Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am calling off the search party...

Do you ever just get something stuck in your head and you have to find it? I have Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac, I know I do. I have made the baby february sweater - this may be the only bit of proof to myself that really, I had it. I saw these gorgeous mittens this morning - you need to peek over - rav_link. They are EZ's mitered mittens, which I have admired a thousand times without really feeling like I NEED to knit those, now. Well, not until today. The mittens are knit by CatReading from some handspun spun by the talented Amanda, aka Wannabe. I am so inspired to pull out a sacred skein of my own handspun and knit a pair (finally, something to use this handspun for, I mean I just pet it, hello?)- maybe a pair for me first - to make sure they are "okay" to gift. You totally see through my excuses, don't you?

So, anyways, getting back to my original point (I swear to God, ADD)- my book is gone somewhere in my house, but gone nonetheless. I give up *hands raised high*. I have looked everywhere - but because I know have several other projects going I will try very hard to turn off my nuerosis and wait for another copy - patiently. However, isn't is a clever coincidence that my husband is going to the bookstore today? I'm saying a teeny, frivolous prayer that Barnes and Noble, or anywhere, will have it in stock.

Sour Fig Hello Yarn Club...perhaps destined to be mitered mittens? (after I ply it, or course:)

ETA: Everyone can go home, I have the pattern! Thank you (you know who you are)!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Breathe Deep...

Breathe Deep - in Plucky Knitter MCN in 1963

My Breathe Deep mittens are done - the pattern is by Kirsten of Through the Loops - and I would say she hit another one out of the park. And the name, it is so fitting as we are about to round the bend to holiday chaos. For now, these pretties will go on my pile of misfit knits - ready for gift giving. I just feel like knitting anything that fancies me, so what is next? A quick Plucky plug, the MCN is positively delicious to work with - so sproingy! I. love. it. I found my woven ends want to sneak out a bit, I think because it is such a nice round yarn, so I wove in extra!

My family and I just enjoyed our Thanksgiving ham - we had turkey at my in-laws on Sunday, so we shook it up a bit. We went around and said what we were thankful for - my littlest one said she was thankful for lollipops - so we're starting small this year. That isn't a bad thing. I am personally, so thankful for healthy children, and a healthy family. A co-worker's 5-year-old was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her brain stem. We have all watched this little sweetie grow up and it is so painful to imagine this is really happening...and the prognosis is poor. So, please hug your children or your spouse, or even your cat today. Life throws us some curveballs now and then, so any little bit of goodness is something to take time and marvel from time to time. Take good care blogging friends - I am thankful for you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

a finished object and other random jumble


I finished the binding, at last, on my Robot Coin quilt - for Jackson, my first nephew ever. I hosted a shower for my sister yesterday, the big reveal was so exciting for me. She had actually seen the quilt in progress, but for everyone to say so many nice things about it was truly "cheek pink-ening" for me - and I loved every minute.

What's next? I am still working on my Miller's Hat - the quilt binding (while watching the finale of Project Runway) took precedence this week, since I allowed myself to go under the wire, again. I have a queen sized quilt that I made about 8 years ago, and had professionally quilted - but have not finished the binding...can you believe that? All of those hours, and I didn't finish the last step? Well, since my quilt love has returned times 10 this year, very much because of the Old Red Barn Company QAL group - I think I may drag out that quilt to finish it up for our bed.

Santa baby, I want just one little thing...the nook . My husband kept asking me what I thought about it for Christmas - and man, I would love one - since this offers a "lending" option that the Kindle does not. (I am an avid Amazon shopper, so Kindle, you need to catch up) Friends with computers, ipods or nooks, can borrow your ebooks. I love to lend my books and spread the lit love, so this is kind of a big deal to me. Wouldn't you know, it's sold out until after Christmas - doh?! Of course, I have at least 20 books in my "on deck" circle, but can you ever have too many books? And another gadget? Since me and my ipod touch have become best friends this year, seems I have become a gadget girl - so Santa, add me to the list for the nook! Oooh, and that Kate Spade pink case - ooh lah lah.

p.s. I am home alone and should totally go running. But I. am. home. alone. What a treat!

speaking of treats....

Sunday, November 15, 2009


The winner of my 500th post contest is Elise of Hoop Skirt. She is lilachica on Ravelry also. Congratulations - and thank you to everyone for your suggestions! I think I may go with the Tickled Pink socks suggested by my knitting penpal, Christine - in part because they are stinking cute, but also they are quicker in sport weight and would be darling in some Sundara Crushed Cherries. And the "xoxo" theme for my mom would be pretty charming. The jury will be officially out until I cast on - I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, Elise - please get in touch with your address so I can send some yummy Joy of Sox, etc., out to you.

I have another fun little sharing project to tell you about. Jacqui at TallGrass Prairie Studio has started :: Joy in The New Year ::

new year

It's all about getting unfinished objects done. I came up with a random number really - 7. Every finished project counts as an entry for prizes. Here's the the 7 I need, I mean, would like to finish before the new year:

1. Breathe Deep Mittens
2. Miller's Hat
3. bind the Robot quilt for my sister's baby
4. the Tickled Pink socks (though they are not cast on - they are surely a UFO!)
5. my project runway sock
6. a pillow sham to match my daughter's quilt
7. a table runner for thanksgiving that I started in 1999...

**seriously, I have several (hundred) other ufo's but I am trying to be realistic for now...

The gun has been fired, I'm off and running!

Finally, a personal goal:
8. I'd also like to run another 5k...actually, I would just like to keep running. That may just parlay into a new year's resolution...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

500 giveaway

500 - now that is something. 500 posts - thank you commenters for encouraging me along the way. I have "met" some of the nicest people through cyberspace, it's really something. And now I have a little something for you. A little giveaway - with just a tiny catch. I am giving away this wonderful book:


And some Yarntini Strawberry Frenzy to make a pair of socks. I'll even throw in some DPNs and a stitch marker or two for the whole kit'n'kaboodle. (if you are not a sock knitter, well, I promise I'll set you up with something nearly as awesome) I have the book shown open here to my most favorite pattern by Kirsten of Through the Loops - Make Up Socks! How cute is that?


So the catch, I need your help. My mom has requested a pair of socks for Christmas. I think of socks as pretty time intensive, so I want to keep it kind of simple, because Christmas brings so many other responsibilities. (and knitting projects) I need your vote - Monkeys? Cotties? (these are sport, which would be a double bonus) Or a pair of Through the Loops Mystery socks, like mine here? Or maybe your favorite simple sock? I can't knit the Make Up Socks, because I just know I would not be able to give them away until I have a pair for myself, is that shameful? Anyways, I appreciate the help and all of the comments over the past 3 years! I will draw a winner next Sunday night, 11-15. Have a great week!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Time Flies! And a mystery sock spoiler!

Wow - time just seems to fly. Did you know that we only have 50-some shopping days until Christmas? That became cold reality to me when I was checking out the Halloween goodies at Target to find Christmas stuff an aisle I thought what the heck, I bought some wrapping paper to prepare. I tend to be an early shopper, I have some things squirreled away already - with my biggest fear being I will not remember where they are on Christmas eve. With my handy new ITouch "List" application - I should be good to go. Of course, there's an app for that!

Earnest is tired just thinking about all of that shopping...

With the holiday shopping, comes the holiday knitting. I really enjoy seeing what people are working on. I have a itsy bitsy short list to knit for this year. I tend to be very selective because 1. I knit for myself and 2. people don't always understand the time cost - time is so limited with all of the preparations. (including a baby shower for my sister squeezed in there:) My mom requested socks - of course, the most time comprehensive short of a sweater, but I am kind of stoked about it. So in honor of my 500th post I am planning a contest for you guys to help me decide on a pattern - more on that in the next (500th!!) post - please put your thinking caps on for me knitters! :)

Lastly, I wanted to share my newly finished Mystery Knit-a-Long socks. Omg, I just love this yarn, this colorway, this pattern and my new shiny shoes. They are so shiny - can you see my reflection in them?


Yarntini Superwash Merino in Honeytini + Shoes Marcelle by Dansko = true love.

one last bit of news - check out this blog - these woman have been doing the most awesome virtual quilting bee. I am jealous, terribly, of the cool stuff they have created. Well, now it seems their blog will be parlayed into a book - so we can all join up! To celebrate they are giving away some gorgeous fabric - check in out!