Thursday, July 31, 2008

can you guess?

pigeonroof studios bfl in vintage

After questions and comparisons until I was all googly eyed, I pulled the trigger...can you guess what I did? I'll give you more details if I ever have any to share. Let me say I destashed some of my yarn to raise some funds for some silly leap of faith, a serious hobby gamble...wanna place a bet?

I'm still pushing ahead on my February Sweater, kind of dragging through the gull lace bodice. My sweet grandma is having some scary surgery Monday, so I see some knitting time in the future - it's a good distraction in those sterile waiting areas. I'll be knitting and praying. Please pass one my way if you have a spare:)

*btw mama blue has an update tomorrow...just sayin.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I have a couple of winners from my blogerversary contest - The first winner to receive the Mama Blue Trifle Troika Sport is...Nell from Chicken Knits! And the Plucky Knitter goes to Suzanne of 4 the Loves of. Congrats girls! Bear with me a second - I found it interesting that Nell, who lives in CA, won the yarn that I got from Mama Blue in CA and Suzanne, from MI won the yarn I got from The Plucky Knitter in MI - but wait, Nell also hails from MI - anyways, a bit a coincidence that I found. And have you seen Nell's new spinning wheel? Her mother was a new to her with such a special connection - can't wait to see what Chicken Spins!

I also want to share the itty bitty bit of progress I have made on my February Ladies Sweater...good thing I am coasting in a yellow jersey for the TDF KAL.


My husband was traveling for work all week and I thought I would have a plethura of knitting time - well, what was I thinking? I guess having an extra set of eyes is more helpful than I thought. I spent later evenings feeling more pressure to keep on top of the housework and pack lunches rather than knit - I ran a tight ship, it went smooth - but my knitting was lonely...and so was I:)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

an evening of guilty pleasure

You know what time of the month it is when you are huddled in your car before a haircut eating chocolate cake out of the plastic container. Pretty fancy.

I have a house to myself tonight...I don't remember the last time this happened. My husband is traveling for work and my girls are having an overnight with my parents. So, me, Kalifornia and my February Ladies Sweater have a date. Brad Pitt, David Duchovney and Dream in Color - does it get any better? Maybe if I tuck a skein of Mama Blue under my pillow...

A better picture of the Mama Blue...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

if I could just sit on my hands...

I am impatient as hell. You see, I want to show off my my new yarn but my lightbox is a couple lights short of being bright enough - doh! But I can't wait for daylight...

currant simple merino, preserves troika sock, ruby and waterspout sea merino

Mama Blue Knitting Goods. It's magical. And I'm a hideous enabler. So much so that I will surely post a better photo, as this yarn is too sexy for my half finished lightbox. The dyer, Nikki, has the most delightful customer service and some of the richest colorways. And don't forget my little Mama giveaway (check out the previous post), deadline is oh, Sunday, noon-ish.

Miss Wannabe got me started thinking we needed a Mama Blue Love group at Ravelry, and she has done a wonderful job getting it rolled out - come join us! It's hopping over there on just the first day. A great place to swap, share project ideas, wax poetic about all things Mama.

Another quick book recommendation too:


Amy and Isabelle by Elizabeth Strout

About a mother and teenage daughter. Their inner feelings, isolation, loneliness - rage, sadness. A teacher seduces a naive 15-year-old - the girl is smitten, certain he loves her - mom finds out, is humilated, angry, sad, confused. The book tells the tale of how they go on from there. I enjoyed the read, I found the author's descriptions palpable.

This was book #30 for the year, I'm on my to meeting my 52 book goal for '08.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Progress, a book and a little give away

My TDF KAL sweater is cruising along, um after a little un-knitting that is. I'm loving the simple comraderie of being a yellow jersey. Just coasting down those hills with my sweater flapping behind me...weeee.

I am in the lace pattern of the "skirt" of the February Ladies Sweater - and I think I can "read" it now and save myself future mistakes. I am loving this sweater. I am already thinking about buttons - this might be a bit premature. Or not. *giggle*


It's hard to get a flattering picture of my little yarn blob...all of the stitches snuggled on the needles, but the picture gives a general idea. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in Lagoon - I love it.


After a run of "meh" books I stumbled upon The Kindness of Strangers by Katrina Kittle. A boy who is horribly sexually abused by his wealthy, highly sucessful parents - I know, ugh. But the real story is how a woman and her children reach out to this boy as they are flailing around in grief, trying to figure out how to be a family themselves. Instead of burying their heads they embrace this horribly damaged child. I just loved the dynamics of this family, and I would like Sarah (the lead mom) to be my neighbor when the chips are down. I work in corrections, so I think that the sexual abuse angle was interesting to me simply as I see offenders in real life and this book did a terrific job of profiling the behavior. Sex Offenders are often amazingly "well adjusted", and have been the most pro-social criminals I have encountered. They are cunning and use an incredible amount of patience picking out their victims, carefully grooming them - it breaks my heart. I could so go into "too much information" here as I want to crusade against these folks - just know you can never provide your child too much information about protective behavior.

*insert deep breath here*

a little sweet sweater, a little scary pervert-warnings - it's time to get back to some sugar...purplicious sugar.

I just had my 2nd blogiversary and I love to give something away to celebrate with my blogging friends. My latest, favorite find is Mama Blue. Wow, I am so excited by her yarn, the depth of her colorways, the base yarns. I just swapped for a couple of skeins of her Troika Sport - and want to share one with you, I present yummy Trifle. It could make a lovely pair of Rainy Day socks.


I also have found and loved The Plucky Knitter this year - I want to share a little bulky love with you. One skein of Bulky in Shropshire - to make your own Chickadee Cowl perhaps? Like mine.


If you will just drop me a comment, I will pick a couple of winners, let's say I'll do some random generating next Sunday (7-27) by noon. And, as always, thank you for reading, this blog has somehow become "my happy place".

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I get around...


I feel like such a cad, whoring around with so many projects - but I love this sock!! The Child's First Sock in the Shell Pattern by Nancy Bush. The lace pattern is easy to "read", which makes it is easy to pick up on mistakes before you get too far along. I got this first sock done in 5 days! Wow! It fits awesome, so snug - but not tight. And the Mama Blue Sea Merino again did not disappoint. This colorway is Beekeeper.

I can also get around on a new bike. My husband, who is training for the Ironman Wisconsin and works at Trek "built" me a hot roadbike. Let me preface by saying, I am not training for the Ironman, I am not training for anything. But boy, could I. This bike is way over my head, but I will have fun trying.

My creation

The timing for the bike is auspicious in that I am knitting along with the Tour De France KAL - I am through the yoke of my Ladies February Sweater, which is as exciting to me as a swim accross a calm lake is for my husband. I will ride that bike, perhaps while wearing my sweater - what a sight.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Peaknit is Two!

Wow, the time truly does fly when you are having fun. I almost missed it, but my blog turns 2 today! I will have to start thinking up a contest...hmmm.

I finished my Loksins yesterday. I extended the coin lace cable down the heel - I think I am in love. I actually put the heel on "backwards" - there is a stockinette runway up and down both the front and the back - one is 6 stitches, one is 8 - I put the heel on the first one wrong and didn't realize (of course) until I completely turned the heel on the second one - so I did rip back the whole heel but I'm leaving them backwards, the 8 stitch runway is adorning the front rather than the back - who will know? Well, except all of blogland now:)

Loksins in Mama Blue Sea Merino - little wing

I cast on a pair of Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern using another skein of the Sea Merino, I can't wait to share - it is coming up fabulous!

Tonight I have a date with some Dream in Color Classy - we are going a-swatching as I cast on my Tour De France KAL project.

While I am crossing my arms and still harumpf-ing at my problem knit project, it feels good to cast on something fresh - but I am not going to stay mad for much longer - I need to win.

Friday, July 04, 2008

When the going gets tough...

The tough buy yarn... Yup, works everytime *wink wink*.

Mama Blue is the most delightful seller, and her product is so fabulous. I custom ordered this trio and once she notified me they were ready, they were in my grubby little hands within two days. Then I see she's knitting some beautiful socks, and now I think I will have have to have some of her Troika sportweight. Do you hear the call of the Siren? Did you peek over at those socks? Something about a picot edge just tickles me.

brassiere, bramble, pesto Mama Blue Simple Merino

Thank you for the kind support and empathy on my last post - I am back knitting my Loksins (soooo close to having a pair) - but I am continuing the stand off with the project that was frustrating me. We are circling one another, sizing each other up right now. Who will win the next round? I'll keep you posted.