Saturday, December 04, 2010

24, 23, 22, 21 days til Christmas!

Smitten {a holiday garland} - a free pattern from Knit Picks.

Finally, an advent calendar. In whimsical colors, rather than traditional, to kind of match my kitchen paint job. It only took three reasonable skeins of Patons Classic Wool (especially if you have a Joann Fabrics coupon). I didn't quite make it in time, but I think my little girls will delight in the little goodies once I figure out how and where I want to fasten it. It was super easy, cheap and relatively quick. I knit this in say - a season and a half of Mad Men.

Are you ready for Christmas? I am slowly starting to get things in the mail that need to be tucked in hidey spots. After over thinking what to get the girls, I think I have a cost effective-ish, happy list. The older they get the harder it is to please them on a budget - or maybe I mean the harder it is to have a nice amount of presents under the tree. Santa struck big at my house when I was a child because honestly, we didn't get much the rest of the year. My favorite memories are the rock star Christmases we had. I can remember so many special wishes being granted. But I guess if I think really hard about it - only a few special gifts stick out, it was really just the craziness of it all. My dad would often have to go to work, so getting up at 3am to open gifts was encouraged - and I needed no encouragement. What a happy time. Remember stuffed critters with radios in their bellies? They never did come in well, but oh, did I love my dog. And barbie-o-rama. Western Barbie was a favorite - I still have her somewhere in her garish 70's blue eyeshadow. No matter what, my childhood memories are so big, anything pales in comparison. I hope my girls get to feel that someday - which is probably why I over think so much...This could be an ah-ha moment.

What is the favorite gift you have bought or made this year? I am shamelessly pimping everyone I know for ideas. I found this clever teacher gift. And I got a necklace for myself too - you know, since I love to read. I love the one for you, one for me policy I have created for cool gifts. It seems fair that the primary holiday shopper should get a reward now and then...

(as I read my own post, omg - the holiday add overload has begun - forgive my rant from here to there. Have a happy weekend!)


Anonymous Kristy said...

Your calendar mittens look so great! I really would like to make a set someday.

Speaking as a teacher, that's a great teacher gift!

8:17 AM  
Blogger judi said...

love the one for you one for me my case my dog always buys me a special gift and she always picks the absolute perfect thing.

8:39 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

love the mitten calendar - so cute and wonderful colors too!

6:09 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

The mittens are great. I definitely want to make and advent calendar type of thing when I have kids (someday hopefully). I think my favorite thing I am making this year is the Springtime Bandit ( from Ravelry) for my mom. I am using two skeins of country in Peacock Blue. I am loving it so far and have actually bought garnet too, so I can have one for myself. I, too, like the idea of one for you, one for me! We have that in common for sure!

9:04 PM  
Blogger Zonda said...

I love the colors you chose for your garland! The only handmade/knit gift this year is hubby's socks..which I hope not to be knitting on the 24th ;)

9:12 PM  
Blogger Knitting Kris said...

These are really great Stacey! I saw this pattern on Ravelry the other day. What a fun way to celebrate advent!

7:25 PM  
Blogger Hilary said...

LOVE your Advent calendar! That project is on my list, but I doubt I'll have time to get to it this year. Yours is a huge inspiration to get it done in time for next year, though!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

I love your advent mittens, those lovely little girls are blessed with a mother with talent plus!!

I remeber those Christmas memories, they are locked in my heart forever, just as your traditions will be for your girls!
Magic is just around the corner.

6:57 AM  

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