Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!!


There once was a boy from Minnesota,
who has two neices that are nuts about him, ya
He spoils 'em rotten,
That will never be forgotten.
He always accommodates "Spin me!", even after a wee bit of coke and some captain.

My lymerick skills are lacking but you know what I mean:) You're a great guy Joe - we're lucky to have you!

Love S, B, L and T!

We're not on X-Files anymore

I admit it, I was an X-files fan, back when Mulder and Scully were looking into the extra-terrestrial on FOX. I have always had a warm affection for David Duchovony - he just seems like a regular guy to me. So I couldn't miss his latest Showtime concoction, Californication. The series' title should have warned me but no - I needed to see for myself. Mulder has turned into Hank Moody - junkie, writer, womanizer - and I think I love him.


If I did not know that David Duchovony does dog food commercials and has a nice little marriage with Tea Leoni, a couple of kids - I would think he was Hank Moody. I think his acting is great, leaves me wondering when Duchovony ends and Moody starts. The show is f*cking unbelievable crass, Crass with a capital "C" (as in 1. without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid: crass commercialism; a crass misrepresentation of the facts.) - so be warned - not for the kids or faint of heart. One scene in the second episode left my jaw agape, did I really just see that? It's a guilty pleasure - it feels criminal and a little dirty. If you do not appreciate cursing, do not watch this show.

I was sad when Showtime canceled Huff, I loved the show and Hank Azaria (funny two Hanks in these shows - one real, one fictional...anyways...) so thank you execs for at least leaving me with Californication. Good, if now raw, stuff.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

So many choices makes me sick

makes my tummy go 2...4...6 - seems I remember some childhood handslapping chant similar to this but I was hardly talking about knitting projects, in the 3rd grade it was "Candy Apples makes me sick". Nothing is lost in translation however.

I have so many things I want to do it is making my head swim. I'm sitting here contemplating my next sock. I have two skeins of Wollemeise standing by while I try make my choice. But I can't. So I go to Ravelry for a little help - pshah, not a chance am I getting any good advice there - there are something like 63 pages of sock patterns to queue. Good grief. In the future, I really want to knit the Clessidra with some fabulous semi-solid red Yarntini my husband got for me - first, what a gesture - my husband in cahoots with Jessie, I was so touched, but the socks - rock - imagine a below knee denim skirt - a panel skirt of course, with some open backed clogs. You see why I am sick? They are on my "to do" list - but to do when?

Then there is the gorgeous candle flame shawl that my mouth waters over when I see Auntly H's version, a rippling sea of berries. My mouth waters when I go back to peek - would that be a pavlovian response?

And then Bockstark knits' renditions of the Boyfriend Socks (pattern here) and the Bavarian Twisted Stitch (from Cat Bordhi). Neither one are the tote along simple I am seeking right now - but they are in line.

My head is spinning today with creative juices - I should be in front of my sewing machine or better yet, sitting and knitting- but I am spending too much time poring over patterns when I am sure I can think of 15 without even trying - how ridiculous is that?

I am feeling all ferhoodled about fabrics and yarns and colors - my daughter strutted in from an overnight party with a fabulous hot pink boa - immediately I realize we must try to fashion a flamingo costume for her for Halloween. She was a chicken when she was 2 - and now it is my youngest's turn to be poultry - so a couple of birds - why not?

Martha Stewart's Version

Then I was over looking at some home made soap at Etsy for an upcoming gift giving event and thought deep red and rich brown kitchen cloths would be great with this yummy treat. That sounds kind of fall-ish too doesn't it. (Sadly fall = winter isn't far behind - blech.)

Too bad my mind works way faster than my hands.

my gosh, I nearly forgot - A finished project!


I don't usually squeeze in two post in one day but I finished my stockinette Rhubarber socks last night! I am in love, with Wollemeise, with the sheen and quality of the yarn, the wonderul way the socks hug my foot. AND I love the way I have rationalized that since I was able to work on the Rhubarber and Campanula's at the same time, surely I can start another pair. I found it was good to have an easy walk-around sock to work on in the car, and the lace sock for home on the couch - so this means, I should wind up another Wollemeise - oh, the humanity!

Such cause for celebration means the Dansko's must come out.


Campanula short row fun...

campanula heel

I did the heel. (pipe in Chariot's of Fire) I typically do not like a toe-up pattern. But I think this short row heel is too clever every time I do it. I think I may get by with no holes around the gusset even. But I cannot abandon the cuff-down pattern, I cannot.

First of all I love the kitchener stitch - I know not everyone does - but I love it. I got a nifty card which outlines every little bit of the kitchener at my first sock knitting class and have it laminated for reference. I just love how the stitches come off and the unfinished toe is nowhere to be found, no evidence remains that merely moments earlier a toe could have been peeking out. To be fair, I hate almost every other type of seaming - blech.

I also am in love with the turning of the heel, the whole pomp and cicumstance of it all. I can tailor the look a bit if I choose, and it offers something new, rather than going round and round(and round and round...). Once the flap is appropriately fabulous you get to "turn"...all of those stitches whittling down until it's time to pick up stitches. I get a little ugly when there is a hole in the gusset because I usually can't be sure until I am too many rows along to go back. And then I start bargaining with myself how I can hide that I try to stitch it up from the inside? No, I will just wear the whole to the inside of my leg and no one (except for you savvy knitters) will be the wiser. However, Grumperina's tutorial on picking up stitches the pretty way is probably a bit more insightful.


So all things considered...I am liking the Campanula though it seems like the foot may have come out a bit wide or "baggy"? I probably should have done 3.5 lace repeats instead of 4 but this foreign toe-up business left me a little dumbfounded - or so I will blame. I'm considering getting jiggy with it and ribbing up the back rather than doing lace repeats all the way around since in my mind that may help it "stay up" but in reality should the lace be a bit more unforgiving around the leg, hopefully solving the baggy foot issue? The roominess leaves the lace pattern less pronounced but I don't think I can't bring myself to pull back this heel, the heel I so lovingly worked on this morning - like learning another language, I kept having to refer to Wendy's tutorial. A "toe-up to English" dictionary if you will. Any knitterly suggestions for me? Please apply within.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

STR Spoiler Alert and some projects


I received my Socks that Rock installment yesterday, what a welcome treat after the longest stretch of dreary, weary weather we have had since winter. We have had some 16 inches or more of rain and many areas of the State have flooding issues. How do people in rainy climates get up in the morning? We had some water in our basement but nothing unmanagable, thankfully.

So, needless to say, I was excited to see a package - it kinda marks the beginning of "club week", all of the clubs I am in send stuff out at about the same time. The yarn is called Flower Power and I think it's a close call whether it is the best one yet, the Firebird was pretty great. I am thinking it will make a nice Chevron Scarf - well, 1/2 of one! Just need to find a partner for it. There was a cute sock pattern also included - with a lacey turn down cuff. And lest I forget the funky 70's looking temporary tattoos.:)

I also am working on turning the short row heel on my first Campanula. It's hard to get a good picture or try it on, but I am thinking it may be a bit big. I'll finish the heel and see. I started with a figure-8 toe, so that was a fun new thing to try. Did I say fun? Anyways, I decided to use my Sundara Dahlia yarn from the April Petals Club package. I love working with Sundara - the slight semi-solid-ness makes the leafy lace pattern a little harder to see, but I like how they are knitting up so far. The KAL suggests we knit with it in public somewhere this week...hmmm.


I also made a couple more zippered wristlets - it was a quick project with left over fabric I had - I cut the pieces out to wait for just the right time to sneak off to my lair. They are a little wonky where the zipper gets turned outside right - I'm not sure how to solve that problem, I am having a touch time conceptualizing it.


Lastly, Jill over at Kniterella nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger - I am so flattered...I rock! Thank you! I will proudly post this little "award" in my margin. I was secretly hoping someone might nominate me. In turn I nominate Knitting Bandit, Tina and Jodi. There are so many rockin' girls... and boys for that matter. Takes me back to the 80's vernacular..."Rock on!" (with your index finger, pinkie and thumb - does that take anyone back to say, an AC%DC concert in 1988? Maybe just me.)

The dude next to me at the show told me, in his surfer dialect, that he had been arrested for having pot in the parking lot - he hoped the cops knew it was good *&^%"... my 16-year-old self about died...and now I deal with these "dudes" every day and find them foolish but mostly harmless and slightly entertaining - poetic somehow.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 random things memememe

I've been tagged by Jill - I think this used to be 7 random things... It's funny when you sit down to do this, you can't think at all - blackhole...but then I'll be at work and think "damn, that could have been a "random thing"! so here goes...

1. This may not be random, but I love The Office. I quote it at work and contemplate putting my office neighbor's stapler in jello. I think I should do it. I'll post about it when I do. I had better buy a decoy stapler in case it ruins it...I mean how couldn't it ruin the staple immersing it in gelatin? Better use Knox blocks since they are more like jigglers...I have put entirely too much thought into this. After my pal Paul finds his jello-stapler we can "hug it out, bitch!"

2. I hate airplanes. I don't even like to see them. If I ever have to fly again I will have to pretend I am in that episode of the Beverly Hillbillies where they think they are on a bus - or be medicated. or drunk.

3. I'm addicted to fountain soda - it's just not the same from a can, it's different somehow. I get soda so frequently at a local gas station that I was able to convince the owner to put in a caffiene free diet cola line. I am a proud "regular" - when I was a child and my dad was a regular at "Super America", I envied him. I felt like a celebrity's child getting Grebe's doughnuts with Frank because everyone knew him - little did I know it was because he bought cigarettes or beer or lottery tickets every day - he was my dad - that mades him a super hero. period.

4. I know a lot about serial killers. I used to be excited about every piece of new information I would learn about Ted Bundy. I looked at pictures of him after he was electrocuted, is that sick? I don't think pornography drove him to do it, but that's what he claims. Now, I think my interest is creepy. And I do not believe in the death penalty.

5. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. I just thought I liked to multi-task.

6. When I was in the 8th grade I took a picture of Vince Neil of the band Motley Crue with me to the hair salon, I wanted to look like a rocker. It was an abysmal failure. I am just not meant to have good hair. (until I met Ana as reported in my post last Saturday! um, she rocks more than Motley Crue!)

7. I realized tonight that when I sit in church I scope out my "sign of the peace" peeps - who is near me, who is also alone. Nothing like turning around and no one will shake your hand...drag. I thought that was kind of funny that I sought out my "go to peace people". And then I imagined my pastor coming down the aisle like Joey Fattone on Singing Bee and putting a microphone to our lips while we sang to hymns - like a game show which brings me to...

8. I love game shows. I'm known as the "word-champ" at work. Words and game shows - like Lingo and Chain Reaction are a match made in heaven. I also like Jeopardy...though I never liked the Price Is Right. I also like ridiculous dating shows like Love Connection or the racey Blind Date or Elimidate. ew, I know.

Okay, now I guess I am supposed to tag 3 people - now please don't feel obligations but I am just going to nominate Nell, Jodi and Marisol.

And for fun, I nominate my husband, Bill.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ode to Claudia

I know I have been yapping incessantly about Wollmeise lately - it is a relatively new yarn to me - I have ordered from the creator Claudia, direct from Germany. It was this post that first turned me onto this beautiful stuff.

So, I went on an odessy on the net in search of the yarn. I was initially surpirsed there was only one US retailer that carries it and even then, it looked like strictly a sock yarn supply. I found the Wollmeise website and decided to send Claudia an e-mail hoping to purchase directly from her, but I wasn't sure if something could be lost in translation - I prayed a little, just a little though. Lo and behold I got an e-mail back and a hardy "yes" to my request. A week or so later the yarn showed up in my mail box - this was about a month ago now and I placed another order two weeks ago and now...I want some more. This is somewhat unnatural. I hate to be a yarn addict, I want other people to have a chance to get some but egads, the Yarn Harlot has now endorsed the Wollmeise on her blog - it's over - the race is on, isn't it? Now I am worried that again, I need to get a little more before I can't get any. I can't help but think that Claudia will think I am a glutton. I have this idea that Americans are kind of generalized to be gluttonous because of our economy and how "convenience" everything has gotten as I have gotten old(er). So I am sensitive to this - I don't want to be a pig - but man, the allure - Wollmeise is a siren singing to me. I mean have you seen this?

It's another strange coincidence that I have gotten to chat back and forth with Auntly H, the creator of the gorgeous Candle Flame shawl - we have chatted over at Ravelry, which I think is the best invention EVER. (or is it spurning on my illness?)And then there is Bockstark Knits and Elemmaciltur - how have I managed to stumble upon them in the past month as well - both raving Wollmeise groupies - and I think the founders of the group worshipping the 'Meise.

So I try to declare a yarn diet, I'm even cooking up ideas for a "button", I have decided to go out of town during the local Sheep and Wool (only comes once a year, that's sticking to a diet) and then here I am on the cusp of pushing "send" on another order. Good grief, I need an intervention...because I am sitting here trying to rationalize that maybe Wollmeise doesn't need to be included in my diet. It's like cutting out all sweets except chocolate. What kind of credibility would I have as a yarn diet leader? I'm thinking I shouldn't post this, then no one will know how sick I really am - denial is not a river in Egypt.

**ah, it is believed she has closed her shop to prepare for a yarn saving grace. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Finished Objects

Just to prove I haven't just been admiring my new hair in the mirror :) I have a couple of FO's to share...I knit up another sweet little pair of Saartje's Bootees - I knit them out of Hello Yarn fat sock in Plunge thinking they could be for a boy, see the brown and lime green in there? Now that they are done, I'm thinking they are more "girl" appropriate. Any thoughts?


I have also been spending more time with my sewing machine - I sewed up this Favorite Things Cute Little Skirt in fabric by moda, Chez Moi. It is a simple panel skirt with an elastic back and flat front band. I really struggled to decide if I should add a thin turquise band of velvet around the bottom. I'm still torn. I tried iron on hem tape to cover up the raw edge nicely on the inside - ack! Never again, I made a mess. The fabric is busy so on this dreary day the individual panels are hard to distinguish in the photo - maybe some piping between would be fun in a future try? Overall, I am happy with my first "wearable" skirt, A-line is universally flattering. The pattern also has options for inset gores and a ruffled hem. I have more fabric in the wash for the next one as I type. I am also contemplating the Barcelona Skirt by Amy Butler, the featured fabric is washed and ready plus I have a zipper on many choices. If only I could find more time in the day.


psst...I hate having my picture taken but if I get drunk in the near future, I will gladly post a picture of my new hair, it's a fun pixie-ish cut. I can "kick out" the back with a bunch of pomade, makes me feel like Danny Zuko from Grease - the best part is that I feel younger, so until I can get some botox, a hair cut is the only affordable option next best thing:)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I declared a hair emergency!

I had to, it was frightening. I have decided "growing out" is for the birds. What was I thinking? I had not cut my hair, well other than teeny tiny trims, since November of last year, and yet - still no great hair, just 1/2 grown out uglies.

For awhile, I joked that I was looking like Jim from The Office. He is so darn cute, I wasn't. It wasn't funny.
The Office
"Beer me a haircut!"

Then it grew into Joan Jett, back in the "I love Rock and Roll" days. Most recently I was resembling Shaun Cassidy , like when he was a Hardy Boy - am I dating myself? ...I was about to enter Leather Tuscadero territory (who is slapping there leg twice and making a gun with there pointy finger?).

"It" got so bad that last weekend my husband had a work function and I said "let's go home" when we got into the building. I sucked it up but could not stop thinking how my very first impression on his new, wonderful co-workers would be this bad hair - how ridiculous, how desparate, how I needed a hair cut.

So on Monday I started making some calls, come hell or high water this hair was gonna go. I located Anada Spa and Salon, with a referral from my sister. It had to be - I needed a new set of eyes to look at this mop after my most recent near-mullet disaster. I chose Friday to carry out my mission. I took a day off of work to reinvent myself. I met Ana who helped me shed the extra inches of crappy-shit-for-hair ugh!

When all was said and done, I would have asked Ana to marry me had I not already been spoken for, and had I had the appropriate plumbing. She is a miracle worker. I got a kick ass head massage, dropped 3 inches of hair and got color plus highlights to boot. Wow - what a little hair color and a dollop of pomade can do for your mood. I've been feeling plain ugly since I put my back out - feeling waaaay sorry for myself and my limp locks were merely the icing on the miserable cake. Yesterday I kicked the cake to the curb and got back to me. After a trip to Aveda, I'm me + $60 of hair care products. I frickin needed help deserve it!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Break the Silence

Anyone recognize that from Depeche Mode? Well, anyways, it's been awhile since I posted - I have been sustaining on and basking in the wonderful comments on my Peas hat - wow, thanks you blog friends for the wonderful and plentiful feedback. Peas it shall be. Now I need to prepare it for the mail, it is for a certain someone who is so darn nice, I'd hate to spoil the surprise.

I have been toiling away on my second Rhubarber sock - and while I was working, another package from the most accommodating Claudia of Wollmeise arrived. I am slightly nuerotic, I felt I needed to order from Wollmeise again because soon demand will be more than the supply, I'm convinced. And really, it seems that it is more less a wash to order direct or get from the Loopy Ewe, the only US retailer carrying Wollmeise. I am such a loser and miss every one of Sheri's sneak ups over at Loopy - I had to take things into my own hands.

Two new sock yarns Krauterbeet (herb garden) and a seasonal offering, Johannisbeer (red currant) und Brennessel...


Two skeins of worsted - it is comparable to Manos...Rhubarber and Dani.



And the piece de la resistance...



47 samples to encompass her entire collection, all in worsted weight - I am thinking once I have loved each one properly, they could make an awesome fulled bag. People over at the addicts group at Ravelry are posting ideas. I'm just waiting for the right one - but for now, I will simply admire them. And quickly close my wallet - enough for now - I am declaring a yarn diet. period. I am a life time member of Weight Watchers so I should be able to do this, right? I mean, this does not count sock clubs or the one order from Scout that I am waiting for - after that, I swear, I'm done. All sponsors apply within.

As a side note, I had to get the worsted after seeing Elemmaciltur's My-So-Called Scarves in each colorway over at Ravelry. Gorgeous. And he is also part of Knitting Uncensored - a funny podcast I got turned onto by the Wollmeise Addicts, a group, also at Ravelry - I think the podcasters are all members. Fellow podcast admirer Scout J. created the most fabulous colorway in their honor. Any merino colorway with the words "mankitten" and "lederhosen" deserves a look.

HOLD THE PHONE - I found this Knit Along and want to link to it - in part because there's a contest but mostly because it supports breast cancer awareness - Campanula for the Cure - there is a cool pattern available for a donation - and won't it be perfect for my pink Peaknit Yarntini?? I have been waiting for a pattern to speak to me - breast cancer + pink = good thing.

Friday, August 10, 2007

To pea or not to pea

to pea...

or not to pea...that is the question

This is a simple hat from the Itty Bitty Hats book by Susan B. Anderson. I decided to stripe it up with Rowan Cotton and wanted to add some kind of embellishment. I love the little peapod - it is a little washed out by the sun in my picture. I'm thinking I should fasten it with some narrow white organza ribbon to it is removable in case the hat needs a wash.

Should I give peas a chance? I know...corny but in a silly, acceptable way right? *giggle*

I actually took an embellishment class is a store Susie used to own, she taught me herself how to make this - pretty nifty that now she's an author and stuff - her new book Itty Bitty Nursery comes out soon!

Now I really am working on my second Rhubarber and will get those Saartje's going. But I have to admit, I just love "little distractions" once in awhile. Keeps it interesting to get a FO in a jiffy, makes me feel all productive and stuff. Unfortunately, the more projects I do, the more big ziplock bags I find laying everywhere with a half-a-something in it, but I think that could be construed as Knitter Paradise, to trip over a project and fiber wherever you turn? What a great day. Or it could be Knitter's Rationalization. Yeah, for me, it's more like some of that.

**extra extra - Susie, who taught me this little embellishment sells this pea hat pattern in her shop, what a surprise! Sorry, I didn't mention this earlier for those of you who have been waiting on the book! The on-line shop is so darling and inspiring, go check it out

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1 down, 1 to go

I got my first Rhubarber Simple Sock done - it was such a speedy knit after the picot edge. I used an Eye of the Partridge heel and love how the colors seem to peek out between, it looks truly variegated though the sock itself seems more stripey. The Wollmeise was a pleasure to knit and the finished project positively hugs my foot. It is tightly spun and creates a beautiful, unencumbered fabric - no little pills or wooly bits - just smooth. I have the picot cuff done on the second - and since I have been suffering such a severe case of one-sock-itis, I would call that a success.
Now, being ADD, I need another project to knit up while I work on my sock. I recently got some Hello Yarn fat sock in Plunge - which I think will make a cute little Saartje Booties for a baby boy to be, and maybe an itty bitty hat. I have been admiring this pair. They are just so darn cute, and isn't the button choice just right?

The weather continues to swelter here in Wisconsin - massive humidity. So we are working on inside projects this week. I read Susie's post about her funky flip flop idea and thought I needed to buy a potholder loom for our house. So reminiscent of childhood. I can remember making up so fancy potholders - wonder whatever happened with those? Anyways, it is a sweet little bit of solitude to weave up a little something with the fun cotton loops. I have already been surfing for refills - this is addicting - for my 7-year-old of course...this is the best $4.99 I have spent in a long time. Thank you Susie for reminding me of this cool project!
and yes, we are still in our jammies at 2:30.

Monday, August 06, 2007

crafting japanese-a

I have found myself so intrigued by japanese crafting - so many charming softies and unique ideas. I have had an ongoing adventure - in search of - a specific book and wanted to share all of the things I found on my journey.

I totally blame blogland for this fascination- Molly Chicken has so many darling projects with a link for all of her japanese specific craft books. Then there is a whole site dedicated to Crafting Japanese. You can find a libray of book s plus the ISBN numbers to search for them - which is especially handy since I cannot read a single title. Superbuzzy has many gifts, fabric and books related to japanese crafting - it's fun just to take a peek. buzzville is a blog related to the shop - there is another great collections of ISBN's here.

I have seen charming little bits all over the net and until I found blogland, did not realize the japanese influence. I was looking at Three Pink Trees, she was having a de-stash of her books and I saw this one...
Cozy Handbags and Pouches

Of course, she had sold hers and the book was out of print and totally unavailable. I tried to order it used from Amazon Japan but no one would ship to the US. Then I found Kinokuniya. This is a book store that I believe is found primarily along the West Coast in the US - I read about people getting the book from here in the past so I sat down and e-mailed every store and several had it. A clerk, Meg, from the Cosa Mesa store was so sweet. They had the book and now, I have it. Who says persistance does not pay? Now, I know I will probably sit on this book awhile...I just want to make this cute little bird purse - all of the hoopla for a bird pouch - I have been so excited by the zippered wristlets I have made, I want to try a bird. The power of the zipper.


Another cute blog with japanese influence is wee wonderfuls, Hillary Lang makes the most darling softie dolls, patterns and "stitchettes". Her blog and projects have such a sweet vintage feel.

Etsy is also loaded with nifty things - these two stores carry many japanese crafts books: Saucylouise and chocolateswirl. I contacted both of these sellers as well, and they did try to find it for me - they were both very kind. I have bought heart and flower yo-yo makers from Saucylousie - very cool and I think you can get them domestically now too. Round yo-yo's? fuggetaboutit. And this seller has created some knit and crochet Amigurumi critters patterns. sweet. She even has a collection that will be published by Leisure Arts soon.

One last sidenote unrelated to my search...
aren't these too cute. Susie linked to the NY Times article on her blog and I just had to giggle - so wanted to pass it on to anyone who missed out. Can you think of anything more silly? I'd love to hear! Being totally serious - aren't they so impractical you just want one? I think it's the crisp cotton that is hypnotizing me, I'm intoxicated by the impracticality. too cute not to share. Thanks Susie!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Roza's and rhubarb


I finished my Roza's in record time. Being laid up has afforded me lots of mindless knitting time. The yarn is semi-solid Merlot dyed by Yarntini - it's yarnfabulous.

I think it took me as long to get these socks on as it did to knit them!:) My back is coming along with physical therapy - but it's frustrating - I think I am normally active and this has forced me into retirement for a bit. Now I simply dream of the day I can get my socks on without feeling like my arms are too short.

I started another pair of socks with my wollmeise - it is as much of a pleasure to knit as it is to squeeze - it seems to be tightly spun, almost like string maybe. I have completed my first picot edge - don't you just love that word picot? So sweet, just like the effect it creates...


I had never tried the provisional cast on (in the correct way) - when I was trying to join it in the round, it felt like I was in a bit of a wrestling match. This left me asking myself "um, why did I want to do this?" - but once I got the provisional cast off hemmed into the sock - damn, it's sweet. The pattern is the Simple Sock, and it came with a skein of Hello Yarn. I like the simple lines of the picot and the defined stitches - the way this yarn knits up is reminiscent of cotton with the sharp stitches - the sock is so in focus. I'm in love again with another yarn - I am such a two-timer.


the best kind of rhubarb cake.