Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fallishness and Phobia

Isn't fall just the most perfect season ever? I am so glad for the cooler air for walks and knitting, of course.

The hawthorne using The Plucky Knitter MCN Worsted

This hawthorne was such a quick knit - it was less than 9 days - and that's not steady knitting - it's knitting during Mad Men-season 1 knitting.


Then I have finished my second Waving Lace sock - yay! And I think I can safely say I have committed these to be my first finished holiday gift. I may even just wrap them up, so I can't see them beckoning me to wear them, little sirens.

So I went to the dentist today - I think I have lamented about my fear of the dentist before - but seriously, I would rather have a baby then go to the dentist - sick, I know. I am generally pretty tom boyish, but when it comes to the drill, I'm such a girl. I have a sense of humor, I was imagining flames of hell licking the doorway when I was walking in, and that I would be greeted by the devil - smiling to myself. However, in reality my doc is an adorable little blond woman who really tries to reassure me I am not a mental case. Even when I need to be re-numbed because I am genetically retarded in some manner so the first shot is never enough.

Well, my point, I tried nitrous oxide today - I have never been treated to "happy gas", unless you count that one time at a house party in college... It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I learned the office was willing to jack me up with some gas for a dreaded 4 fillings - two new, and two repairs. The doc told me I could have even taken my valium too (specifically prescribed only for flying and dentistry, I am also a pansy-flyer) So, next time I'll have valium, the gas and the novacaine - maybe the dentist doesn't have to like a trip to hell anymore! I was even brave enough to get a referral for the oral surgeon to have my wisdom teeth grabbed. I always felt special to have been able to keep my wisdom teeth, like I was super in some way, I was raised to believe that you have to appreciate what you got, even if it just 4 entirely pointless teeth. I have learned that they are the culprit, squeezing my teeth together causing all of this havoc.

I read, during my research on "sedation dentistry", that 90% of people are anxious about the drill and all that comes with it. I'd love to know what you guys do to help allay the fears - because why be in this alone?:) Get gassed!

p.s. - sign up for the Through the Loops Mystery Sock-A-Long for Socktober - starts Friday!


Anonymous Kristy said...

I'm glad you got through the dentist OK. I always hated going because I hated having my teeth polished. (I don't like it when my teeth vibrate.) The dentist was understanding, and now I don't have to have them polished anymore. So yay :)

Pretty knitting, too!

6:47 PM  
Blogger megan said...

Your post was crackin me up! As a fellow dento-phobe, I avoided going for YEARS and now am looking at around eight grand worth of repairs:( I'd so be rather spending my $$ on fabric and yarn. I just had a root canal a few months ago and my doctor gave my halcion to take before hand - it was awesome! I felt like I smoked a joint and drank a few glasses of wine before I got dropped off! Whatever works! I love your scarf and socks - somebody is a lucky gift recipient!

8:22 PM  
Blogger amberlee said...

I'm fine going to the dentist, my mother is another story. She freaks her freak out! Seriously she takes a "happy pill" and also gets he gas. One time she called me crying because she had just found out she had to have another root canal. I sent her flowers with the message, "the toothless look is so out right now." the florist was cracking up taking that down.

11:25 PM  
Blogger mle said...

That scarf is gorgeous! I hadn't seen that pattern before...thanks!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

First off, the knitting is stunning, as per usual! I love the shawl! You are really cranking out the knitted FO's lately - good for you!
The dentist......yes well. It's a hard thing. I do deep breathing through my nose, but my jaw hurts for days, I tell you, after my regular cleanings. I had my wisdom teeth pulled in my late 20's at the dentist with only local anesthetic. My dentist is pretty slick, and his pretty blue eyes help a lot too! :)

1:04 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Gorgeous shawl, absolutely love your socks!

No helpful advice for the dentist - I've had so much dental and other types of necesary surgery for broken this and that's that it just is routine for me now... sorry.

3:44 PM  
Blogger t does wool said...

dentist ;))
gorgeous shawl~

4:41 PM  
Blogger Beate said...

Oh- I love both your Hawthorne and Weaving lace socks. Great colors.

12:45 PM  
Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Hawthorne is OFF THE HOOK awesome!

11:35 AM  

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