Monday, April 08, 2013

One week of Whole30 down, and a finished sweater!

finished nanook
Nanook in Plucky Primo Worsted - Peep Toes

I finished my Nanook, blocking it up, over the weekend. My husband was impressed - I personally love the collar, but it feels a little wonky between the floppy collar and raglan sleeves. I am still deciding if it needs a button to close or what - but overall it is done. I got the yarn for my 40th birthday from my knitting penpal, Christine - and it only took me, oh, 9 months to knit. Yet, I am not deterred, I have ordered yarn for a Shellseeker up next. I am knitting a little baby hat in the round to check my gauge. I almost forgot how awesome little instant gratification projects are. I have no babies in my life currently, but it is fun to knit a simple little stockinette hat. Nice. And good TV knitting.

In other news - I have finished the 8th day of my Whole30 challenge. Wow, it's been really different eating for me - no bread or dairy - makes me feel confused about what to eat. I am calling today "hollow leg" day, the first day I did not feel satisfied, and I wanted to poke around for food all day. I did slip and ate a couple of small chocolate eggs, and was rewarded with a big headache - so for the sake of staying on the wagon, I am telling myself the eggs totally caused the headache. Overall, it's been fun researching food and making new things. I made home made mayonaise and chocolate chili this week, which is surprisingly good for breakfast. And seriously, have you tried kale chips? If you haven't - you should - they are awesome, and my kids, who typically hate all things green, love them too - score!

In addition to the food piece of the program, I tried hot yoga for the first time and it was a. maze. ing. Except that I am a little thick and didn't realize it would be "hot" yoga and wore long sleeves - hello, lesson learned! This program has really helped me get my foot in the door to a new yoga studio, for which I am grateful.

Lastly, I saw On the Road yesterday at an indie theater and while it was crazy and manic (um, kind of like this post), I think I enjoyed it. My friend and I both walked out saying we didn't hate it, we didn't want our two hours back but we weren't sure what happened in there. I did a little research on the net today and I think I'll read the book next - I mean Kerouac is kind of a classic, right?

Monday, April 01, 2013

5 jelly beans and 2 cheetos...

I attended a listening session Saturday at Dragonfly Yoga to learn and attempt to commit to Whole 30 for a month, coupled with yoga and meditation. Truth be told, I needed something to get in the door. I really miss yoga. I attended for years, hurt my back and have been mostly looking over the fence since. It makes me sad when I think of how proud I was to be able to do yoga, challenge myself yet allowed one injury brought it all to a screeching halt, mostly because I was scared. and I have made lots of excuses. So I want to try this little mini jam session and re-examine my commitment to yoga, to food and to myself. Not to lose weight (though it couldn't hurt) but to feel better, sleep better, maybe gain some confidence. Fingers crossed.

Whole 30 appears to be an offshoot of the Paleo diet - or caveman diet. I am not into weird trendy things, but I admit, I am curious. When you think of all the processed things that I shove in my pie hole - it's a wonder I can get out of bed:) Yes, I am a diet-coke-a-holic. Well I am not getting any younger and I am curious - so I want to try this - just to see if I can find a middle ground between fast and furious junkfood eating, and super clean. So far, on my first day - I have thought of little else, just food. I did a "cook up" yesterday, cutting up and roasting veggies and chicken to hit the road this week. But yet, hence my title, I have snuck 5 jelly beans and 2 cheetos - I totally didn't have to but I did, it was weak. I think I am still calling it success, for me.

In other news - I am ready to soak my finished Nanook - all done at last. Now I am itching to cast on for a Shellseeker by the same designer. Of course, the yarn I want to use, Plucky Sweater, is slightly thinner than the worsted it calls for - I think I may power ahead anyways - Plucky is having a blog update tonight. I have 4 skeins of Rapunzel, a lovely yellow coming my way - and now to come up with a pairing color - I am thinking aqua to make for a fun summer sweater, that probably will not be cast off until next winter, but that's how I roll.

Thanks for listening, I mostly wrote here tonight to serve as a confession, a reminder and a kick in the pants.

Gratuitous spring-y yarn photo:

Plucky Classics
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