Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mama's got a brand new scarf!

And I am kind of in love with it.

CanonXT 063
Eternity Scarf knit in Pigeonroof Studios Siren II Worsted :: Vitals

It is a continuous circle and can be worn many different ways. It was a quick and relaxing knit. I started it at the dimly lit Harmony bar for knit night. It felt so nice to re-join the group after not going since fall. I really miss women sometimes, just to sit and chat about whatever - it felt great.

I got another lovely "dose of women" at an overnight spa retreat with a good friend. She and I enjoyed the peace, got massages, lolled around in the hot tub, over ate on room service and had lights out by 10pm. She does not knit but she is the friend that drives and says "get your knitting out" - gotta love that. She is also the friend that says "that looks great on you, you should probably buy it". Love.

Laslty, I enjoyed women with my husband - that sounds risque when I read it to myself. But we watched Whip It last night. An indy film directed by Drew Barrymore about roller derby starring Ellen Page. If you liked Juno, you will enjoy this quirky yet charming film. There is a roller derby event coming to Madison on Valentine's Day, I kind of think I want to go. Nothing says love like a herd of tough broads in fishnets throwing elbows.


p.s. the woman who gave me a massage said things like "train wreck", "do you run, A LOT?!", "buns of steel, and not in a good way" and "you need more massages, sister" - so I see more relaxation in the near future - afterall, it's an order.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

reunited...and it feels so good.

I lost my bff Thursday - but let me say my bff is my ipod touch.

CanonXT 030

I fell hard on a sidewalk in front of a client's home and shazaam, that is when it must have fell out of my pocket. BUT, here's the good part, a nice girl and her dad turned it into to the police department within 24 hours - so how do you like that for a good day? Thank you humanity!

And to think I thought my husband was silly for suggesting I even report it...I will be dropping her a prize in the mail tomorrow to keep the love going. Thank you Charissa, wherever you are.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

a quiet sunday...

Wow, I can hardly believe this weekend is almost to a close - the family time just flies by so quickly. I was blessed with another visit to my sweet nephew, Jack. I even got to snap off about 70 pictures in an effort to get one for an announcement - totally flattered to death to do that. I just love this little boy. My visit reminded me of the chaos of those first days. Especially my first, not knowing up from down, what each whimper means, getting peed on, just gazing at a baby's face. Makes my heart ache a little to remember those moments.

CanonXT 026
1 week :: 1 day

Today I made a hat - it was super fun and super fast - Heart on a String by Susan B. Anderson. It is free over at the blog she writes for Blue Sky Alpacas. I am never disappointed with their yarn, it is always so squishable and decadent. The Sweater Worsted was no exception. And with colorways named Watermelon and Ice Cream, totally lickable. This particular model is for my co-worker's daughter. She is a darling kindergartner suffering a terminal illness. Things look up and then they don't, so quickly things turn on a dime. She can have a little love with her all the time, and keep her little noggin warm. I feel so sad for them, I am reminded how I am so blessed to have a sassy 4-year-old of my own.

CanonXT 083

Sunday, January 17, 2010

welcome world


Jackson 6 pounds, 12 ounces - 19 inches

My new nephew - what a peanut. He was born Friday - and is just a wonderful little man. Especially charming when considering that my own 4-year-old is now jumping on her bed "I. Want. A. Kiss." since being put to bed a bit early after three chances. It truly is hard not to giggle just a little.

And other drama...
CanonXT 383

My Ingenue is blocking as I type. Hmmm. Before I went on to the sleeves, I thought I should block and see if it was worth going forward as it seemed short. But now, blocked - it might be okay - but I won't know until the sleeves are on. Worst case scenario...I may have to pull back the bottom band to add some length. Wait, no, worst case scenario is to pull it back to the cowl and call it a day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Best Day Ever!

Okay, maybe I'm overselling a bit in the title. I had no cavities today at my check up. No, I am not 7, I did not get my picture taken - but I am so glad. I never don't get bad news at the dentist. I don't really have horrible teeth, but man, cavities find me or they need to be replaced (I blame growing up in the country with no fluoride) and the older I get, the closer I get to asking (no, begging) for valium when I have to go in. I don't even mind the shot - its the noise, noise, noise, NOISE of that pesky drill. So good news is good. And I told everyone I saw today - I wish I would have gotten a sticker "I have no cavities today" but I didn't think of it, in my excitement to get out to the car to call my husband. It truly is the simple things.

And speaking of my husband. He has been asking for a hat forever. But he has a kind of big head and I didn't believe he would wear it. Plus he wanted it to be yellow. So manly and yellow, that is a tall order. Then he had an issue with his brain last month - jeez, there is no way to casually say "brain problem" is there? It has turned out to not be super horrible, but could be inconvenient, scary and lead to surgery later this year. He should ultimately be just fine - but wow - when faced with this, I kind of had a mini-melt down, catastrophizing myself silly. Suddenly, a hat seemed like a meager offering. Like the least I could do. So a hat he got. The Marson Watch Cap - with some minor modifications. I like how the twisted rib is so distinctive and textured. It fits and he is happy. Of course, now that he is okay (for now) and we can make fun of him again, he is the man in the yellow hat. To which his rebuttle is "it is the color of winners". He is a biker and into that Tour De France yellow jersey winner stuff. Whatever - he is the man in the yellow hat - and has not one but two monkies - ages 4 and 9.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009 Reading in Review

I met and then amazingly, surpassed my 52 books in 52 weeks goal - 64 was my grand total. I think I really nurtured this hobby more than any this year, I tell myself that I am good role model for my kids, reading and reading. And then I learn from my fourth grader's teacher that my daughter has to be told to "put her book away" throughout the day as it is distracting her from other things...well, I meant well. Okay, if this is the worst thing...*sigh*


Far and away, my favorite guilty pleasure read of '09 was The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center. A friend picked it up on a fluke and I loved it. So much I bought a new copy for an Christmas gift and shared two other used copies ( is a great place to get duplicates for little bling). The book is downright funny - authentic and charming. The main character is Jenny, a naive and very pregnant mom, with a pretty absent boyfriend. Sooner than later VERY absent boyfriend, who is a schmuck. The antics are funny, her desperation is so genuine - you are rooting for her and feeling kind of sad for her all at once. It is kind of short and a superfast read - which I always find to be a mixed blessing. I find myself wanting more - and imagining what Jenny might do next.


Another favorite - that was longer and a little deeper, was The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. This book touched me - maybe because one of the speaking parts was told from the perspective of Almondine, Edgar's faithful dog. But Edgar was also a sweet boy who really got a crappy hand dealt to him. This was another book I truly enjoyed sharing and purchasing again to share - with some mixed reviews but mostly good. Good news I recently heard from Mr. Wroblewski - via Oprah - is that this book is planned to be one of a threesome - not a trilogy per se, but more backstory from different generations told in three books. I hope Mr. Wroblewski hurries up with this. You know, for me. And he needs to come back to Oconomowoc for a book signing since I missed him TWICE! doh!

And because, this is mostly a knitting blog - I am trying a sweater. Scares the bejesus out of me to start a sweater with my most coveted Plucky Knitter MCN Early Light - but nearly a year of "thinking on it"'s time. I am knitting the Ingenue by Wendy Bernard (of knit and tonic) from her Custom Knits book. I might even try to knit some short rows - because I wasn't scared enough.


I am almost to the part where the raglan is divided for the arms, and I am thinking I need to make the effort to put it on longer needles so I can try it on before committing to anything. Any advice for me?

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!!

projects 2009

My year in projects. Since I forayed back into quilting and sewing this year, I had to sneak those in too. Some of them are single socks, single mittens (or 1.5 in some cases) - but I counted them all. This was a year of more swatching, and failure to launch then ever. And I am okay with it. I have a number of works-in-progress - so lots of things to tackle in the new year. I have 1/2 of a Lacy Baktus and a Marsan Watchcap in the making right now - so cheers to a new year of fun and finishes! Ican't wait to see what you are doing - knit on blogland!