Monday, December 28, 2009

My BFF's keeper...

Lame title, I know. I just rented My Sister's Keeper - it's my only defense.

CanonXT 211

Anyways, I made a keeper for my new Kindle. I totally know that I ordered a sturdy carrying case for safekeeping. However, I love it so much, I thought it deserved immediate protection. I sat down and whipped this guy up yesterday - seriously, a little more than an hour with a screw up - because inevitably, I put two female snaps on the case and the flap - doh! That is how I roll though - make an error on close work - but when I stand back - ah, there it I expect it and don't even mind anymore. Well, sometimes I don't mind. Other times I have a drink. *hee*

I just cut out 4 pieces of fabric 7" x 10" (plus the flap on one) - including piecing some of the front patchwork which was leftover from my favorite quilt. I made a seperate inside flap of the patchwork fabric and then cut the solid colored back piece to include the flap. I figured the flap with some simple compass work. Anyways, two mini quilt sandwiches sewn together with binding. I did place the snap (male and female sides, eventually) before I quilted, so I only had to hammer it through one layer. Then I handstitched the binding back - easy peasy. And I love it. I iron'ed on the cute label because I got 50 of them awhile back when I saw them at splityarn's blog, so everything gets a label around here. I also think it makes anything look a little less then a happy accident and more like a real project.

So far I have read 2.5 books on the Kindle, it is so simple to read. But, on the same token, it is easy to order a book, anytime, anywhere - while it's a cool convenience, this could blow the book budget.

Of the books I have read recently on my new Kindle friend - I would recommend Labor Day by Joyce Maynard.


The book focuses on Henry, 13 years old, eccentic mom - kind of lost and feels like he is not good at anything. Strangely enough, an escaped prison inmate comes into their lives and affects them in many ways. Mostly making life better. It is easy to feel empathy for each person - including the inmate - they are quite likable, but none so much as Henry.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My new crush...


My Christmas eReader - the Kindle from I love it so much, I want to marry it. I bucked the eReader trend until my daughter lost my Twilight book this fall - I wanted to refresh my memory, so I downloaded it onto my Ipod from Barnes and Noble - and I am hooked. How sneaky is this? I can read anywhere. As in, during eye bleeding office meetings, the ridiculous line for swimming lesson sign up, while waiting in my car, in line for afterschool pick up - ack! I realize, a book is probably okay in the last two situations, but the office meeting, notsomuch. I can download books onto my Kindle and on my Kindle app via iTunes, so doubly fun, I can be toting a book at all times. And it saves my place in a pinch, allows me to add notes (since I often dog-ear pages to come back to a quote and then, for the life of me, I don't remember what touched me in the moment), it has a simple little browser, I can e-mail pdf's to myself (hello, knitting patterns on-the-go). It's altogether too fun, and being a bit of a gadet whore - it's a perfect marriage. Loving another gadet. Don't worry ipod touch, you are still my BFF.

jack set
The Raglan Sweater - Erica Knight

And then because I do also knit, I have to show off the finished sweater and hat for my nephew-to-be. He is due to debut on or about January 22. I can't wait. My kids have been the first and only grandkids forever, I have some spoilage to catch up on. This little sweater was a pain in my arse. If I thought I hated seaming, this is my proof. Blah! The little hat, however, was fun to whip up - and since we are mostly Packer fans, it fits. My sister, Jack's mommy, is a Bears fan...but they still suck last I checked (do you know da Yooper's).

Before I am outed :: yes, I was a Bear fan when Jim McMahon played for them and thay won the Super Bowl when I was in the 9th grade - that was more than 20 years ago, so I don't think it counts.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"seams" like a bad idea in retrospect...

CanonXT 115
Raglan Sweater from "Knitting for Two" using Yarntini Superwash Sport

Sheesh, I am not a seamer. Ack! I hate most everything about seaming. Which is probably part of my problem - I dread it, so therefore it is awful. I have one more arm seam to go - I have out every knitting hint book I own... yet still, yucky, lumpy seams. I am so glad that (my nephew-to-be) Jack will possibly be just 3-months-old when he sports this sweater - because I just want him to see pictures later and know Auntie Peaknit loved him enough to make a whole sweater before he even met her, even if she was a dope of a seamer. *giggle*

CanonXT 124

Sunday, December 20, 2009

making a list....

holiday list

Notice, Excedrin tops the list. Ah, the holidays are around the corner and I am now stocked with Excedrin - it's the little things - the real little things, apparently. I did manage to check off the whole list yesterday and have just about everything wrapped up - except a few more secret gifts for the girls - that has to wait for bedtime. I am glad to have the teacher gifts bought - but the sweet mail lady is eluding me, hmmm - what to get her. I gave fingerless mittens last year, any ideas? I am giving "New Year's gifts" to the Sunday School teachers, which really means a clever (albeit temporary) way to put off coming up another gift. *sigh*

I haven't handmade much to give this year which makes me a little sad. Of course, there are still 5 days left - it is typical for me to start something on the 23rd to give, so you never know. Do you do that? Something about the 11th hour is appealing to me - doh! I would like to make some of these felty ornaments...look at the yummy Heather Bailey felts ::

CanonXT 086
I just love the aqua and red.

I hope every one of you gets a little relaxing in as the holidays settle in - I mean, you have to find moments to take a deep breath, to reboot...

CanonXT 094

I had my husband take a picture of how I ran out of handspun on my second mitered mitten, and squeezed in a little "child's pose" relaxation (because I RAN OUT of handspun - gah!) - you have grab those quiet moments whenever you can! Good luck muddling through the last fews days of chaos.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is coming...

and I am accomplishing, like, nothing. ack! I have little knitting going on - I am halfway through my second mitten of my second try at the mitered mittens and um, ran out of handspun. Okay, really? Yes, really. So I am stalled out until Krista at Pigeonroof Studios can dye me some more Helleborus roving - and she has agreed - but could my timing be any worse??:) I may cast on another pair - I really want these damn mittens.

I got an awe-some gift this weekend from my in-laws - a hello yarn gift certificate - yay! So I can get more of this:

HelloYarn November Club - Pallid - swoon-worthy

And I have to share - the nicest thing happened to me. I was having lunch at Flat Top last Friday with my husband celebrating some good news and a lovely woman stopped me and asked me if I was peaknit. I scanned my brain, am I peaknit? OMG, yes I am. I was "recognized" from my blog! That was the coolest thing, and I am so glad Kari from Kari's Corner introduced herself - it was pretty flattering. Thanks Kari, you totally made my day!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

try and try again...

voila - a better looking mitered mitten! Pigeonroof Studios Helleborus, spun by moi.

I really enjoyed the comments on my ugly mitten, here as well as on flickr and ravelry - such positive support for the ugly mitt! It was karma that I deemed it the "scraping mitten" because lo and behold we got hammered with snow on Thursday, and are expecting ridiculous amounts throughout this week. So the dear ugly mitt will get a lot of love, I'm afraid. I cast on this one immeidately thereafter, and started with a garter cuff and used the thumb modifications. I am very happy with it - it's a little thick, but I guess mittens are supposed to be warm. I am planning to cast on another pronto.

I am doing no holiday knitting so far - ack. I have been feeling overwhelmed this week - so many things going on. Today at church we were given a nanosecond to "pray silently in our heads" and man, I wanted to raise my hand and say "WAIT! I am not done!" Tis the season for all things on the spectrum from good to bad.

The good news was that my gram had a wonderful showing for her 89th Christmas - yay family!


I bought my gram a large-print volume Twilight - I mean, why not.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

stunned disbelief


Wow, isn't that an ugly mitten? Remember when I was so excited about this mitten? I am almost embarrased to stand mine next to that pair - but even I can admit bad taste. I somehow chose a "scrappie" handspun, and egads - I should be ashamed. I am being a little facietious, but really - this is ugly and I can admit it. It might be even more awful in person. BUT I love, love this pattern - the mitered mitten by Elizabeth Zimmerman (rav link). I have wound a more consistent bit of handspun and am casting on tonight. A mitten with better chances at a beauty pageant, I hope.

Have no fear for the Ugly Mitten. I am going to put it in my car and use it for scraping my car windows this winter. It will be like Nester the Long-Eared Donkey (do you remember this holiday claymation - I have a story to tell about that at a later date) - it will come through in the pinch and probably end up earning the title of best-mitten-ever. I have always rooted for the underdog, so it will not go unloved - because it's what is inside that counts.

I am making myself giggle a little. It is probably fair to see that this Ugly Mitten has made my day - and will make me grin a little all winter long...