Wednesday, January 26, 2011

adding to the january project overload

I am nothing if not an piler-of-projects. When I get momentum, I just keep pulling projects onto myself like pillows until I am buried, with barely breathing space. I'm just kind of masochistic like that. I revel in it. It's sick.

My point is, my to do list is getting pretty crazy - and I am about to kick off on a rollicking good roll of projects. I have many ideas swirling, and in the dead of January in Wisconsin - people, this is probably a good thing.

I really want a quilt for my bed. Partly because I want a quilt for my bed - but I have also negotiated with DH, if I make a quilt, we can trade up our 17 year old bedroom set for something new. We have crummy storage and bought this set for our first wee little house so long ago - it's time - and rather than just run out and buy something, I have apparently agreed to spend hours thinking about it while sewing...I want to make the Single Girl Quilt. I have wanted to make it, truly, but wow - all of those ridiculous pieces. It was like an epiphany when I read here and here about a Single Girl Support Group at Flickr. It was fate. I have committed to a pillow out loud but I really kinda would like to have a Queen sized - doh, I said it. I am a commitment-phobe as a general rule but here I am committing - but technically only to a pillow, don't forget that just in case.

Single Girl Quilt Along

Then I signed up for two swap - TWO. More on those later. Cheers!


Blogger Hilary said... cracks me up that there's a support group. :) But it definitely seems necessary! That quilt is stunning...I can see why you want a queen size. And I think you can do it! :)

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