Monday, March 25, 2013

Free to a good home...


So I have decided, I am not a spinner. I have a huge destash of fiber going on over at ravelry in hopes of culling the herd a bit. I am thinking about selling my wheel, but am not ready to commit to that just yet, it is so danged pretty. However, I have this huge bag of scrappy bits of fiber from a scraptastic swap I was involved in some time ago. There is probably at least 12 oz of little bits and bobs. Free to a good home, and I'll pay shipping in the US. The scraps make a cool handspun. Please leave me a comment if you would like to adopt this squooshy pile.

There may have been some cursing but I have tried my hand at spray basting...what a workout!

In other news - I gave spray basting a try. After seeing Lucyandnorman does it, I figured it was worth a try. And since all of my pins are basting together another quilt I haven't finished...I wanted to try this. First let me say - it was a bit of a workout scurrying around the quilt, and hard on the knees - but that goes without saying whether you pin or spray. The true test will be the sewing, I'll be back with some opinions on that. Hopefully sooner than later. But you never know.

We are busy this week between work, spring break, a bathroom remodel and my oldest turning 13! (where does the time go?) We kicked off the week long celebration with family over the weekend. I feel this photo of my nephew sums up the day in a nutshell::


He thought it was a plate lickin' good time!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Something really annoyed me today - so I came here and wrote it all out, a serious rant, and you know - just the act of putting it in words made me feel a ton better - so I will spare you the details. Silly relative stuff. Thanks for being a potential sounding board, it helped a lot!

So, here is what I really came here to share...


This is the pouch I sent out to my partner in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap over on flickr. I learned a) I need to make one for myself and b) I may be addicted to those little dumpling pouches (the one with the dog on it). So much so that I have an extra here for the first taker - if you are interested, leave me your e-mail so I can connect with you for an address, and I'll send one off to you for fun (and to make room for the next one).

edited to add the tutorial that I used for the dumpling pouch - you can find it here.

I have really turned back to quilting and sewing lately - I go in such streaks of knitting or not, quilting or not. I have a tiny attention span or I am fickle - or both. In the knitting realm, I am on "sleeve island" as I have heard it so eloquently described on a sweater - the Nanook. Actually, if I were to be honest, I am merely on the edge of the island looking at it - wondering if I can make the trip. I have to pick up stitches, and I am anxious about the whole process. I hope to report back in a week that I have started trekking across this desolate place. It is just holding me back right now - no progress.

I also wanted to share a new book. I plowed through The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. I enjoy her books but they occasionally "miss" for me. This book had a connection to the Holocaust which haunted me. I studied it a great deal in college and I have continued to watch and read everything I can about it, with breaks, as the topic is really tough. Well, this book was no exception. Even though I know it is fiction, gosh, the subject is so hard. It's hard to imagine that dark time in history, the depths humankind can sink to. Anyways, the book kept me up at night a little, but I did enjoy it, and felt that it had some historical value. Jodi is coming to my area in two weeks, I hope to have her sign my copy.