Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whoa, time flies. again.

I have been knitting, knitting, knitting this year. Last year was abysmal on the knit front, so I am proud to report that I have been "into" it again. I am so fickle with my crafts - but knitting is an old friend - one I can go without seeing for a bit yet can pick up where I left off - I love that, in friends and crafts.

Lots of KAL opportunities have inspired me - I am working on the Through The Loops Mystery socks this month, I have both heels done and am toiling away at the feet. They have stripe-y toes according to the spoiler photos and I am in love with stripes, so I am really motivated to get to the end. I also purchased the pattern for Ysolda's KAL "Follow Your Arrow" shawl - I have been watching spoilers - and I like the directions people are taking. I felt I had bit off too much though so I have that one in the

Through the Loops Mystery...

Speaking of stripes, I am also up to my elbow - literally in a Rayures. My knitting penpal, Christine, and I had talked about doing a BMC cowl for ravellenics in The Plucky Knitter group but she wasn't loving it and I knit the whole first color wrong, so it didn't take much to compromise on more stripes. I just love choosing what is next.

In addition to knitting, I have been reading - I came out of the gate in January reading 8 books but then have slowed up this month. I am listening to The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen - this will be the 4th time I have read this book, and I just can't get enough, and again - it's another old friend, like my knitting. I keep wishing I were Chloe - her character has books "appear" on topics she needs...if you are a reader - you totally get the allure of that. I would love to have books appear and guide me some direction as sometimes I don't know which way is up.

Speaking of, I am making a big change back to my old job in three weeks. I have tried something new in the Department of Corrections - that comes with a cubicle and a library quiet atmosphere. After 20 years as a probation agent, in the field, the thick of it - with raucous co-workers and poorly behaved offenders - the transition has been hard. It is perhaps a step back wards in terms of professionalism (no more dress pants 5 days a week - yay!) but a step up in camaraderie - and did I mention I'll have a DOOR?! My new and old co-workers have been incredibly supportive of my decisions - I think they can see where my passion lays. I have met some great new people and have no regrets. BUT I am so glad I figured it out. Back to the field I go. Not to mention, I apparently like addicts more than a harrowing commute. It's the strangest thing. It won't be easy - but my professional motto has always been "what is easiest is not always what is best" - I need to put my money where my mouth is.

I saw The Lego Movie with these two yahoos today - it's was "totes adorbs" - (that feels wrong!)