Sunday, June 28, 2009

Devil in a Blue Dress

yarn 527
Popover dress by oliver + s

It is my little one's 4th birthday today. To celebrate her day and my renewed interest in sewing, I made her a little dress. It is the Popover from Sew Hip - Issue #5. It is a design by oliver + s and it took me a little more than hour - not including cutting and prepping - to finish. How silly easy is that? She looks so darned cute - especially when the little leggings underneath show - those are store-bought of course. And lookie here - this blogger figured out how you can make it reversible. I'll be making more, for sure.

And, I finished the binding on my Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along quilt today - it's done. And notice the binding on my quilt matches the trim on her dress - maximum benefit (the body of the dress matches the back of my quilt, too!).

My quilt is merely waiting for washing and drying - to add the "crinkles" a handmade quilt needs to be official. I am a little nervous about this step - but I am excited to snuggle under my quilt - and start another.

yarn 484
Heather Bailey fabrics - Pop Garden with a dash of Bijoux

I am so glad my addictions are spread around - between sewing, knitting, reading and candy - I'm well-rounded, right? phssst. Have great week!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


That's how I feel. Wow, the weekend has been busy, fun and full. The good news is - I have finished quilting my Old Red Barn Co. QAL quilt - whew. I admit, I was getting tired of dragging the weight of it around my machine and sweating under it in the process...I sewed the binding on tonight, now just have to hand sew the binding to the back and it will be done - well, except washing - which seems risky after all of this.

yarn 479
voila - the front

yarn 476
and the back - pieced with leftover bits

I am so happy with how quickly this has come together - by the end of the week, my girls should be snuggling under it.

I have already started another much smaller quilt for a special someone I have yet to meet, and have a great fabric pile for a mixed tape quilt for my daughter. I am so excited how this this QAL has stoked my sewing inspiration - I feel like I'm on a roll.

I promise I am still knitting. I attended knit group this week at a new location and am plodding along on my Mara wrap. By winter, maybe? One of the group members has asked me to test knit a shawl as well, I'm excited for that.

I have also read some books worth recommending, and some not. I enjoyed these quick and dirty summer reads: Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek and Riding With The Queen by Jennie Shortridge. They both had alluring covers - what draws you to a book? I am also listening to Elizabeth Berg's The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted. It is an audio compilation of short stories. She is my most favorite author, but the stories are a bit hit or miss for me - but I think that is kind of how short stories go.

And, when I am not doing selfish things, I swear, I have been parenting. You wonder, though, don't you? :) Being a little manic pays off for getting stuff done - or at least dabbling in a lot of things. We went mini-golfing, saw UP (two big thumbs up! no pun intended), went to the zoo and swam this week. Hence the title of this post. People, I am.

yarn 327
one of the two reasons why I am whooped...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comedy of Errors

basting my quilt...

What a silly adventure this was. I cleared out my dining room, washed the floor the best it has seen in ages and followed Oh, Frannson's tutorial on making a quilt sandwich. Clearing a room with a family in the house is one thing, but add a dog, good grief. My dog is a total pansy. See, he cannot walk accross laminate florring without a rug for purchase. He might start out confident but then he looks down and realizes, he is on a slippery floor - then it's like icecapades. Well, my quilt acted as his raft more than once, which caused chaos. I finally had to make a barrier with chairs to keep him out. It got done, but not without a shriek or two, and a few expletives even.

The quilt has now entered the actual machine quilting stage. I have never quilted anything this size - it is a new challenge for sure squashing the fabric in the right places to keep it from dragging on the needle. But I am liking it. Well, except that my shoulders keep crawling up to my ears, and then they hurt...I am 3 blocks away from being half done. I am setting milestones to check off my progress -I can see the light. If I make it to the end, I think I will treat myself to a massage to get my shoulders back where they belong. Then I'll come home and snuggle under my quilt.

I made another Molly Wizenberg confection today. Plum Clafoutis - I had to look up the pronunciation on that one. I purchased the most perfect plums at Brennan's yesterday and knew they would grow up to be a tart-like dessert. Clafoutis was the closest recipe that appealed to me. It can be likened to custard or flan - a light batter poured over fruit - often cherries. Im' in love. Again. And the best part, it's ridiculous easy.

yarn 411

Friday, June 12, 2009

Got Top?

Old Red Barn Co. Quiltalong Top - Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric

Why yes, I do. My first quilt top in ages and ages. I am so excited. I purchased my a pretty aqua backing fabric and some Warm and Natural Batting. I'm scared to death to make the quilt sandwich and start this baby. I mean, this fella is probably full-sized. I think I had better do some practicing, free motion quilting is such a distant memory. I have discovered that quilting can be immediate gratification - sort of. This is not how I remembered it. I am so stoked - and ready to make more! Yay!

I'm reading and knitting too - more on that later! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mixed Media

Heather Bailey Pop Garden and Bijoux

I have finished the third week of the Old Red Barn Co. QAL. I have my blocks ready to piece together for a quilt top. I'm a little giddy. I haven't quilted anything, not really, for years. I sewed long before I knit. I had kids, knitting is portable. I'll still knit - but man, it has been fun to stalk for fabric, and to keep up with the QAL. It's been fun to mix it up.

I have finished my first Cotty sock - using Yarntini in a "Last Call" colorway. I love the solid parts of the back of the foot - I am really drawn that stockinette nestled between some pattern. The pattern is quick and wonderful. Sport weight makes me feel like I am cheating, and I still get a sock.


My husband and I went to see The Moth last night at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee. It was nice to have an evening away from the kidlets, and to be entertained by my favorite podcast entourage. Andy Borowitz was particularly funny. Turner Hall was fabulous - eclectic, rustic, bohemian - love. I can't wait to come up with an excuse to go back. If this troupe comes near you, I recommend it. It's like sitting around with a couple hundred of your closest friends to share a story.