Monday, June 07, 2010

Ack - no caffeine?

Another aspect of my personal "Happiness Makeover" has included looking at my diet and excercize. I could lose a few pounds and tone up, but mostly, I want to feel better. I have been feeling like I have been dragging through the day for awhile.

Confession :: I'm a bit of a diet cola ho. Big Time. I have found myself running through McDonald's every morning for a $1 XL diet coke. AND purposely ignoring the little voice in my head, asking me if I have a problem. Hmm, sounds like any addiction, right?

Oh, snap, it's Peaknit, with no diet soda...

So far, I have gone without caffeine for a week - and while in my mind, I imagined myself as Godzilla, pillaging villages - I feel surprisingly human. It is possible. I would not go so far as say "I'm reformed" but now that I know I can get through the day without copious amounts of caffeine and soda - I'm pretty awed. I was gloating to my husband, and he asked "do you want some applause?" And hell yes, I do. I mean, no caffeine and I'm still nice? Who knew? *she giggles*

On the happy mail front - I got some Tufted Tweets today - omg. I have been waiting for these whimsical fabrics by Laurie Wisbrun. I have the rest of the collection on the way - and now face the challenge of finding a quilt pattern worthy of this coveted collection. I am thinking something with bigger pieces to show off the fun chairs, couches and birdies. Any thoughts? There are some cool Quilt-A-Longs going on, but they don't speak to this fabric for me - so I will hopefully bite off more than I can chew and get immersed head first in a second summer of quilting. *fingers crossed*

Tufted Tweets
Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun for Robert Kaufmann

Last up, I made a yummy treat - Peanut Butter Blondie Brownies - two thumbs up. The recipe is from the book The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfunkel. The book was a quick read, as it traces the history of pen pals from childhood to adulthood (don't you wish you had a pen pal like that?) - the recipes were the fun part for me. I love any book that tells stories through recipes - this one is loaded - some sound crazy and I would never make them - but the brownies were made with stuff I had on hand, and everyone loved them. I made the pan yesterday - and it is now empty. A sure sign of a good treat.

Picture 280

If you would like the recipe - please leave your e-mail in a comment and I will shoot it over to you. I am not sure I can legitimately post the whole thing here but recipes are for sharing.


Blogger Jodi said...

Congrats! I gave up Diet Coke this year, too. I've had maybe 3 since Jan. 1, and I really don't miss it. That said, I'm not giving up coffee and tea, so it's not like I'm going through complete caffeine withdrawal.

PB blondies?!? Yum! I'd love the recipe.

jmharaldAT hotmailDOTcom

8:19 PM  
Blogger t does wool said...

never liked sodas...I suppose it has been a blessing in disguise all these those blondies...oh...yum...
love the fabric!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig said...

Once you figure out what you are going make with Tufted Tweets I hope you'll consider sharing in my flickr group?
And blondies...send the recipe along if you're willing!!

10:22 PM  
Anonymous said...

I agree...nothin' like a McDonalds Diet Coke! The best in this world!! I'd love the recipe!

11:17 PM  
Blogger IrishgirlieKnits said...

Oh, me and Diet Coke. We go hand in hand. But, this year my goal was to drink more water! So instead of my morning soda (no coffee for me), I made myself drink one glass of water. The next week, two. Then three, etc., before I had my Diet Coke! So far, I can make it til 1 or 2pm!! Who knew!! I almost feel like I could cut back more, but I'm tackling the carbs first. One thing at a time. A girl can only take so much.

And as much as I would love that above regarding carbs...hehehehe

2:09 AM  
Blogger amberlee said...

Diet coke has its claws in me too! I am down to one a day (mostly) and no more stopping for the big ones. I would like to get to zero, but then I see those blondies and think, hmm those would be fantastic with a diet coke! Ack!

6:19 AM  
Blogger Rose said...

Funny post; why can't husbands realize we ALWAYS prefer applause? :) The book sounds good; I am one of the lucky ones who did have a pen pal since I was 13 and we still keep in touch. We lived next door for three years (10-13) and when she moved, we started writing. Now we're 50 and we still keep in touch!!

6:31 AM  
Blogger mle said...

Girl, I have been waiting for those Tufted Tweets fabrics for forever too!!! I know others already have them in stock but I've been holding out for Hawthorne Threads to get them in and they say it will be today. I've been saving up my money for these fabrics, they are so my style!
Can't wait to see what you make out of yours!

8:38 AM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

Ack - you're a posting maniac without the caffeine! YGG!
I like the fabrics a lot - you're a talented seamstress/quilter as well as knitter.
Would love the recipe!

6:14 PM  
Blogger Hilary said...

Quitting caffeine cold turkey? I'm impressed! I'm a coffee gal and I would have a really hard time going without my morning cup! So kudos, and good luck!

I would absolutely love that peanut butter blondie recipe! Yummmm....

11:53 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

I would love the blondie recipe. I love peanut butter anything.

I was the same way with Diet Dr. Pepper, until our Mc Donalds went back to the regular price. For some reason, I can resist $1.69 but not a $1 for a large. ;-)

12:13 PM  
Blogger sharon said...

the caffeine give up does work - just takes a while. I am down to 1 scoop of regular and 2 scoops decaf per pot of coffee. Love the taste of my coffee. and oh yes please the recipe

10:45 PM  

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