Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rise up, 'gather round...Rock this place to the ground - or not?

Def Leppard...on Dancing with the Stars? OMG, what is the world coming to? Is anyone else feeling my pain?


I must weep - I would've worn a British flag t-shirt with pride in homage to Joe Elliot, until today (now, I'd wear the shirt but I'd deny the Def Leppard connection). Egads, gone are my 7th grade days of jamming to Pyromania - this is a tragedy. I know 7th grade was 24 years ago but still.

And then to add insult to injury - hello - Joe, you're lip syncing? Who do you think you're f-f-f-foolin? doh!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm a mama!


Well, kind of. 3 of our mama robin's eggs hatched today - look at those greedy little mouths - I just want to snuggle with their downy little bodies - but we all know how that would turn out. So from afar (at least 18" anyways), we will watch our babies grow. They cheeped at me, aw.

And because this is a knitting blog - a quickie of yarny goodness...lookie, lookie. I would like to serve either skein up on some french vanilla bean ice cream - decadent.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the briefest bit of mojo

After feeling like such an unfocused loser yesterday - I managed to finish off all three things I was manic about...

I finished my Chickadee Cowl - omg, it is so thick and cozy. I am still hoping for Spring, but just in case...


I tried to pose with it on, but me, myself and I were struggling with self timer...

Next up - I finished a Tesserae sock, singular - yep - just one. I don't think I can face the other one just yet. Dontcha love the texture?


I don't think it is as awesome on a foot, but still a nice sock, the texture just disappers into my foot. The Woolen Rabbit yarn - fabulous - would definitely like more of this!

I think the Tesserae brings my sock singles to a grand total of...4 or maybe 5. My rationale for moving on is that I have all summer to work on my socks for fall - as if. Anyone else having this single sock problem? Is there some medication I could get?

And lastly, I tied up a second Mason Dixon Washcloth - I love those bobbles - but I didn't really love the cotton. I find I love the texture and fabric of cotton, but it is so hard on my hands, unforgiving almost.


I came, I knit, I conquered.

Monday, April 21, 2008

lazy knitter...

Are you beginning to wonder if I even knit? All of these posts about random bits...truth be told, I've been an ADD knitter lately - jumping from little thing to little thing with no stick-to-it-tiveness.

The Pucky Knitter in Shropshire for my Chickadee Cowl

So now I have a cowl almost done (had to jump on the cowl bandwagon), one sock 3/4 finished and a couple of dishcloths with ends to weave in. Very random. It has been so cold today, for April, I may have use for my cowl this year yet! I hope to be donning it by tomorrow - lofty goal, no? For a lazy knitter...

I need to post the 2nd part of a contest for the Punk Rock Gift Exchange - so Selana, here it is. I propose Dream On by Aerosmith. I was an ambivelent Aerosmith fan until I learned that they have a band specific Guitar Hero being released - gotta have it, I need new material. And Steven Tyler, I find him an eccentric (to say the least) lead singer - but he has a mouth full of teeth any dentist could be proud of.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Cleaning...


I think spring is here - evidenced by the robin eggs (and rightfully ornery robin mama above - she had to know I would be documenting her birth experience though, building a nest in the swingset, right?) - but today has been a whirlwind of cleaning. Why is it when I clean I just find more projects to do? I always feel kind of defeated when I am raking the yard wondering when my husband and I should take a vacation day to stain the deck, paint the front door, divide hostas, dig out old bushes, take sticks to the compost yard, mow, weed and trim...holy crap - did I say day? I meant a week of vacation. Did I mention how badly my husband and I work together? I mean a vacation day to stain the house usually leads to a trip to the Original Pancake House - energy food (ha!), and then we wander through Menards, looking for more project crap to do, meanwhile not accomplishing the project crap we already have...oy.


I am in a Kitchen Swap organized by Marisol and my partner is Knittingma. It will be fun, a little kitchen something something, yarn and project to knit, handwritten recipes - sweet and simple! One of the sugestions was to post pictures of our kitchen - and Knittingma got it done, so not to be deemed a slacker - I am posting one of my cluttery kitchen as well as my recipe box...oh, it's my laptop - of course I get most of our quick family dinner ideas from fancypants Longaberger Recipe box has 3 packs of Hubba Bubba Bubblegum in it - um, a random thing I like to do is eat gum - I know- gross, old habits die hard.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

a sign of last


It seems as though a robin has built her nest in the fort of my daughters' swingset (aren't they just perfect? hmmmm, a warm fuzzy?) - well, she couldn't have picked a more protected or sheltered space, or more precarious. I mean how much restraint can I expect an 8 and almost 3 year old to possess? I'm asking my girls to dig deep, let's not disturb the eggs - truth be told my oldest thinks she would like to raise them herself...she is a true Grizzly Adams, and let me just qualify this by saying "the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree".


Thursday, April 17, 2008

More goodies


Wow - the week has been long, tiring, a plain drag - but the mail has been delightful! I traded Wollmeise with the Knitting Bandit - my Fratello for her Wild Thing Poison #5 - a great trade - but she snuck in a bunch of wonderful surprises on me - what a pick me up, bloggers are so darn nice. She sent along a book to read (I'm doing great on the 52 books self-challenge!), a bag of gummies - only 4 Weight Watchers Points if you're counting;), some cool pattern tamers and some chart tape - I haven't tried either of those last two things, so I am thrilled to add them to my knitting bag! The generosity was touching. Thank you!


Generally, I am thinking Michigan bloggers are just nice, cool people. I mean you have The Plucky Knitter (who has a new online shop), Cinnamonamon, The Knitting Bandit of course, flint knits (I think), Knitterella and Knittingma - I know I am missing many, but recently I have run into a lot of nice MI peeps. There are great bloggers everywhere of course, I have just had a rash of really nice contacts with MI and wanted to shout out.

I also got a couple other great packages...

this probably needs little explanation - Lowenzahn, Mitternacht and Miss May.

And the first installment of the Woolgirl Sock Club - what a treat.
april woolgirl

Gorgeous yarn from Mama Llama inspired by Georgia O'Keefe, notecards, a cool bag, a stitch marker and a great pattern - it's a great start!

I hope to have an actual project to show soon, I have been a slacker knitter this week - I have been fiercely dragging this week - change of weather? bad night sleep? could it be staying up until midnight reading on a work night is a bad idea? good grief.

Monday, April 14, 2008

You really know how to spoil a gal!

The day was on target to be a real crummy one - a blamer, whining, cry baby client made me want to scream. I do not deal well with criminal offenders who blame me for their problems - I don't even get it, ugh. Anyways - I came home to a great mail day - I mean awesome!

I am in the Punk Rock Gift Exchange and today I found out my partner is Lindsay of Storm Moon Knits. She put together the most awesome package - included was some gorgeous yarn from an indie dyer Sanguine Gryphon.


Also some cool stitch markers made by Lindsay herself - she has her own shop here. Look at this pretty Crocodile Rock yarn. yum!


But wait, that's not all - she also sent me a book I have been pining for, yummy gummies - sour and not, (the sour patch kids are already half gone between me and my girls) and some gorgeous notecards.


I'm breathless after all of those goodies - thank you Lindsay!! And in case my international prge pal - who I don't think has gotten my package yet - wants to play the contest...the song I'm thinking of today is Red Barchetta by Rush. Not punk - but kind of hard rock.

I also got another super surprise - but more on that later, I need time to admire my spoils, what a great day! Thank you!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cast off, cast on

I finshed my simple rib socks with the Scout's Swag - I loved this yarn. It is the first of this kind of have knit up - won't be the last. Done in two weeks exactly!


I love having a new pair of socks that I made - love it. But you know - sock knitters cover your eyes - have you ever really considered the time and money that goes into getting one pair of handmade socks? Wow. If you are being honest, can you think of anything more impractical or ridiculous? I don't let myself think about it - denial is not just a river people. On the flip side of that argument is that handknit socks are the most delicious, a serious treat for the feet. By now, I have knit enough socks now to appreciate how awesome they are. I look for them each morning, seek them out and hope I can put together some kind of outfit to match my socks. So I've decided that I just don't let myself think about the cost - time or money! *hands over ears* lalalalalala (Hell, I'm worth it! - heehee)

So what's next? Oh, I have a plan - I'm pretty sure I was cooking up a plan before I turned the second heel on this pair. I saw this pattern via The Woolen Rabbit - it's Tessarae by Anne Hanson from the Knitspot - alledged to be simple, I just love the clean stitches and definition - so this could be the next grab-n-go. As luck would have it, The Woolen Rabbit was willing to dye some Burgandy Bean for me, the same as featured on the pattern. I think it showcases the pattern and it can also represents "earth". (two birds, one stone)


This is the first Woolen Rabbit yarn I have received - two thumbs up - waaay up! It was mailbox to swift in 60 minutes flat, now that's special yarn. I was sold when I saw the Tesserae. I'll let you know how it knits up but in the skein and cake, I want to frost it and eat it. (would it be considered unnatural for my mouth to be watering at the thought of eating yarn? Is there some medical term for this ailment? yarnus-freakaliscious-itis?)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

mother earth


The earth. That is the element for April and May for Project Spectrum - the colors representative of earth are brown, green and metallics. This could not be more accurate in the midwest - as the moist earth has inhaled all of the snow, snow, snow - leaving mucky, dank grass with occasional peeps of green - (the only downside of disappearing snow might be the dog poop that is uncovers - blech, another sh*tty project, hee hee.)

I raked my flowerbeds today and was stunned to see so many little sprouts hiding the heads -today they squinched their eyes shut against the sun (okay, not really) and rejoiced the coming of Spring with me. I hope they were ready to have their blanket of compost ripped away...we'll see. The fresh air seems to make my productivity quotient go up. I have been out walking every day this week and now I turn longingly towards my bicycle, hidden in the garage rafters for an eternity. After I hurt my back last summer the bike went up - now I am hoping to hit the trail - soon.

madder ribbed sock

I have the first sock of my first earth project finished. It a simple rib design from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush - it's specifically the Madder Ribbed Sock which has a horshoe heel - like a little cup for my foot, with a purl row up the back of the heel flap - I love it. The toe is decreased to 4 stitches which are pulled together - I think ultimately I prefer the kitchener toe but this was a nice variation to try. This sock has been a great grab and go sock. I started it on the train to Chicago last week and had it done in 7 days of on and off knitting - knitting by the bathtub while my 2-year-old splashes, over lunch conversation on a rainy day, in the car on the way to the grocery store - as a working mom, I do try to grab up on the weirdest little bits of knit time wherever I can.

The sock feels tailor made - a great fit. The yarn in Scout's Swag in Tyrolean Mankitten in Lederhosen (read about the story behind the yarn here)- the deep brown represents earth but to me the colorway also emulates the sky, and a golden tan. It's plain delicious.

estonian sock

Lastly, the finale of the Fire element - the unfinished finale - the Estonian Sock from The Ultimate Sock Book. I'm using Wollmeise sockenwoll in the La Digitessa colorway. I love the interesting cuff and complicated-ish patterning - but the stockinette back is what pulled me in - heavy charting meets simplicity. It means I can relax for two needles worth of knitting on each round *giggle*...I hope to keep working on these but these do not qualify for any kind of grab-n-go, so it may be next Spring before these babies are done. I'll consider it an aspiration. For now I need to kick up my heels and worship the mild temperature and here-today-gone-tomorrow sunshine.

btw - loved people's responses to "words" from the last post - glad a few people also giggle over *bozo* - I enjoyed hearing what words made people involuntarily respond. Others for me include *mope* and *curmudgeon* - words that sound like their definition as noted by Chicken Knits. Maybe we need a "word of the week"...hmmm, like the 52 Books in a Year goal - yup, no button on that yet - never enough time in the day. Enjoy yours and thank you for stopping by! (how did this post get so long - thank you if you made it this far:)

Friday, April 04, 2008


Isn't this precious?


It is the little sock from my pal in the Wee Sock Swap - what a wonderful low-committment swap - and fun! Just a sock, that's all! And a teeny tiny one besides. I think my pal also must have also hand stamped the card - it is gorgeous! Thank you, Donna!


I decided to send the Wollmeise Johannisbeer and Brennessel sockie (on the right) to my mate in Tennesee...the one I sent was tinier, to fit the blocker key chain. Why didn't I put a quarter in there for size comparison? Hind sight - you know what they say. I have the spare Yarntini Pure Breeze one in my ofice, an attempt at "Spring Inspiration" - note to self: self-striping sock really does not lend itself to a wee sock. More like self stripe(s), as in two. Kind of gave me a *chuckle* anyways

Isn't the word *chuckle* just wonderful verbage? I imagine a belly laugh, laughing til you cry, having a private joke with a BFF - tee hee. I also like the word *bozo*, omg, I giggled just typing it - makes me laugh for some reason. Almost peed my pants once while walking with a friend and she uttered that word... *bozo*. So, do any of you have words that make you feel some strange, stong emotion? Am I just having a case of the TGIF sillies? I think I am simply intoxicated with the sun - an unobstructed sun today - walk-outside-without-a-bulky-jacket-sun, I really think this could be Spring. shhh, don't tell.