Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sundara's club is coming back...

but new and a bit different...Oh my, I'm torn again. I was so sure I had narrowed my future clubs to continuing just this one, maybe one other...but then Sundara changes it up. I have enjoyed the Petals Collection so much, I am not sure I can adapt. Life is about change though, and I can certainly respect Sundara's need for change - I can't imagine the job of putting together these beautiful packages mostly on her own. But my selfish side is a little sad. Thankfully, I have 30 days to think on it.

eeny, meeny, miney, moe...

Mama said there'd be days like this...

We had a wonderful time, until 1:30 this morning, at another family wedding. Gosh, I haven't been much of a "party animal" well...ever really. I have only recently begun having cocktails in front of my family - I'm nearly 20 years out of highschool, yet still ever the (self-imposed) rule follower. But I must say, a stiff drink can make the evening get off to a delightful start. I became somehow less anxious and anti-social at a potentially stressful family event - I'm sure this is the beginning of the story for so many alcoholics - thankfully I usually stop at just one, in case you were wondering.

It was a traditional family wedding for me, I come from farm stock once removed and this is Wisconsin...where you know "if you've said Bud-Weiser - you've said it all". Thankfully, my in-laws had our girls safely entertained for the night - though locals know the first ones on the dance floor are the little ones - running around like banshees.

I have one solitary picture from the wedding of my husband and I by the Wisconsin Lottery "pull tab" machine - only at the American Legion sort-of-affair. But lots of dancing, lots of "I love yous", lots of hugs before midnight. It's so nice to lay aside the I-don't-even-remember-what-I-was-even-mad-about stuff and just enjoy that my cousin is deliriously happy, finally.

But then there is today - far too much dancing and late night silliness - today we must pay. Up early for Sunday School and then off to work for a bit. And then our two-year-old having none of "nap" today - so wound up and overtired it hurts my heart to see her twirl around in an agonizing holding pattern - thinking, "please nap"...chanting "please nap". Poor girl.

Ah, but remember what comes to those who wait? An exhausted little heap of child, ready to sleep until Monday...


until the poor girl rolled off the couch, that is. Then came the pathetic, teeny squawk of a new baby bird. We hugged it out.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

And because sometimes I knit...

I figured I should mention it. I do knit sometimes. Mostly I like to think about it, talk about it, look through books about it. It is so funny how a knitting blog can take so many turns.

I am in two sock swaps this fall - one is the Harvest Sock Swap, the other is a Single Sock Liberation Movement gig. In each swap you knit up one sock and send the remaining skein and pattern to your partner with other added goodies. I have both of my partners and now I need to make some decisions and execute. I have started the Embossed Leaves Sock using Sundara Yarn in grass over leaf - can you imagine a more fitting name? And knit up, it is delightful, I'm not sure I can actually give it away. This gorgeous yarn was gifted to me, so it somehow seems appropriate to gift a finished sock, kind of a circle. Here's two lace repeats...don't you love those leaves? I heart fall.


For my second partner I am still deciding... maybe my Firestarter, I just have a toe for now. Or maybe the Boyfriend Sock? Or Vinnland? She is curious about the Jaywalker - is that just too easy? A cop out? If I can find the perfect colorway, maybe not. I feel that just one sock should allow me to be a little fancier in my pattern choice, we'll see. I can see my mind changing a bazillion times - so long as I get socks out when I am supposed to - I imagine that's just fine. Feel free to weigh in with a suggestion!

Also, got my Petals Collection kit today - seems fitting I would be knitting Sundara when more comes in the mail, the stuff is like a drug for me. Um, am I self-medicating with yarn?

I present Poppy...


This picture is a fairly accurate depiction of color. Rich, fall, delicious. Can you feel the skin breaking on that juicy plum? Juice dribbling down your chin, mmmmm.

I am so hopeful that Sundara will continue the sock club, there is currently one more installment left. I have invested in more than my share of clubs, this one truly deserves renewal - so thoughtful and creative, always a unique pattern and a beautiful postcard of the inspiration blossum. It's like getting a gift.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In my grubby little hands...

I have the most delightful book...
Itty Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson

I know I have said this before, but my brush with fame never gets old for me, Susie, the author, actually had a hand in teaching me to knit. I took a beginner class in her adorable shop. The shop closed some time back and then while wandering in another great LYS, I saw her last book and made sure to get to the book signing - where I worked on my Cosmopolitan Yarntini Jaywalkers - this is a full-circle story for me - like I said, I can't tell it enough. Anyways, I saw Susie and posted about the book signing, the rest is history. I have been lucky enough to be in touch with her, commenting back and forth and even a meet up earlier this year where I got to see the pre-fab pages of this new book. And then yesterday, I get this one in the mail from none other than Susie - yay!! Such an unexpected treat to be gifted something so special! Thank you! And again, blogland rocks!

The book is even more spectacular bound up and in my grubby little mitts. I wanted to post a couple of projects that made me sigh...

Grumpy Old Bear

Don't you just love this guy, he makes me smile. I may need to knit him up to be my tangible "happy place" - he is so wonderful, albeit a grumpy little charmer.

Circles Stroller jacket and mittens

This darling jacket makes my womb ache for a baby. Okay, I can assure you I am having no more babies, but oh, could I squeeze my 2-year-old into this? Meanwhile, I want to hug this baby, mmm...edible.

Cupcake Baby Set

I think I could make one of these to fit my sweetie's noggin. Anything cupcake is just somehow better. I want to pinch those little cheeks.

Susie, you have done it again. I just wanted to give a teeny tiny peek into Itty Bitty Nursery, there are so many adorable things. If you have a baby to knit for, it's a must have (and I don't say that just because I have it, seriously, it's a great reference for so many sweet things) - I pray for many little ones in my path - not just because they smell so good and you can love them right up - my hands want need to knit for babies...

Monday, September 24, 2007


NOT. I heard "TGIM" on the radio this morning - who's fooling who here?


Thankfully the weekend was wonderful - so relaxing and beautiful. My husband and I traveled to my brother-in-law's wedding in Green Lake, WI. We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast and enjoyed the most wonderful food, relaxation and even a "wedding couple sponsored 5k". My brother-in-law and his new wife paid extraordinary attention to detail - in a word, perfect. In many words, a band beyond their years, an omlet station (thank you, Mike), mini cheesecake, gorgeous water, mimosa, race numbers and medals, a jacuzzi, pontoon boat ride, an outlet mall, knitting, reading, child-free, Captain Morgan, and did I mention relaxation. Thank you.

No description needed...however, in true Madison style - Capital Beer.




The Rippin Good Cookie Outlet - where you can buy a 22lb box of fudge stripe cookies.

job well done.

somehow I fumbled and I didn't get near the pictures I had hoped for - I was truly enjoying the details, drinking in the colors on the omlet station, the textures of the wedding clothing, inhaling the lake air - and apparently just carrying my camera as a prop. Thankfully, I have newly minted family memories. Welcome to the family, Joanne.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another WIP?

Well, of course! I finished my takealong sock and started the Firestarter - this pattern is a little (okay, a lot) trickier that the baby cable - takes concentration, so I needed a new traveling project. I try to knit anytime I can be in the car or at the lunch table if the weather keeps me from walking. So my new take along is the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I had started one sometime back and was not happy with the lack of varigation, so I have been looking and looking. And I've seen some pretty amazing ones like this one and this one and this one. And that is just for starters.


Finally I have found two Socks that Rock skeins that I think are pretty snazzy. I am using Rhodenite and the August sock club installment of Flower Power. I am happy with the way they are knitting up together, and there is lots of pink in there - that is always a plus right? So my Firestarts will be my "careful, under a lamp, no Captain Morgan" project while this can be fun on-the-go. We are traveling a couple of hours away to a wedding this weekend and I am thinking I could make some progress - I am planning on lots of peace and relaxation. The bride is so organized and the couple has gone out of their way to make it a nice weekend for grown-ups. Yay! Love my kids - but my wedding anniversary is around the corner, so call it a pre-game getaway.

Lastly, yarn candy...


some Hello Yarn - a gift certificate has been burning a hole in my pocket but it is a race to get any fat sock yarn over there - til now. Whirligig - yum.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Aaaarg, ye urchins, are you gonna help me celebrate? Just look at these happy wenches - my girls and my mom having entirely too much fun. My mom will want me to walk the plank for posting this... Ah, me hearties, tomorrow is another day. But for today - join the revolution and pillage ye pubs, raise some grog and talk like a sailor!

It is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! I first heard about this over at the Yarn Harlot's blog- so it is clearly appropriate for knitters to take up an eye patch and duel with some pointy sticks!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Holy Crap, I think I've done it!

I think I have set up a knit along blog - I'm pretty darned excited and I am hoping some of you out there will come join me. The KAL is for the Firestarter sock - luscious sock pattern by Yarnissima. If you follow that link you will stumble upon Yarnissima's e-mail, she will send you the pattern gratis upon request - yay!

It is an amazing pattern, toe up - intended for the Magic Loop - great instruction on the crochet provisional cast on, and the coolest toe-up gusset ever! Marjan also includes darling tiny charts to cut out and laminate for on-the-go - imagine! Come on over to the KAL blog , I am awful lonesome for some fun knitters. But please be patient with me as I am a greenhorn with the html. (Hence why I think, at least on my computer, my Avatar and links are at the bottom of my least on my computer...)

I have cast mine on with Iris Sibirica from none other than Wollmeise - and I'm in love - with the yarn and the pattern. So my goal is to spread the love!

I'm so excited, I even made up some buttons, the photos are courtesy of Yarnissima's blog. Here's what I have come up with so far...


firestarter button

Please e-mail me at peaknitATgmailDOTcom if you want me to "invite" you to the KAL blog. Please include your blog address so that I can "link" you in the sidebar....if can figure that out, that is. :)

Thanks Ellemaciltur for encouraging me - or were you laughing at me? and Yarnissima for your blessing to go forward.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finished Object Friday


Gosh, don't you love Friday? I wore my new Wollmeise socks to work today. I am so delighted with this cooler fall weather, if for no other reason but to wear my handknit socks. I tried on an olive green sweater, a yellow one and red sweater, until I settled on red. Matching sweaters to socks - crazy. Man, I love being a knitter.


I used a seasonal colorway - Johannisbeer and Brennessel - I don't recall what it all means in German, but "red currant" is in there. I just love the rich colors. The baby cable rib pattern was super easy to tote anywhere - no memorizing, just knitting and kind of keeping track in your head, but you can "see" where you are going.

I think I am going to cast on a Firestarter next. I am so curious about the cool toe-up gusset and heel flap - something new and interesting. Th pattern rocks. I wound up a cake of Wollmeise Iris Sibirica - loud. fun. I am thinking about trying to figure out how to start a KAL blog for the Firestarter - if I figure it out, I hope I have some joiners out there:)

token dog photo - he smiled so pretty.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

will i fall down the hole

As I have mentioned, I have been listening to the peeps at Knitters Uncensored. Not only are they avid Wollmeise supporters but Elemmaciltur has been trying his hand at handspinning.I have been trying to convince myself that I just don't have time to "make" my own yarn but then he shows this. so pretty. And my past swap friend, Christine from the East Coast gifted me this...

pretty drop spindle...

...and then Molly Bee got this awesome spinning wheel. They are so pretty. pretty.pretty.pretty.

So I like I want to at least try it at some point, huh? And I've seen these cool Insubordiknit Hats over at Susie's blog. (she has Itty Bitty Nursery coming out October 1!!) And then there is etsy...I like this handspun and this one and this one...I think they would all make a cool hats or scarves. So maybe instead of making my own just yet, I should see if I like to knit with it? Ah, there you are...rationalization - I knew I still had it.

*and there you have it, Christine - I continue on the yarn diet "mostly" but I am so going to fall into a pile of handspun unless I get into therapy! :)

Gratutitous Yarn Picture...


This is the ShiBui yarn in Orchid I purchased at the Sheep and Wool Show, comments demanded I show the yarn *giggle* - nothing too unusual I realize, but I just love the colorway, which is awful reminiscent to that in my "profile pic" jaywalkers - it's not Yarntini mind you, but the texture appeared comparable to Koigu which I thought could be promising.

I have a couple of peeks to share at some Wollmeise - I'm a little embarassed at the Wollmeise hoarding, I'm not even sure I can come up with a rationalization for it all.


Turkis and Karneol


Today I learned some english translations for Wollmeise colorways from Knitters Uncensored - but first I learned that Wollmeise isn't pronounced wool-mice but wool-miser, just a little english fyi. (um, I also learned the German word and meaning of "Ass Antlers", I nearly choked, doh! You kids are fun...though, I think I needed some of whatever you guys were drinking to keep from blushing and giggling out loud on the path - peeshah! As an aside, in spite of some new interesting german vocabulary - I love listening because I feel like I am eavesdropping on the most natural conversation among friends.)

I'm not sure what a single skein of any of it will be - but I am involved in the Harvest Sock Swap and plan to hook up with a Single Sock Liberation Movement thang - in both groups you knit one sock and send the single sock to your pal with the rest of the yarn and some goodies - I like the idea of maybe taking on a little more interesting sock pattern, and only having to finish one. I just received Yarnissima's most fabulous new Firestarter pattern to try - I love that she quoted the Prodigy song, Firestarter, naturally, at the beginning...confession...I bought their CD back in the day. And I have three other sock patterns from My Fashionable Life, the Giotto (incredibly cool cuff), the Badcaul (funky paired cables) and the Nautilus. OMG, and there are so many other countless patterns that I could commit to for one sock. I'd like to say I can surely part with some Wollmeise for a sockswap, but what are the chances? Okay, I'm ready - bring on the socks.

What I should do is send my one Pomatomus to my pal and ask my partner to finish the other one...perhaps a future swap?

another goodie from the Sheep and Wool show - such a precious psalm, such precious sheep. (hardly appropriate to include this in the same post as "ass antlers", eh?)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool

What a relaxing evening. I am so blessed to have this little festival in the backyard of my workplace. I knew all day that I would be rolling out about 5pm to go see yarn - ah. On Friday nights the "country store" is open for free admission - so I have made a point of going on Friday night the past two years - and then if I have to go back, it'll cost me, so it makes me think twice:)

I enjoyed a leisurely stroll among the booths. I wasn't looking for anything, just browsing. Well, maybe I was looking for any new sock needles - always in search of "that" set that I won't break with my ridiculously tight tension. I picked up a set of addi bamboo dpn to try and a addi turbo lace for my cast on candle flame shawl. So, practical.

Then I wandered over to the booth of Wool and Company - a shop that originates in Geneva, Illinois. I lost my head briefly and grabbed to skeins of Shibuiknits in Orchid - colors very reminiscent of my profile picture jaywalkers - though varigated. There is always more room in my stash for pink and green. The yarn looked like Koigu at first glance so it seems very worthy of a try. I had to move along before I grabbed some Malabrigo lace - they had some gorgeous colors - run, Stacey, run. I did pick up a couple of gift items and headed on to the next aisle.

I stopped short of buying Cat Bordhi's new book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Paging through the it just further convinced me that I will need to buy this at some point. I was listening to the Socks in the City podcast and Dharmafey was raving about the book too. It's a matter of time. But today wasn't the day.

I was hoping for a skein of handspun to commemorate the gathering but nothing jumped out at me, at least nothing I could afford - bearing in mind I fell down the Wollmeise hole again recently...So I moved onto the sheep barns.

omg, I think I am in love with sheep. They were lowing at me, which I took as a sweet greeting. It was dinner time, so it was hard to get a good picture - though I did have a couple of posers.
I was curious about these guys - made me think of the Ku Klux Klan (which I realize is not a positive association). I'm going to have to check into why they are wearing these costumes, surely there must be a good reason to dress sheep up like this. Probably some very obvious reason that was lost on me...
I think my favorite sheep was the small shetland - it looked like a giant version of my fat cat. I love the orange hue.
I just felt so good, wandering, admiring these guys, so thankful for the wool they provide. Gosh, it felt ethereal somehow. I would have hugged them if I could have managed to figure out how to do that, you know, in a casual way. There really is no nonchalant way to hug sheep, I was thinking creatively. I just tried to send them subliminal thoughts - "Thank you sheep, you are my heros".

It was also kind of neat to think some of you bloggers might have been trolling for goodies right there with me and I wouldn't even know it. I heard one woman say she was meeting her husband there and I wondered if that was the woman at ravelry who had commented something like that - kind of fun to be secretly guessing who is in blogland. I almost wanted to don my Cosmopolitan Jaywalkers and mary janes just to see if someone might recognize my feet. Simple pleasures.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'd rather poke my eyes out...

than go clothes shopping again. What a wreck. I decided over the weekend that I think I hate the mall - is this a right of passage of the aged? While I was there I saw a sweet little elderly woman eating grapes on a bench and thanked God I was not there yet, I mean, bringing snacks? - but it seems that my love of shopping and all things fashion has come to a screeching halt, it makes my eyes bleed to try to care about what I wear, I mean really care beyond day to day work stuff, what happened? Truly, I think kids happened but I need to try to get my girly mojo back occasionally, right? I need to find something appropriate for a beautiful affair and eesh, aint happening. I found one lovely classic that would cost me um, about 8 skeins of Wollmeise - everything has become about yarn. That may also attribute to the "problem". (did I really say problem?) I may just have to break down and grab the classic which equals "classy" and therefore equals "for all occasions". Um, since when does mojo mean practical? Since when does practical feel like such a curse?

So thankfully, I wound some yarn to admire. (a little rum in my diet coke probably wouldn't hurt either...)


I just need one more layer for a delicious red velvet wedding cake of Wollemise lacewieght in Granatapfel. Pomegranite has such a gorgeous ring in german. I am one step closer to casting on the Candle Flame Shawl. I will say again, that shawl knit by Auntly H. was the start of this whole Wollmeise addiction...have I said "thank you"?!:)


I also wound up a big cake of Yarntini in Intensely Red - almost 800 yards. I am thinking I should start the Clessidra once I wrap up my second baby cable sock. It so gratifying to finish a pair of socks - much better than having one, so much more useful. OMG, there's practical again!

Lastly, I was lusting over looking at Shannon's Clapotis - I think I need to pick that up again as well - fall is upon us - though it is a ridiculous 90 degrees today. Wisconsin, so unpredictable. Ah, but the clapotis - so practical.

Anyone else seeing the "red" theme here - is that my mojo? hot - albeit practical - mama? :) sa-weet!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

one down, another cast on

The baby cable pattern from Sensational Socks. I have one finished and another cast on. Something about Wollmeise, I find that I enjoy working with it so much, I can't resist casting on a second one immediately - giving me hope of a cure for the elusive second sock syndrome. maybe the doc could give you a prescription for Wollmeise? My doc recently wrote up a scrip for me for a new boss - so I think anything is possible. I hope I won't need a refill on the boss.

finished toe...
eye of the partridge heel

I know, I could have waited til I have a second one done since I just blogged about this yesterday, but I couldn't resist showing a finished something. I also started a ball band dishcloth to go with some handmade soap I was talking about - a nice distraction for socks I guess, you know, if you want a distraction from socks, that is.

*also Crystal Palace dpn's didn't break, not even once - I may be onto something.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sa-wag makes knitting gangster

South Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen

The name is a mouthful - but isn't it gorgeous? I was inspired by Bockstark Knits (I love the "boyfriend socks" in her header too!), Scout J. dyed this for the crew at Knitters Uncensored. I saw it at Bockstark Knits and had to have it. After listening to just one episode of the podcast, I want to wear their colors! Like a knitter gang - can you imagine? We could wear our knit beanies to the side, throw "signs" with out knitting needles, say things like "your mama crochets", knitting rumbles...(I'm thinking along the lines of the Sharks and the Jets...or Danny Zuko's gang on Grease - not so much automatic weapons or drug trafficking...)

And I am making progress on baby cable socks from Sensational Socks out of another skein of Wollmeise. I wanted to be strong and show a finished sock by the end of the weekend but I couldn't keep it to myself. The colorway is Johannisbeer und Brennessel, I think it was seasonal and may no longer available - it has fall written all over it. Claudia's shop is closed for the month of September - I think I slid an order in under the buzzer - I'm seriously embarrassed at this new found addiction - her closure is probably good for me - no temptation - I'm sorry for those of you who have strength. Now the yarn diet officially begins, I mean it. Anyways the first sock is past the heel - eye of partridge just rocks, though I wonder if I could have continued in the teeny cables? Well, next time.

The heel is a little wonky the way it is pulled onto my blocker...

Lastly, Auntly H. "enticed" me to join up the Harvest Sock Swap - kind of a clever idea - it's like a 1/2 of a sockapalooza. You get your match around the first day of fall and knit one sock - then send that sock and the leftover yarn and pattern to your pal, they knit the second one. I am kind of intimidated to knit a whole pair for someone else - but one sock, somehow it seems managable and fun. My only concern is that I am a tight knitter - I hope my pal can match my gauge...For now, if you sign up there is a contest, and tell 'em I sent you.:)