Sunday, August 26, 2012

I can see a lot of these little guys in my future...

Pouches that is. I saw so many cool little gadget bags at Stitches Midewest, it kind of got me thinking, I could do that... I have made a pouch or little accessory here and there, but never really found a tutorial quite a slick as this one at Kelby Sews. It was super quick to figure out and I was able to go right to town.

For the first one I chose Washi fabric, because I liked it so much and it can match the bag I made a couple of weeks ago. Because it was a cotton fabric, I ironed on some interfacing, which is my last favorite sewing task.

Washi pouch

Next, after that one was so quick and fun - I used some heavier weight view master fabric (and totally avoided the interface *virtual high five*) I dug out of my stash. I put a little American Jane Pez inside and even added a little label.


Now I have no plans for these little guys, but they were fun, quicker than I expected and I will totally make them again. I think I learned a few things I may do a little different with the seams and stuff, as I really crammed the little ends of the zipper under my sewing machine, but the tute just made so much sense, I think I could adapt it to nearly any size zipper. I see my girls needing pencil bags now - I can't wait to see what fabric they choose...

I am loving how easy Instagram is making my photo uploads. What a great way to take a quick picture on the phone, jazz it up with a little style, and shazaam, upload it to flickr. Easy peasy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Stitches Midwest round up

I met up with Christine and Carolyn in Chicago Saturday at the Plucky Knitter booth at Stitches Midwest. My GPS imaginary girlfriend told me 106 miles, and I was on the road.

Anyways, I met them in the conference center as Christine was working the Plucky Knitter Booth. Carolyn put together everything for us, the hotel, dinner and breakfast, etc. She lives outside of Chicago and can navigate the City like she owns the place - I am always impressed by this. I am sure my country mouse-ness so shows in the big city.


I felt like I got to be a bit of an insider, loitering around the Plucky booth. I was able to see Sarah again and meet her husband, as well as her sister Hayley, and her husband as well. We then met up with the whole group for dinner at Shaw's - a fabulous seafood place where we were treated super excellent by Carolyn's sister. It was great to see all of the hard working knitters decompress.

It was also a serious treat to meet Melissa (melistocrat rav) from Virginia and Leisl (browncurls rav) from Michigan. It is special to meet people in real life that I have admired and "friended" over at Rav and even better when they are as talented and nice as these two.

I have to confess I mostly just lingered around Plucky every minute possible. The mood is so upbeat and fast paced. And the booth was gorge.ous.


And last - this just made good sense...

Outisde of the Southport Grocery and Cafe near Wrigley Field - quite possibly worth the incredibly long wait and sitting at a two person table with three people.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bitten by the sewing bug?

Or just avoiding what I meant to be my Olympic knitting project? I think my answer could go either way.

I finished another bag, I think I really like this one for myself. I used a lighter interface, and I am just not sure. I don't sew enough to know all those interfacing nuances. I like the little pockets. I may have a gray/ yellow bug right now.


I rarely use bags I make, so nonetheless I had to make a matchy kindle case following this tutorial over at One Shabby Chick. I don't carry my kindle around all that much, so a single batt layer on each side worked well. If I were making one for my IPad, I'd probably go with much more batt, because I don't want to hurt my boyfriend...


I did also knit a little, but such a nice little tv knit. Happily Ever After mitts by Susan B. Anderson, it was a freebie. I was involved in a mini skein swap, swapping little skeins of precious Plucky. It was a perfect pile to grab from. My husband thinks the single hot pink stripe in the middle was very 80's. He said this with his nose scrunched. But the colorway is Wake me Up Before You GO GO so it seems it got the intended reaction, good work Plucky. I think these will be fun to bomb around in, or use at the office when I am typing, so people can come by and go "omg, like, could you knit me some?" in a totally rad 80's valley girl voice. And I just might. If they are like, bitchin. gah.


It is rather tricky to take a picture of your own hand - but you can see that bright middle offender...I think I love it.

I am very psyched to be heading to Stitches Midwest tomorrow to meet up with Christine and Carolyn, my long distance knit buds. Christine is helping at Plucky's booth, so be sure to say hello, she is a dear. I expect the booth to be ransacked by the time I roll in but my fingers are crossed for some yellow...and gray...I sense a theme. I prolly need striped mitts to match the bag I won't carry and the kindle case the will hide in my purse. Yup.


Sunday, August 05, 2012

there is progress being made...

Okay, I confess I have not found my mojo entirely - that Pinctada is barely started and the Olympics are half over.

But I did make my first 241 tote by Noodlehead. I'm calling this my learning bag - as in I learned maybe my interfacing choice was a bit too stiff (though I do like a hefty tote bag), that I am entirely inept with pins, steams burns smart and that I should stop when I am tired (and quite possibly avoid aforementioned injuries). In any case, I am fairly pleased with the results - in that I would totally carry this bag in public. I just love how the side pockets stick out so jauntily.

The grey fabric is by Timeless Treasures Washi Collection, the aqua is a Lizzy House design in pearl bracelets, I think.

I always find that sewing it so much more immediate gratification that my knitting. This bag went together fairly quickly once I committed to cutting the pieces out. I really like the bag, and the pattern was very easy to follow - I did not brave zipper pockets on the front panel on this first run, but maybe on the next one. And I would like another one - maybe greys and yellows this time, or quite possibly one of these Go-Anywhere bags, also by Noodlehead.


On the reading front - I recently loved The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty. I think I have read all of this author's books - this might just be my favorite yet. I think it was extra special because I listened to the audio book which was read by Elizabeth McGovern - who plays Cora (the American) on Downton Abbey - and coincidentally, the very likable main character of the book - also Cora. McGovern was a treat to listen to, it was nice to savor the book with her as mu guide. The story was good, very believable and clever. I found myself at least once gasping in shock and many times cheering right out loud for the heroine. She is so likable, I'd like to know her, even with a life riddled with tragedy and twists - she just nails it! I'd give Cora a 10 if keeping one's dignity in the face of adversity were an Olympic event.