Monday, May 26, 2014

Post shindig

I had an opportunity to go to The Plucky Knitter Shindig in Grand Rapids, Michigan over the weekend. A dear knitting pen pal of mine, Christine (cbsknits80), often will work the events with Sarah - so it was a chance to see her in from Boston - but also, I got a cool insider peek at the shindig. I helped unpack and stock yarn the evening before and helped count skeins and pack bags at the check out the first morning. It was so exciting and fast paced - the line didn't even wane a tiny bit until about 1pm on Friday. As a rather introverted person, this was a great way to peek at name tags and meet a couple of people that I feel that I "known" on Ravelry for years - like Zonda (zknitter) and Cat Reading. It was very thrilling and I wish I could have stayed longer. I was just thinking I would sneak in and see Christine, browse the yarn, and go - it was so much more.

It was a long drive, about 6 hours each way - longer with some unexpected construction - but so worth every second. I was also able to stop at a favorite little restaurant in New Buffalo, MI "The Stray Dog" to replenish my t-shirt collection.

I scored 4 skeins of Primo Aran in Oatmeal, Ogre and Social Graces to make an Esjan - I had coveted this scarf last fall, but when Christine and Melissa (Melistocrat) raved about how much positive feedback they got on that project, that is all it took. I also took home skeins of Bello Fingering in Round Table, Dirty Blonde and Breakfast on 5th (totally and unintentionally Plucky Logo colors) to make Skipping Dots. I purchased one of the buttery soft Plucky Knitter Clutches in grey - with a yellow zipper and pop of pink inside. All the way home, I kicked myself for not also purchasing the coordinating oiled canvas tote - for the total package - so now I will "have" to lay in wait and first, hope Sarah offers these in an update and second, that I can score one.

The only purchase I planned for was enough of a base to create a plucky blanket to soften up the look of our leather sofas. I couldn't quite figure out or find exactly what I wanted, but ended up buying one from destash when I got home. oops. I have an awful lot of projects ahead of me with all of this fantastic yarn - but truly, this stuff is unmatched - and like crack.

It was a whirlwind - but so good.

Just for fun, I went back in my blog to the first time I met Plucky - I was as gushy then about her yarn as I am now:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

something old, something new

Well, the something old is me - 43 in a couple of days. Just incredible how time flies. The older I get the faster it goes. But I am grateful to feel like I continue to learn every day. Here's to 43 more years of learning.

Speaking of learning, I have learned a new skill - a fish lips heel - this pattern was just a buck. While I am old school and love a good heel flap, this is a good skill for the toolbox. It was fun making a little cardboard foot and it could be helpful to fit socks perfectly to a friend or relative - if they are willing to submit their foot.

The yarn is Yarntini Self-Striping in Super Duper Bugaloo

I also managed to crank out another pair of socks recently, in about a week flat. There is something to be said about plain stockinette socks - I can just knit and knit anywhere - the lunch table, the car, in line at the bank. The stripes keeps me going, wanting to see what is next. And a picot cuff - I die. It's the little things, sometimes the very, very little things.

Yarntini in Self-Stripe Fruitastic

I've been a sock ho lately - knitting away. I am wearing my Marooned from the last post today and gave the Roza's, also from the last post, to my mom for Mother's Day - socks are just useful like that.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week. The weather in Wisconsin is as fickle as ever but the sunshine over the weekend was surely a nice Mother's Day treat. I spent part of the day listening to Dr. Sleep by Stephen King (also knitting around and around) - I just can't shake King. I read all of his scariest stuff as a kid - his writing got weird on me in about 1987 but I have been reading it all again. 11-22-63, Joyland and now Dr. Sleep. It is a sequel to The Shining, which I also recently read to grease the memory a bit. The book tells the story of Danny, the "redrum" kid, as an adult. An alcoholic but still shine-y adult. So far, so good. Books are the best. A good book never lets you down.