Thursday, January 31, 2008

Talk about making MY day!

I almost hate to write another post after several days of basking in the kind comments over my Clapotis - thank you. I love this wrap and it has fetched some surprisingly warm comments from friends and co-workers too. Wow, I knit something practical that wasn't a sock or a hat.


First of all, I admit, I have not bought any yarn this month, not one ounce. However, I did treat myself to the Knit Picks Options Harmony Wood interchangable set (gosh, say that 10 times fast). I purchased yarn last month for the Tangled Yoke Swetaer and looked through my needle collection - realizing that I did not own the correct needles - I needed a 4 and 5 40" circular. So I pondered. And then I squandered and got those darn needles. It was like the song of the siren.

They showed up today - can I say, they are beautiful? I had bought the Harmony dpn's after shamelessly admiring a set that Auntly H of Beyond Your Peripheral Vision had this summer...and they turned out to be, hands down, the best dpns ever. I have such a tight knitting tension that I routinely have broken dpns in the past - no more. I even bought two sets of my favorite size thinking, naturally I wil break them - but then they even send you 6 just in case - wow. The point is wonderful, the feel of the wood is warm, they are a beauty to behold. I am expecting to fall in love with the interchangables in the same manner - but I'll get back to you if I find any different.

Secondly, last night I stumbled upon the Drops Jacket...I looked at every one, all 307 of them, over at Ravelry. And I discovered that I even have yarn - in my stash - that is perfect. I started swatching up some Rowan Cork. I had bought it years ago for a project, and it was all wrong (it should have been Calmer) so it has been languishing. Rowan, sitting unloved - doesn't your heart ache a little at the thought? So this jacket seems like it could be a good sweater-novice project (or sweater greenhorn as it were). Almost every person that has knitted this project has commented how much they love it and actually wear it - sold. And it's alleged to be fast - sold! And I can use my new #11 Harmony circular - sold! So more on that as I get the show on the road.

I am wearing my Yarntini Lost colorway Monkey socks today - because well, season premiere! OMG, I think I have waited an eternity. A co-worker turned me on to a little clip on Itunes that is supposed to fill in some blanks - so I'll be sure to check that out before I snuggle up tonight with my Drops swatch and an adult beverage. I feel like I am watching the first moon landing - it's ridiculous, but I love it!
Sorry Charlie

And lastly, you fabulous bloggers make my day, every day. I received an award from Molly Bee, MLE Knits, dear, kind (Lost loving) Marisol of Purls Just Wanna Have Fun and Sandra of Stay at Home Knit. Let me say, I am totally humbled. I have gotton so many nice comments during my blog tenure *giggle*, and I am still thrilled by each one. Blogging has brought so much pleasure to my free time - I have learned so many hints and tips about knitting, cooking, reading - I'm amazed. After being nominated for this wonderful award - I in turn need to nominate 10 others - wow, only ten?

So here goes...

Susan B. Anderson for having such a warmth about her. Her kindness radiates from her books and her darling baby projects.

Knitterella for spunk and fun and colors and creativity!

Chicken Knits for having such great taste in projects, having a fabulous yarn stash and honest sense of humor.

Photodee for the most fabulous photographs and her thoughtful and insightful questions.

The Knitting Bandit for being edgy and funny - and a down-to-earth rockin' mom!

Tiennie for her wonderful flow of finished objects and exuded kindness.

Yarntini who is often too busy to blog because she is always creating new vibrant indie colorways for us knitters. She has been so generous and kind - she was there when I knit my second sock.

Yarn Ball Boogie for being so intensely cool.

Minerva Turkey for inspiration - and Alan Dart's Gnome!

Knitting Kris for being so real and her recent Baby Surprise Jacket!

The ADD Knitter because she is funny and writes like I bet she talks!

Oos that's 11 and I am not done yet - I enjoy each othe bloggers who nominated me - thank you for the compliment! And I could go on and on - too many of you make my day to mention! I'd like to cut and paste my whole Bloglines over - I hope you all know who you are.

p.s. I have finished my Yarntini Cherry Cordial Socks - a photo will soon follow. If the sun ever comes out again in Wisconsin. The Sun'll come out to-morrow (or the next day? or the next day? or the next day? how about the next day?....)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Endings

a jumble of clapotis

I was kind of late to this party but, at last, my clapotis is off of my needles. The ends are woven in and it is blocking on my bed. As boring as I found this project at times, as long as it took me to get started, and then to get back to it...I do love how it looks, the colors are nice - kind of a pre-February Project Spectrum. One of the pinks is the exact color I would like in a lipstick - such inspiration. I will have to skip off to Target with my new wrap so I can find the lipstick I have been longing for with each repeat of the pinkiness, can you see the one I mean? Could be complimentary on my pale winter face.


I used Noro Silk Garden in colorway #84 and used size 8 needles. I like the finished look of the Noro but the "rustic" quality of the yarn made those dropped stitches stick together which made for too much individual stitch dropping, I had to pry each stitch out - my fingers numbed. I prefer a sleeker yarn, so next time - if there is such a thing, I would use something less splitty. Maybe a summer scarf, something narrower, not so many increase repeats. Maybe the cornflower Handmaiden sea silk in my stash?

What else did I finish? The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. Another good read - I won't drag on with details but if you like book that takes you there - the smells, the sounds, the sights, vibrant colors - this was a fabulous book for that. The book is a fictional version of events based on a biblical character, Dinah. I have searched for my Bible for Dummies to no avail - and even after a 34-week study of the bible with my pastor - I really don't have any information about Dinah - I am curious now to connect this book with the "real" thing.

I am, challenging myself to read 52 books this year. I decided that one a week would not be a bad number for a working, knitting mom. (I am counting knitting and lusting after yarn as my other "full-time job") I may just have to invent a button for my own little challenge.

Meanwhile, on to my next read - I have a wonderful pile of books to choose from, I can say enough how much rocks. I also just received a book from Cinnamonamon, Outlander. She had blogged about the series one day and when I commented about my curiousity she generously offered up her copy of the first book, which I received yesterday. She also included 2 handmade stitch markers - just because. That is just another reason you bloggers are pretty darn awesome. So for that Cinnamonamon -


There are some rules for this "make my day award" but heck, I just stole that button because I wanted to share it with my generous blogfriend. Thank you!

Next up might be more shots of my Clap in action - a project that takes this kind of stick-to-it-iveness deserves another gratuitous picture. And what's next? Off to ponder! Have a great week!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

strange connections


I saw No Country For Old Men last night - I went honestly not being very sure what to expect. It was deep, dark - and left me with a lot of questions. Strangely enough, this was the same feeling I had when I finished the book The Road, which I recently wrote about here. Damn if the book the movie was based on and The Road weren't written by the same author, Cormac McCarthy. I detect this is his style, kind of like as soon as you hear Rush or ZZ Top on the radio, you know it's them - kinda like that.

The weirdness didn't stop there - the weather has been a drag lately - so snowing, crummy roads. I was crawling along on the Interstate last night at 45mph on the way home from the movie thinking that I felt like I was on the "road" depicted in that dank novel...I was all one behind me, no one ahead of me - cars were streaming on the East bound lane, but not mine - alone. This day has Cormac McCarthy written all over it. No, I didn't remember that my studious brother-in-law told me that No Country for Old Men was written by him, but I did run over and order a CD book of All The Pretty Horses (another bit of McCarthy genious) - (in case you want to borrow it when I am done, Joe.) So it's been a three-fer McCarthy weekend. I thought that was crazy coincidental, wanted to share.

And as long as I am talking about books, I recently finished Blood Orange by Drusilla Campbell.


I was pretty excited to read this book, the jacket reeled me in - about a woman whose child is abducted and somehow the mother "unwittingly" has a part in allowing it. I found it okay but kind of predictable. I found myself shame-shaming the main character for being so irresponsible, but I haven't walked in her shoes - so who am I to judge - but I did, couldn't help it. Considering the turmoil in this household - as the father is a criminal defense attorney who also happened to be representing a child killer - they sure left their guard down. Truly a case of "you don't know what you've got until it's gone". Thankfully they are blessed and will get a second chance to get it right - but the book doesn't leave me certain they will, get it right, that is - maybe another story.

I'm so close to writing about some knitting - I can so see the light at the end of the WIP I have on the needles - promise to be a knitter again soon:)

Meanwhile, look at the eye candy here. I'm going to have a "stash January" - as in, no new purchased yarn for me this month, not one skein. I have done some trading on ravelry - what a great thing that is - new stuff yet my wallet has stayed snapped shut. nice.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I want, I need, I would like...

Ah, the magic of "I" language" - you social worky types know just what I am saying...


But really, Wow - I need this. I NEED this - seriously. It's called a Kindle, and you can read all about it here. It is too amazing for words, so just go check it out - I'll wait.

Wowza, what do you think? You can dowload books and magazine and newspapers and blogs, anywhere - anywhere - no wireless bill, it seems like a miracle. I would need to do more research but this is something I may just aspire to. No more spinning wheel thoughts, it's all Kindle baby.

I would also really like this:


Ah, a little more managable right - at less than 10% of the cost of the Kindle, Elizabeth Zimmerman is looking like the steal of the century. I really think as I ponder the Project Spectrum, I would like to also consider EZ - she has inspired and influenced so many great knitters,(namely Jared Flood of brooklyntweed comes to mind)...I need to see what all of the hoopla is about. And I happen to have some Hello Yarn that would like to be a Baby Surprise Jacket.

Perhaps, for me, this year is one to be thoughtful about knitting, I keep coming back to that end - it is different to think about what I want out of my knitting - could it be craft therapy? Getting my craft on, getting a tune-up? I like the sound of that.

(now to slink off and think up an appropriate, somewhat realiatic rationalization why I need to save my pennies for the Kindle...suggestions welcome:)

WAIT, hold the phone - I think the commenters have made some very valid points - I would miss the feeling of a book in my hand. I think the "multi-tasker" in me just wants one more thing to do when I am standing around somewhere. I also remember when the Palm Pilot came out - just had to have one of those - and it now languishes in a glad I bounced this off of you guys first. Thanks for "talking" some sense into me!

Monday, January 21, 2008

project spectrum


I was catching up on some blogs and stumbled upon another mention of Project Spectrum . I keep thinking about this, and it's time to jump aboard. My goal is to use this plan as a carrot to motivate me to pull from the stash - I'm pretty confident I probably have some yarn for every element. In '08 I really want to be more mindful and resourceful with what I have. I have cut back on sock clubs (though if the Loopy Ewe had let me in...) and am trying to really think about my other purchases. Truth be told I have enough yarn to knit all year (and the year after that, and the year after that...).

I won't say I am "on a diet" - because I believe, like Weight Watchers itself, "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle". I hate the word diet, for me it just makes things seem more unattainable - to me diet means limits and it means "starving" - the the more I "starve" the more I ruminate on about what it is that I am trying to avoid. Kind of like telling a teenager they can't date a certain someone - only serves to make that certain someone all the more interesting. Well, it's like that for me when I try to tell myself I can't have or can't do something - the rationalizations start bubbling. So no more of that. For me Project Spectrum could be about taking my time with selections, being more mindful of my projects and my stash, studying, organizing, comparing. It could be kind of like school, and I like school. So we'll see.

No, I am not making any sweeping statements about not buying yarn ever - because well, I love yarn. But I need to make room for the yarn I have and the best way to do that is to thin the herd. So I have revived an old project this weekend and I truly see the light at the end of the tunnel - more on that when I am more confident I will have a FO.

Lastly, a contest over at KitKatKnit - a bunny thumper contest which consists of measuring your cat's feet - yup, not a misprint. My Ernest has some gams to be proud of, he is a big guy - going on 14 and the best cat ever - seriously my cat is better than your cat *winkwink*. I may be winking, but I mean it, doesn't everyone think their cat is the best?

Here's his rear bunny thumper between 5.5 and 5.75 inches long, it's hard to tell here because well, he is a hairy mo fo. And have you tried pinning a cats rear paw to a ruler? Even my most gracious feline was not interested one bit in this adventure.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

a little bit of function...


My finished Bainbridge - for my mom. The picture is kind of crappy, my coat a little linty, it is below zero out there so no time for posing *heehee* bear with me... Good thing this scarf pattern provides a tutorial on how to tie it properly - it was a little interesting to get it to lay just how I like, finally the scarf won. I think the yarn fabric I have knit up is a bit too drapey for this project, but it so cozy in Sheep Shop - I think I would just double up next time. A Malabrigo on a bigger needle would produce a more rugged fabric and it would probably stand up a little nicer - but my mom ordered up teal and here it is. There are many examples over at Ravelry - I am so impressed with the different stitch patterns people chose - particularly this cabled one - I think this is definitely a keeper project - quick and dirty.


If everyone who reads this could just say a little prayer around oh, 5:30 central time tomorrow for the Green Bay Packers - Brett Favre really deserves a trip to the big show....Wisconsinites are kinda serious about their football. At least as serious as we are about leading a Jessica Simpson fan drive - sorry Tony.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A cure for what ails ya


If the day is going to hell in a handbasket...a gnome can never hurt. An Alan Dart Gnome is a real pick me up. I battled the crummy weather home today and my truck met the house a bit on the slide into the garage. arg. Okay, it's not serious - barely a scratch - though if you want to know what color my house is, just look at the rear quarter of my truck...a little buffing will go a long way today. So not a huge deal, but da-yum - give me a break, already. sheesh.

So when I saw my airmail package peeking out - I knew my Bumper Book of Knitting arrived - thank you God *sigh*. First, I saw Susan's gnome and fell in love, then Shannon made one - that one nearly hurts my teeth, it is so sweet. I may just make him to be my "bad day lovie". Or maybe I'll just keep the magazine under my pillow...and a little choxie never hurts.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a little bit of process

so i have no finished objects, just dabbling really. i am probably 2/3 finished with the bainbridge scarf my mom requested. i love the simple broken rib, the yarn is such a rich color, the delicious almost palpable texture - i like the simplicity of it all. but i have nothing finished. so what do you blog about when you are mid-everything...the middle. voila.


the house is entirely quiet. my eldest has holed up with Hannah Montana for some afterschool decompression - both of my girls need their time to chill out - how come us moms rarely get this moment? Last night my DH and each of my DD asked me for something before I shrugged my coat off. There should be a law...anyways...

So, I took this picture of me and my dog in an effort to start documenting me a little - there is a flickr group Pieces of Me which if for just that - the group's founder Photodee, a fabulous photographer, deems it "a journey towards sharing details of your lives in a fun way". I'd like to become a better photographer but also document me a little. so I hope to face the phobia of having my picture taken and just get over it - it's so much easier to be behind the camera. But I think I would like to remember I'm only me *now* once. And this picture is me *now* - relaxed in the middle of the floor - yep, in the middle again but surrounded by the chaos of dining chairs - sounds about right. namaste.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm giddy!

I have 5 books on the way to me from Paperback Swap - I'm giddy. I am expecting Emma & Me by Elizabeth Flock, The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty (she wrote The Rest of Her Life that I recently blathered about), The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gemmell (since I finally remembered the title after looking at it for the umpteenth time at Target), The Red Tent by Anita Diamant after seeing it recommended on Chicken Knits and by my mother-in-law some time ago, and A Ship Made of Paper by Scott Spencer. Wow, that's a stack of books. I'm giddy. I'm giddy that they will be more less free since I have sent off as many - so for $2.31, the price of postage and confirmation per, I get a book - woo hoo.

My mom wants a Bainbridge Scarf in teal or aqua - I had given her a "coupon" to knit her a little something of her choosing for x-mas - rather than make her something she might not exactly like. I am half way throught some fabulous broken rib since her request came via text message this morning. And teal - omg, stash knitting, fabulous, squooshy stash knitting, baby! I am giddy!


I have three takers for my Pay It Forward - I. AM. GIDDY!

I had a very good day. I had Cold Stone today. Coke Zero was on sale at Target. The Dallas Cowboys lost, and the Packers have beat the Giants before - thus better Green Bay Superbowl odds. I got a gorgeous Jones New York Sweater with more cables than I can count for $22. Tomorrow is Monday. WTF? I am freaking giddy people! *weeee*

And last but not least, it is 8:47 p.m. and my children are sleeping - not just in bed but sleeping, out, silent. *whisper...I am giddy* nighty night...


It's Time to Pay It Forward

A while back, Photodee posted this idea on her blog which she had stumbled upon at another blog...well, I had seen this popping up but always seemed to be tuning in a day late, a dollar short - at last, I was able to jump on the bandwagon - and Photodee is still in search of a third taker - so it's never to late!

The idea of Pay It Forward, in case you haven’t already come across it is:
“The idea of the exchange is I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on this blog post requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.”

So, I will make three of you a little something if you are willing to pay it on to someone else. I like the concept - it has "no strings" really - I mean, I hope you follow through but I am expecting nothing in return from you. So for me to pass it on is merely a gift. And the gift I will give you, aside from a token of friendship I will make, is the same opportunity. AND you have 365 days to do it - now think of a reason you can't, I dare ya! hehe

And because every post needs a picture...

another quick, charming read - gotta give the author credit for confessing her temporary insanity and finding knitting! You go girl!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A perfect winters' afternoon and a book review

I wish this was the view today - warm temps have melted away the pretty snow - but more is on the way!

I am enjoying a relaxing moment - even if it is just a moment. It's 4 o'clock - dreary outside and I have my pajamas on - aint that great? Why do jammies make me feel so darn good? OMG, a little Barefoot Contessa, my children playing quietly, work is done for the day and I am hanging out with you, blogging friends! Nice.

I am not even thinking about knitting right now, now that's weird - I have my second Yarntini stockinette sock cranking away but for this moment, I hope to say "hello" and then sign out to learn how to make a plum tart before hanging out with Alex Trebec for a half an hour. simple pleasures. (very simple *giggle*)

What I really want to mention is my latest book - I just finished You're Not You by Michelle Wildgen. I started reading the book and realized that the story takes place in Madison, just 20 minutes away from me. I found myself recognizing some of the landmarks the main character spoke of.

Anyways, Bec is a somewhat directionless student at the university. Her studies seem like the wrong fit, she is dating a married man, holding jobs with little concern for the future, she's kind of a mess. But then she takes a summer job caring for Kate - a 30-something with impeccable style and a seemingly bottomless budget who is struggling in the last stages of ALS (Lou Gehrig's) - Bec is hired on to be her fumbling caregiver - and fumble she does for a bit - but ultimately Kate becomes her guide - helping her appreciate the finer things, to not "settle", to question her current path and she even eventually helps Bed find her way - as she inevitably grieves her death.

Bec gets way overinvolved in Kate, as part of her job eventually requires her to speak for her. She becomes part of her social life, personal habits, her own marriage. She becomes a caregiver as well as a self-declared protector for Kate. I could see where Bec was going with this vicariousness, I could see that Bec was going to learn something profound about herself - it was wonderful to see her figure it out - open her future like a gift. Though, truth be told, things got a tad bit tedious at the end. After the book climaxed it seemed as though there was either too much book left to wrap up loose ends or not enough to answer all of the questions I had. I think it went on a bit long - Bec wallowed a bit more than you would expect but then when considering the intensity of her relationship with Kate - it makes sense.

All and all, a good read. So what are you reading?

Sunday, January 06, 2008



I was completely charmed from beginning to end of the movie Juno. It was positively wraught with teenage angst. The kids were funny, dry and quite honestly, pretty darn bright. They used an excessive amount of clever verbage. Loved every second. It centers around a pregnant 16-year-old who decides to have the child but give it up for adoption - the most selfless act ever. I had to blink back a few tears but overall, the theater was giggling - I can imagine some of the quotes will be coined as a reult of this clever film, possible cult hit in our midst. I must go buy the sweet and folky soundtrack now. It's this years Little Miss Sunshine for me.

Today I had a lovely after Christmas get together with a girlfriend - oh so fun, lots of shopping around - she is a bit of a fashionista, I feel so backwards - she helps me get current. She was the force behind a great pair of new Nine West boots with a nice pointy toe and a great wooly sweater to match the gorgeous earrings she got for me:) I figured I was not mall material when I texted my pal "on bench in front of Banana" (as in Repulic) - she is so understanding of my homebody ways - now, that is a friend. We also enjoyed a great lunch at Flat Top Grill - what a cool experience - you pick the fixings for your own stir fry from a fresh, gorgeous buffet and mix up some personalized sauce (with the help of a adorable little waitress) - they have a drink called a Horny Monkey - we were curious but saved those calories for a decadent dessert later in our journey. She gave me a fabulous, thoughtful potpourri of gifts, one of which is Louisa Harding's book:


It was on my Amazon wish list - yay! Another book filled with Anthopologie-inspired accessories. Which lead to a detour to Anthropologie - they had a lovely sale rack but nothing made it out the door with me - still a bit pricey for my budget - but fun to be vicarious!

Overall it was a great day! But then I had to drive about between 16 - 36 miles per hour all the way home due to horrible fog. I had lots of time to say prayers for the people involved in a 50 car pile up on the interstate just south of Madison - so back to reality for sure. I feel blessed to have enjoyed the company of a wonderful friend.

Have a great week!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Super Swag Saturday **spoiler**

I got my Scout's Swag yesterday (scroll down, I want to hide it from those who may want to keep the alure) and I was so surprised and thrilled with the gifties. A cool knitting stamp that was designed by Scout herself - I was so wanting to find this stamp, who knew Scout was going to take care of that for me. Also included was a Stampin Up stamp pad and some cards and envelopes to personalize. I think this is totally creative and way out of the box for essentially a "yarn club" - thank you! The yarn is Je T'Aime - pretty pretty - I am not typically into black but when you pair it with my favorite pink and purple - winner winner chicken dinner!

December STR

And then I also recently received my final installment of the Rockin' Socks Club. I have never knit anything by Cat Bordhi, so I was excited to see that she designed the complimentary pattern. The yarn is Bella Coola, a lovely transition of blues. I saw sock goddess Yarnissima using it for a new pattern, Spina Di I may save the Bordhi pattern for something else.

December Swag

I am about to finish the toe of my first '08 Yarntini stockinette sockie - I think I will march forward and cast on the second right away - a pair could be in the near future! What is on your needles?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Random nonesense

I got crazy on New Years Eve day, yes, when I was supposed to be cleaning for company (of course) - and made a batch of Martha Stewart's Marshmallows. I have always been curious. Mine aren't as pretty - but wowza, they are spectacular. After cutting up the sticky mess, I thought "never again". Well, I'm now thinking "again and again". My youngest made the family a batch of holiday hot chocolate mix at daycare, the yummy albeit mishapen vanilla marshmallows are the perfect compliment.

I finally snapped a picture of my Guitar Hero avatar, Izzy Sparks, since he has gotten top billing on more than one of my blog posts - aint he just the cutest flaming thing? Love.


Lastly, my first cast on object of '08 - some plain jane stockinette sockies in Yarntini Cherry Cordial self-striping - yum. I turned the heel on New Year's day - what a nice quick, non-focus kind of project. I was expecting an umpteen hour wait at the OB-GYN today, so I was sure to be prepared. Self-striping yarn baffles me anyways, I mean other than stockinette or a bit of chevron, I feel limited - but I love this colorway, I want to lick it.


Now I need to just figure out how to don my new sockies (er, sockie) while sipping some homemade hot chocolate topped with a fancy handmade marshmallow while snuggling with Izzy Sparks (he is the pretty man-friend I wish I had, I mean he could offer some seriously great hair advice). Perfection.

Now to interrupt this perfect little fantasy - it really is all fun and games until someone loses an eye - or damn near. I was walking proudly through the house with my new sock...why is it that the 80 pound golden retriever wouldn't see me coming and maybe sidle out of the way? Oh yes, tripped flat over him, flopped just like a fish (my sister knows just what I mean, right?). Knitting needles in hand, so could've lost an eye or stabbed myself somewhere vital, who'd a thunk knitting was such a rough sport. All I could think on the way down was please do not let my back go out. But all is well - no injuries so far. Just a cautious reminder to watch where you are going with 4 sharp instruments in your hands. Just want you all to learn from my mistake...*wink*

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Another year has passed by. It has seemingly been a year full of socks and hats for me as I look back at my Flickr account. My non-blogging friend, Christine tipped me off on this meme, seems to sum things up nicely.

1. Best FO of 2007
Probably my Firestarter sock - as in singular. I have another one ahead, but the techniques were so new and interesting - definitely a focus project.
2. Best FO of the year made by a blog you link to
I think the constant flow of wonderful finished objects over at tiennie knits inspired me on a routine basis. Individually though, this gorgeous Candle Flame Shawl over at Beyond Your Peripheral Vision was one I went back to time and time again just to admire. I even have the yarn to make it and Auntly H's own modifications in my hand (and even 18 garter rows cast on to my new addi lace needles...) - so 2008?
3. Best yarn you tried
Wollmeise - hands down.
4. Best new book/ mag/ pattern you tried in 2007
The Koolhaas hat - architechtural genious.
5. Best new knitting technique or gadget you tried in 2007
First learning to cable but then - cabling without a cable needle - what a blessing, especially all of those traveling stitches in my Firestarter s well as those in the Koolhaas.
6. Top 5 inspirations - what five things inspired you over the last year
Ravelry - a one stop place for so much inspiration - I've queued an embarrassing number of "inspirations".
7. Designer who most inspired/ amazed you in 2007
I would have also say Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed, his Koolhaas was my only "do again" project in 2007, and I am expecting a three-fer in '08. Everything he touches turns into amazing.
8. Knitting resolutions for 2008 - what's next for you and your blog?
I would like to tackle a sweater in the new year - which means, I had better get the nerve to seam. I still have one whole sweater waiting to be sewn. And I have the wool for the Bristow and the Tangled Yoke Cardigan - so here's to some commitment. This hardly means cutting out one night stands with hats or the more long-term sock love interestst - but I would like a sweater. I would also like to finish my other Firestarter and try some of Yarnissima's other challenging sock patterns... Aint no mountain high enough...

We rang the New Year in (well, almost, everyone left before midnight) with my parents and sister and brother-in-law - oh, the lure of Guitar Hero. I must say, BIL Joe is a natural. But everyone could agree that my avatar was by far the prettiest glam guy, so I was happy with that. It was nice, not much drinking but lots of food and silly video game playing. My kids could even get in on the action a bit.

Now, it's time to get serious - back to work, back into a routine - thankfully. I am not one for resolutions - they feel like a set up for failure for me. But I am ready to eat more mindfully and commit to regular walking again now that the holidays are over and my head is clear - icy sidewalks be damned! I am also willing to be more mindful about my yarn buying (since I could also be Knitting a Ranch House, to use some blogland lingo)...

One last FO for 2007
amanda hat
Amanda Hat in Velvet Grapes Malabrigo