Wednesday, January 26, 2011

adding to the january project overload

I am nothing if not an piler-of-projects. When I get momentum, I just keep pulling projects onto myself like pillows until I am buried, with barely breathing space. I'm just kind of masochistic like that. I revel in it. It's sick.

My point is, my to do list is getting pretty crazy - and I am about to kick off on a rollicking good roll of projects. I have many ideas swirling, and in the dead of January in Wisconsin - people, this is probably a good thing.

I really want a quilt for my bed. Partly because I want a quilt for my bed - but I have also negotiated with DH, if I make a quilt, we can trade up our 17 year old bedroom set for something new. We have crummy storage and bought this set for our first wee little house so long ago - it's time - and rather than just run out and buy something, I have apparently agreed to spend hours thinking about it while sewing...I want to make the Single Girl Quilt. I have wanted to make it, truly, but wow - all of those ridiculous pieces. It was like an epiphany when I read here and here about a Single Girl Support Group at Flickr. It was fate. I have committed to a pillow out loud but I really kinda would like to have a Queen sized - doh, I said it. I am a commitment-phobe as a general rule but here I am committing - but technically only to a pillow, don't forget that just in case.

Single Girl Quilt Along

Then I signed up for two swap - TWO. More on those later. Cheers!

Monday, January 17, 2011

picot is stinkin' precious...

"Flocked" mittens, pattern by Hello Yarn...yarn is worsted :: Malabrigo Rios and Spud and Chloe Sweater

Don't you love a picot edge? Gosh, I love them on everything - why don't I make them more? Gah, because they are super duper futzy, right? But gosh, a finished picot is so precious. I blocked her up this morning to prep for the lining (so yes, this mitten will be like knitting TWO mittens before I have one...). I soaked the mitt and when I squished it around after a bit, a puff of red came out into the water. o.m.g. Yup, a little bleedage - I could have cried - I think it'll be okay and I have cast on the second one...You see, I am distracting myself...I am just avoiding my true challenge...the sweater.

I have never ever finished a sweater and thought, "yup, gonna wear that a lot". Okay, I have only finished two sweaters - probably because I have been so sad upon cast off, forlornly calculating how much time and money I have just wasted. Truth be told, knitting can be like that sometimes. A rabbit hole of time and cash...okay, let's not dwell on that.

So, we were talking about the elusive sweater. The Plucky Knitter gang over at Rav is having a Knit-A-Long, to knit something that challenges you in 2011 - develop a new skill or try a garment off your grid. So I am going full speed ahead into a sweater - well, as soon as I stop procrastinating on other things. I hope to have a Cassis by the end of the KAL - in some freaking fabulous Plucky MCN Lite. My swatch appears to be spot on - so could this be an omen?

Speaking of Plucky - I knit a test for her recently - out of her MCN Aran (squishy, squish, squish). I knit the Wandering Cowl for her to toss about her display booth. I do love when I can see how something knits up, so it was a pleasure to knit this - because Sarah is so nice - but mostly because I got to squish her yarn, kind of on loan.


Well, back to my other mitten distraction - gotta keep plugging away so I can get a move on the scary sweater.

Friday, January 07, 2011

even though I am so grumpy I could scream...

I need to tell you about a couple of cool things, so I'll put my ornery self aside for a minute.

Please consider going to to vote for this "refreshing" idea. Play for Trey is a great cause. I little guy from my local area was killed by a drunk driver last fall - and his family would like to build a baseball field in his honor. It's pretty cool. This family has not stopped amazing me with their strength and faith. It takes just a second - please go vote.

Next up is a little contest - that while I admit, I don't want anyone else to sign up for - I can get another entry by blogging about it. *wink wink* One of my long time favorite dyers, Yarntini is giving away some amazing MCN Aran in the most gorgeous merlot colorway and a Just Enough Ruffles scarf pattern to go with. It will look just like the gorgeous one she made - which you can see here, on the contest post. Doesn't it look squishable? What knitter can resist anything with "squish" in it? I know I totally don't deserve to win because Jessie has been too good to me like forever - but this yarn, it's like making my mouth water - so I can't help myself. And you won't be able to either. Promise.

Then yum-o - I made some Chocolate Cookie Dough Balls from Joy the Baker today - yup, just the dough, in balls. From an eggless recipe expressly for eating the dough safely. Sheesh, the dough is awesome so far - once I dip them in chocolate, I may have to lock the freezer. (just go to the link - you will see heaven on a fork...really, go look.)

And because I should be knitting - I did make myself a pair of Bella's mittens for myself. I love them - so cozy warm.


Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 retrospective

knits of 2010

I have had a good year filled with knitting. I completed one more project than I did in 2009, and created just one new single sock - and found mates for two I had made in years past. I finished my first wearable sweater - which I don't like and will not wear. I made several hats - which I might even use. I covered two pairs of feet, other than my own, warmed another pair of hands and wrapped one other neck with a cozy scarf. I am glad I shared my knitting but I am also glad to have finished 4 pairs of socks for myself.

According to my ravelry - wow, isn't it something to see your own history on ravelry? - I also started two sweaters, a pair of mystery socks, a monkey, a crocheted afghan and a squirrely pair of mittens - they are all in my work in progress pile. Some may be frogged but for now they loom.

I also read 60 books - it was a year seemingly filled with crappy literature for me. I half-read 10 more books. 2010 is the year I decided life is too short to read stuff I don't enjoy. I did find the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, and several by Dani Shapiro that I enjoyed. I always seem to be on a quest to find "that book" and in 2010, no dice.

I wasted far too much time on Facebook and not enough time bundled into my gear for walks and runs. I really need to turn that around if I hope to walk upright with the rest of the human race for a long time to come. I'm not into making resolutions officially because I find I just resent them. But I read an article somewhere about making "intentions" - things you really intend to do but won't beat yourself up if you don't quite make the cut. So making some personal intentions for 2011 seems a good place to start. Good luck in the New Year with your own endeavors. Happy 2011!