Sunday, June 22, 2014

some weekend finishes...

Thank god...the turnstile is done.
Turnstile in The Plucky Knitter Feet and Fingering Primo

This knit went on and on, but I did enjoy the monotony of it, and I love cowls come winter. Though I am in no hurry for cold weather, I am thinking this project may warrant a matching hat of some sort. However, after that epic knit around and around... the thought of a fingering hat right now makes me shiver.

Esjan! Plucky primo Aran!
The Plucky Knitter Primo Aran in Oatmeal, Social Graces and Ogre

Next up is the Esjan. I am super excited about this one - it has such an odd proportion to me, but it could be a fun conversation piece. I picked up Primo Aran from the Plucky Knitter shin dig for this one. I am looking forward to some larger needles for a bit and I have heard rumors it is a quick knit - which I would welcome.

I also finished several books this weekend - I read The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta, basically prepping for the HBO series, to see if it would interest me. I think the concept is very scary - one day millions of people, random members of families just disappear. I think a series could really develop further. We'll see. I also finished "How to Talk to a Widower" by Jonathan Tropper on audio (while knitting that Turnstile). It was fantastic - again. Tropper is so sarcastic and described grand family dysfunction in way that I can just laugh. His descriptions of ridiculousness are so rich and hilarious.

And a quick plug for the local library - me and my girls have been making a regular habit of going to the library and I am just amazed how quickly holds come in and how I can download ereaders books and magazines FOR FREE. Go to the library - you won't be sorry.

I made Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly last weekend after introducing my husband and daughter to picking berries - in the wild. They were cautiously optimistic and it ended up being a good time for all of us. The farmer came into the field and was chatting with us about his family and business plan. It was very "community", we enjoyed it a lot. I used this recipe and then used a rogue "canning" route, boiling the jars individually. Since out basement recently flooded, I am not sure where my canner is down there. That basement project is a work in progress, and hopefully another finish in the near future. *fingers crossed*


Happy summer - enjoy the week ahead!