn, and look way more complicated than they actually are!

10:45 AM  
Blogger Elise said...

I enjoyed knitting Monkeys. I also just finished the first sock of the froot loops pattern and they went pretty fast.

11:19 AM  
Blogger sheepish one said...

500! wow! congrats! thank YOU for so many posts filled with inspiration.

i like monkeys, but cotty is so sophisticated! however, your mystery socks 09 are my favorite of the bunch, so those are definitely a good choice.

your monkeys were cast off a long time ago... did you enjoy knitting them? your own cotty is a WIP... do you want to be knitting four of those on top of one another?

i'll say that in my own queue, there are three pairs of socks i'm excited to cast on: clover, latte lace and uncle frank.

12:06 PM  
Blogger KnittingHawkeye said...

Monkeys don't fit size 11 feet. =( They are too tight in the foot area, which sucks. But luckily, Kristen's patterns fit larger feet, which is awesome!! Grats on the 500th post!!

12:11 PM  
Blogger Crys said...

I'd have to say Monkeys. They aren't boring and seem to work up fast.

Congrats on 500 posts. I've enjoyed your blog.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Caffeine Girl said...

I say go for the cotties! They are both fast and adorable!

And, congratulations on 500 posts. I'm glad you decided to come back!

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely Monkeys!

1:06 PM  
Blogger TJJ said...

I would go with Monkeys. :)

1:59 PM  
Blogger ikkinlala said...

My vote's for the mystery socks - I'm currently knitting them, and, while I've never knit Cotty, I think the mystery socks have a more forgiving fit than Monkey.

Congratulations on 500 posts!

2:21 PM  
Blogger Clumsy Knitter said...

Happy 500th! That's a lot of posts!!!

I am totally drooling over that red sock yarn, so I'm going to suggest knitting the mystery sock pattern. It's super cute, and since you already knit it once, it will go fast, right? Just use a different color and it will seem new again! PLUS, matching mother-daughter socks. How fun!

2:35 PM  
Blogger mle said...

Wow, I see why you need a vote! they are all GORGEOUS patterns. My two favorite are the Monkeys or the Mystry Socks....I VOTE for the mystry socks! they are just soooo elegant and cozy looking! anyone would love a pair of those!!!

2:35 PM  
Blogger robin said...

Congrats on 500 posts! Here is to another 500!!

My vote is for the Mystery Sock. I just love it and am sure your mom will too.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous kim said...

Congrats on 500 fabulous posts! I go with the Myster Socks because they are my current fav.

I'm not a big sock knitter so, please don't include me. I just really enjoy reading about your spinning, quilting, knitting adventures and book recommendations. A little something for everyone.

6:26 PM  
Blogger PurlingPirate said...

When I need to crank out socks quickly, I turn to Thuja. It's a free Knitty pattern and done with a thicker weight yarn.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous fishfin18 said...

I think Cotties!

6:57 PM  
Blogger MezzoDiva said...

I most humbly suggest Hibiscus for Hope?

7:38 PM  
Blogger Kristie Feener said...

LOVE the through the loops mystery socks!!

8:18 PM  
Blogger t does wool said...

500!!! congrats Stacey!!
and I say Cotty ;))

9:16 PM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

No entry from me - just wanted to say congrats!!! 500 - wow!

1:48 AM  
Blogger morecuddles said...

If I were you I would probably knit Duckies (here's the pattern on rav:
they are lovely and easy to knit and in sport weight, and the pattern is free also!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

I'm sad to say that I've not yet either pattern you mentioned yet. "Yet" is the opportune word. My fave sport pattern is Duckies! It's pretty and quick! Looks like more work than a 4 row repeat....
Congrats on 500!

5:07 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Oh the Cotty socks!! The Monkeys are great, but seem a little bit more time consuming!! They are on my list too!! Happy 500th!! I do really enjoy your blog!!

7:30 AM  
Blogger amandajean said...

i think you should knit the Knit along socks. (although i must admit that i don't have a ravelry account, so i couldn't view the links)

i think it is WISE to know ahead of time to know your limitations...if you know you couldn't part with the make up socks, don't knit them for someone else.

congrats on 3 years and 500 posts!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Hilary said...

Happy 500!! That is truly impressive! Though I haven't made them myself, I LOVE the Monkeys I have seen others make. No matter what yarn is used, they always look awesome.

Here's to many more posts!

11:24 AM  
Blogger Firemanshunny said...

I really enjoy your blog and all your projects. Heres hoping for another 500 posts! Try Reversi socks. they are simple but have a nice design.

12:27 PM  
Blogger LorieH said...

Congratulations on 500 posts!! My pick for your gift socks would be the mystery socks, in fact I'm going to hunt down the pattern for myself as well.

2:29 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Congrats to 500! I think all your options are great, hadn't seen the Cotty's before! I'd vote for the Mystery sock, they are so fun and it's a fresh pattern. Good luck choosing.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 500!

There is something about Monkeys that is darn addictive - I think the pattern repeat is just the right length to do in a sitting... or something like that. And once you get started and there's a good boxed set on the DVD....
(I'm in the UK, by the way, so much as I would adore the lovely prize, you may want to not pick me because of the postage costs (sob)).

9:53 AM  
Blogger mrstee said...

Make the monkeys my dear, she will love them. Congrats on the 500 and keep up the great stuff.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Cate said...

I like easy versions of popular patterns. The no-purl monkeys are superfast, and the crosswalker version of jaywalkers are nice in stripey yarns.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Lisa H. said...

Happy 500th post! I love the Cotties! They are adorable. I really enjoy your blog.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

Ooh, your Mystery socks are gorgeous!...mine are still in the works. Here's my vote — Cotty, if you're knitting list is as long as your arm, otherwise you can never go wrong with a pair of those beautiful Mystery Socks. And I agree with the other commenter...your profile pic is, hands down, the cutest pic of the Jaywalkers that I've seen.

4:20 PM  
Blogger coffeechris said...

WOW Happy 500th post - time flies when you're knitting away. Love your blog and we are Elizabeth Berg groupies together. Monkeys for Mom is my vote.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Lindsey said...

Monkeys! I've made two pair thus far, and they're a fun, surprisingly quick knit.

Congrats on 500!

12:40 AM  
Blogger countrychicken said...

Happy 500. Just found your blog and am enjoying your knitting. Go for the Monkeys. Their next on my list.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Make the Mystery Socks! I really enjoyed knitting them. I've wanted to get my hands on that book for quite a while now. I enjoy your blog. Congrats on the 500 posts!

12:47 PM  
Blogger cbknits80 said...

Yay for 500! If I had to vote, I'd say Cotty. Here are a few other suggestions (I found them all on ravelry):
Rainy Day Socks, Swirl Socks, Red Brick Road, Ampersand, Tickled Pink Socks.
Happy Knitting

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Congratulations on your 500th post. I think that the mystery socks are lovely and if you have just knit them another pair will speed along.

2:27 AM  
Anonymous spider (ravelry) said...

definitely the monkeys!

3:06 AM  
Blogger wakenda said...

I vote Monkeys. That's what I'm making my mom for Christmas.

3:57 AM  
Blogger sharon said...

I think Monkeys would be great - they are such a fun knit!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

Cotty definitely!
I got my semi-solid Yarntini a while ago and have been wondering whether I should do a shawlette or socks.

Happy 500th post!

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

I wish I'd gotten here in time for the contest, but I'll share a favorite quick pattern all the same. Zig Zag Socks by Jocelyn Sertich. Sport weight. I am one of the slowest sock knitters in the world, and I knit this in 2 weeks. And really that is with a lot of breaks. I think they can be done in about 15 hours or so. There is a link on my project page on Ravelry, if you're interested. (bigblueice) Also, if you have some great hand-dyed, I LOVE Sunday Swing from Knitty. I did those on vacation so I can't give you a time measurement... it was only about 6 days!

9:58 PM  

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