Saturday, November 27, 2010

So what do you get the garbage man?

I have done a major clean in my sewing room - things I didn't even remember I ever bought, or had, or did. Some of my past craft endeavors make me laugh. I purged the whole bit - no more cardboard boxes of mystery fabric, no more cross stitch, no more paper mache' gourds. (yes, you read that right).

Many garbage bags and boxes later - I am starting to feel guilty about the garbage man coming Monday. Thankfully, I am out the door by the time he comes into our country cul-de-sac - but still. So, do you ever "gift" the garbage man? I mean, Christmas is coming, what can I get the fellow who faces ridiculously excessive garbage days after one of my cleaning frenzies? When I personally knew the garbage man, I would run out root beer and home made cookies - but I don't know this guy. I'd thought about a 6-pack of good beer - but gosh, what if he is an alcoholic or on probation? I'm nothing if not an over-thinker.


So, what inspired the clean up? These charming fabric bins. I made them using a clever tutorial at Pink Penguin. I'm not sure who they're for, what they're for or why I made them. I saw the tute and the end - had to try one...then two...then three...and four is on my iron board right now. I just chose fabrics I liked and went to town. It's a nice project to use tiny pieces of out of print or hard to find fabric. It just takes a divot of your favorite piece. It's somehow satisfying to use a little a save the rest. But the question begs to be asked...any ideas of what these might be good for? Okay, I have a couple of little ideas, so I am shamelessly pimping you for more adventurous thoughts - please help?


Blogger Mary said...

I think those would make perfect gift bag/basket starting points!

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about making some fabric boxes.. inspired by this blog: :// I was thinking of one big tube.square the 4 corners and turn them..You have so much energy! I love your colors. jeanie Z

8:59 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

those bins are adorable! i need one!

and for the garbage man: coffee shop gift card or a gift certificate to see a movie?

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Kristy said...

Those bins are so cute! I think I'd use them where I am using baskets right now: to hold my hats and mittens, to hold clean cloth napkins, maybe a knitting wip next to my chair.

9:40 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

just caught up on your blog - you are awesome!!!

susie anderson

9:42 AM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

Yarn? Those baskets are really pretty! Or what about your tools - for either quilting or knitting?
Fat quarter storage?

6:44 PM  
Blogger penelope10 said...

Yes, they would make great gifts bags. I would use them for small projects, special yarns, beauty stuff like little scissors, cuticle cream etc. and lastly a pouch for a remote (we all have at least 3) and tv guide.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Zonda said...

Those are so cute!! Perfect for some Amy Butler scraps I could not part with. I just did the same sewing purge! Went from many tubs of fabric & teeny scraps to only 3, 1 of which is a lot of quilting UFO's! It is yarn???

8:56 PM  
Blogger Hilary said...

Hmmm...good questions! For the garbage man, I don't think you can go wrong with cookies. I like the movie gift certificate idea. And the ADORABLE fabric bins...maybe storage for sewing and knitting stuff? Some of your girls' toys? Wow, I'm not very creative this morning...

9:44 AM  
Blogger The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Two words: GIFT CARD!

9:37 AM  
Blogger amandajean said...

ok, i don't know what to get the garbage man (cookies maybe?) but those little baskets would make perfect snippets holders. (for those of us who can not throw small unusable pieces of fabric away...) :)

11:48 AM  

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