Saturday, June 18, 2011

sadness, solitude, and self-indulgence

wow - it's been a month. a whole lot has been going on as school has gotten over, summer is officially around the corner, yaddi yaddi, yaddi...whew. I'm kind of tired thinking about it.

The last couple of weeks have had moments of sadness. After 17-years of daily companionship, my cat, Earnest, passed away. He very quickly stopped eating and got so dehydrated my heart ached. The vet found a large tumor under his tongue and we agreed he would not recover - and Earnest really liked to eat, so with a heavy heart, we said good bye.


I am incredibly sad, missing my shadow, but after 17-years, I am glad he had such a good life. He truly was the best cat I could ever have hoped to have, so I just think I was lucky to have him for so, so long.

I have been kind of productive. Knitting has allowed me a quiet solitude - I have finished some Cookie A Sock Club patterns:

Haleakala - using String Theory Caper Yarn

Boysenberry yo in a new and unnamed Lorna's Laces sock yarn

And for some self-indulgence, I have become addicted to the HBO series Game of Thrones.


I am not normally into midevil-esque fiction - but this has been so interesting. And two co-workers are watching, so we revert to mid-evil speak occasionally and all giggle, I have gone from "m'lady" to "whore" in one week - so that alone makes it worth watching. I am now reading the book series too. I have an addictive personality like that - if I like something I get all the way onboard. So here we go. Thanks for catching up with me.