Saturday, March 29, 2008

just like sheep...


I have unwittingly followed the herd - I had to have some Vincent's Apron Jitterbug. I received my sweetly wrapped package from purl Friday and it seems ADD Knitter got the same one! These socks at Knitting Philistine started the hunt for me, then seeing another project at The Plucky Knitter. Did you follow that? It's kind of like the shell game, huh? It's the latest thing maybe - the depth of color is just awesome and yellow - I mean, since when is yellow the new black? Yum, like buttah.


I finished my Dante's purse for a swap pal. This one is made of leftover Noro Iro from a sweater I recently finished, I felted it a bit for a sturdier base - and picked the fabric from my stash. I hope my Punk Rock Gift Exchange pal digs it as much as I do. It's the first one I have made - I feel as though I should mourn the loss of my sewing skills - they just aren't as technical as they once were - when I was a quilter, but then, I wasn't a knitter...perhaps I have found my truer calling? In any case, I think the bag is a charmer - what a great free pattern - thank you! It was fun and simple and as the pattern indicates - Kirstin from Through the Loops!, the designer, provides a recipe - I decide the ingredients. For another, I can see a bright striped Cascade 220 bucket bottom - fulled, with some fun polka dot fabric tucked inside. This project might be a proper candidate for the Pay It Forward I promised.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who thought turning 8 could be so tiring?


Happy birthday little girl!

We had an extra special day - my mom and I took my daughter to The American Girl Store in Chicago for a birthday surprise! We took the train down, which is an hour to the station and then another 2 hour commuter jaunt to the Windy City. We hopped a cab and made it to the store in record time.

While we were there we enjoyed some shopping and a delightful lunch - see our "welcome cinnamon buns"? Considering it is fare for the under 12 set, it was darn good and filling. While we ate lunch, Nicki, my daughter's doll, was treated to a hair-do. For an extra $5 she could have a facial - needless to say, she did not need the whole spa treatment. egads. In spite of the swarms of giggly girls, we had a lovely time. I would recommend the trip for any American Girl lover. As much as I am on the fence about perpetuating the idea of grown-up treatment for dolls, American Girl truly seems to support family values, and offers an educational element - there are many time-period specific dolls to help children learn about history in a cool way, and the more current dolls have individual altruistic sideshows - for instance - "Nicki" raises service dogs. There are many well written books to tell about it all. Good stuff for children to read about girls who do good things just because they should - there isn't enough of that in the world, you know? Just walk the streets and be shoved around, honked at and nearly run over and you appreciate some good ole family values:) The world could be a better place if we all learned a little bit from these dolls...


We also went to Hershey's - woot woot! Thank gosh Lent is over - Twizzlers abound!

My mom and my 8-year-old:)

And look at the size of that cupcake! Sorry Nani, none for you!

Monday, March 24, 2008


I don't consider myself lucky - as a matter of fact I often say "if I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck at all". I mean, I never win anything, I never expect to. I never get a good parking spot (though I usually take the furthest just for time management). I don't buy lottery tickets because I am convinced I will never win, I rarely go to the casino, though when I do I'm not even surprised when the next person to get on "my" slot machine wins...I just expect to have no luck...except when it comes to yarn.

Damn, I think that perhaps in knitting alone, I have found my "luck genre" - this may be where I was kind of destined to be lucky. Not in contests per se but in scoring some yummy things - I feel like I have been blessed with wandering into lovely fibery things somehow. So I'll never have the Publisher's Clearing House crew at my door but I have this:


OMG - do you know what that is? The Fiddlehead Mitten kit, and maybe the last one for a bit. I feel lucky! Ah, but let's not forget I had already bought the pattern - so that was unlucky of me. And then I bought Rowan Felted Tweed to make a pair - oops, bad karma again! So, it would actually seem then it takes several mis-steps on my part to get things right but alas, got me a kit. The color depth is simply breathtaking, worth some minor stalker-type behavior to get it. I wandered over occasionally for random peeks and alas, got lucky.


And the best part is, it didn't cost me anything - yes, I paid Adrian at Hello Yarn for the kit - but again, the fruits of another trade. I turned a gorgeous skein of Wollmeise laceweight into the kit. I was approached last week over at Ravelry for a skein of the Lace-Garn, after much deliberation I decided it would be a good sale - afterall, I didn't know when or if I would knit up something with the blue-gree yarn whereas I could always use the cash for more more yarn bartering in the future - so it was karma, baby.

Being home with the flu *again* today suggests that my temporary good luck has it's limits, my little one suffered the weekend, apparently my number was up again today - leaving me to wonder how my husband seems to get away with being so darned healthy? While laying on the couch feeling moderately sorry for myself, I did get a chance to watch Gone Baby Gone on Demand - all I can say is good, baby, good! (maybe I need to look at the big picture - I mean how often can we lay on the couch and watch a whole movie? Perhaps even illnesss does have an upside) The movie is a must see. Casey Affleck, thumbs up. If you have children, it will truly pull at your heart strings and leave you wondering - what IS the right decision when it comes to children? If you've seen the movie, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Off now for one more quick nap before the family all gets home expecting my full recovery.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Change of Heart


Change of Heart...
The title is a play on words - there are many figurative and even one literal change of heart throughout the book. Jodi Picoult, in my opinion, has done it again. I had alluded to my book signing and the basic premise of the book - but I finished last night - with loads of unanswered questions but a lot of food for discussion.

If you prefer to avoid any religious reference skip below**

I bought a book for a friend and we read it together. There is a great deal of religious information covered and questioned - religion can be so ambiguous and hard to understand - hence "faith" right? The central question surrounds an imprisoned man on death row who wants to die in a certain way - not be lethal injection - so that his organs can harvested for donation for a certain child.

The book has a similar tone as many Picoult books - has many moral dilemmas and of course, a trial. Many of Ms. Picoult's books explore cultures or belief systems - Change of Heart challenges society's ideas about criminals and the death penalty and even begs the question - could this character be the Messiah? As a Christian, I have wondered - in the shape our world is in - if the Messiah were to come, would we believe it? Or would we feel the same way many of the people in Jesus' time did - who is this charlatan? Consider all of my questions hypothetical because I think religion is too charged for a blog BUT it is central to the book - which is why I mention it. I also have to wonder "out loud" if the story was slated to come out now because of the Lenten season? It is about perfect since in the book there are miracles, a figurative crucifiction, and subsequent (and equally figurative) resurrection. Clearly, it feels like heresy to suggest a death row inmate is a representative of Jesus but I thought given the season and perhaps too many viewings of The Passion, I am curious. I may be reading too far into this of course. *wink*

**In Change of Heart we are visited by several characters from other books. At the book signing, an audience member asked Ms. Picoult why she brought some people back in her other writings - like Jordan McAfee, now Ian Fletcher from Keeping Faith...she said Patrick Ducharme from Perfect Match came back in Nineteen Minutes back because she had a mad crush on him - how charming! Jordan came back, also in Nineteen Minutes, because he was the only lawyer she knew practicing law in New Hampshire...

Anyways, in short - another good read.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

pretty pair

First, thank you for all of the thoughtful comments on my Capitan hat and my eldest daughter, she will be eight this week - where does the time go? Anyways, I have to admit my heart was bursting when she hopped off the bus with her hat in hand yesterday - finally, something she'll wear and remember to bring home. shucks.

pretty pair

Today I was blessed with a goodie bag in my mail. I have been admiring HazelKnits for some time, really coveting the chocolatier and beach glass colorways - I had been thinking "what a great pair of Endpaper Mitts these would make..." Even put the skeins in my cart a couple of times before hiding my head and shutting my computer down. I continued to stave off the craving, I resisted. Until I saw Bockstark's Saartje's Bootees - omg. Okay, these darling little boots were the clincher - pushed me over to "gotta have it". So my pretties arrived today - purchased with the spoils from selling off my less loved skeins, I am telling myself its a wash, it doesn't count as a purchase - I consider it "trading up" for things I like a bit more. Whatever floats my boat, right? (Did I mention brown and green are two of the colors for April/ May Project Spectrum? *smirk* )

This weekend my goal is to dig out my sewing machine and ironing board so that I can finish up a Dante's Purse, so charming for a swap pal. A cool free pattern from Through the Loops! Kind of pathetic to imagine me "undigging" the ironing board - I have been so lazy, if it has to be ironed, I aint wearing it. It's probably not a bad adage to live by...but khaki short pants season is upon us - I mean, once the 8" of snow we are expected to get overnight melts...I swear to God I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this damn winter though - I'm positive March will go out like a lamb...right?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Capitan meets J-Lo


I made a Capitan hat this weekend in a chunky Malabrigo in Cactus Flower - mmm, like bubblegum. Seems very fitting for my almost 8-year-old. It would never fit my noggin anyways, and it was fun making a quick hat for her. A couple of sittings and voila - a hat! Isn't it so fun?! It reminds me of a slouchy newsboy J-Lo would have been know, when she was just Jenny from the block. What a great free pattern, thank you Rosi G.



Saturday, March 15, 2008

Magazine Launch and other sundries


I went to the Knitting Tree today for the launch of the 2nd issue of Knit Circus, a locally produced magazine. It was a small gathering but worth the ride for the lovely colors and textures gracing the walls along with my first peek at the fun little indie magazine. I was excited to see Susan B. Anderson was interviewed, she aluded to a third book coming out about knitted toys - yay!

I also received some yarn from a Ravelry swap today - it was lost in the mail for several days, so I had been losing faith and then voila - it appeared. whew! And it's breathtaking...

Wollmeise Suzanne in the Wild Thing yarn.suzanne
The motive behind the dye technique applied is to create pooling - I'm kind of anti-pool but then I've been seeing other peoples' socks - it could be a good thing.

Fudgesicle Suri, oatmeal, thatch, peat, lobster, apple, wine, thistle Felted Tweed

Lastly, I think I have gathered nearly all of the pieces of my Fiddlehead Mitten puzzle. I think I will actually put off this project until I feel more savvy at stranding, but my parts are coming together. Except I think I will get some orangey-ginger Rowan Felted Tweed - that purpley blue doesn't flow for me - one of these things is not like the other... (A gorgeous pair made with the Felted Tweed from the flickr group is found here.) The Blue Sky Alpacas Suri - is dreamy like Kidsilk Haze - the fact it is named Fudgesicle is not lost on me. I hope to be wearing these mitts next fall...and for the record Susie, I also had to order my yarn from three places once I broke down in retrospect and ordered the Ginger. doh! :)

btw - check out check out the Double Dutch pattern here. I happened upon it when I saw pictures on flickr of Jared Flood from Brooklyn Tweed's humble beginnings. He is just a genious, huh?

And after being down on Noro Sock yarn - look at this pretty pattern by Knitzi. The Jenny Wren sock is quite possibly the perfect fit for this yarn. Not so perfect I would frog mine or anything *grin*, but if you want to try it, this could be a winner. I like the rich colorway the designer chose too.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I saw Jodi Picoult!


Thank you to one of my sister's co-worker's hiking to Boders this morning for a "signing ticket" we were able to see Jodi - and get our books signed in record time! It was standing room only. She as amazing in person as I hoped - quite funny, obviously articulate and the audience was rapt. She is on a tour promoting her new book...


The book deals with religion, death row, the death penalty - all very interesting to me personally. I started studying the death penalty in college which parlayed into a serial killer "hobby" of sorts. Yes, I have a shirt with Charles Manson on it, I would never wear in public, but still. A library full of books about Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy - etc, etc...I even have tape cassettes of Bundy on Focus on the Family with James Dobson talking about how pornography shaped his murderous ways.

Jodi joked about the "division of church and State" being a fallacy. Working in corrections, I couldn't agree more. I try not to talk religion to people but I believe in God and it slips out occasionally when offenders reference Alcoholic Anonymous or are struggling with a death in their family. One of my clients was choked up over the death of his mother this week, we talked about his beliefs about afterlife - he and I have worked together for 10 years, so I knew his mom. Religion and the need for faith offers many people comfort, so it's a natural connection. On my drive home I was thinking the death penalty, in my mind, is absolutely tied to Christianity - BUT, does it support for or against? I mean, the bible references Eye for an Eye but also though shalt not kill - the ultimate contradiction. Food for thought. What do you think? Nevermind, that's a heavy question. I learned in college that crime actually heightens in the area of the institution immediately after an execution - wow, people getting excited? People are hardly thinking about getting the needle when they are amidst a crime of passion - which murder often is. I hope this topic doesn't offend anyone - I have strong feelings about the subject on both sides of the fence but when all is said and done, I think I am ultimately opposed to capital punishment. It may be inhumane, but it's certainly freaking expensive. I believe it is cheaper to keep criminals alive in prison than to run the gamet of appeals. OMG, I had better not get started on prisons:)

Anyways, Jodi Picoult rocked. Clearly things she said resonated with me, and got my mind racing. She signed my book and the most intelligent thing I could think of to say to my literary idol was "you're awesome". Thank gosh I was merely a smudge in the crowd - so I am pretty sure she won't reflect about the idiot who called her awesome. Right? I am actually in that picture too but gosh, where did those gray roots some from? I think they sprang forth during the question and answer session. And I was in the middle of my stupid comment, nice face. Ah, the anonymity of the internet - whew:)

Thank you sister for lasso-ing your co-worker into getting us tickets and for enoying a great meal filled with high speed banter beforehand. Nothing like an impromptu girl's night with Jodi Picoult as the cherry on top.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

yarn candy

Okay, I have gone over a month without Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers, so I am making mostly good on my lenten promises but I did recently slip and buy some indie yarn. I am forgiving myself because I bought it entirely with the proceeds of sales from my stash via Ravelry - so its a wash, right? (please enable me and nod here) I got them today and had to share. And today I positively had it up to my eyeballs so took the afternoon off to relax - if I can't have a swimming pool with a swim-up bar, I'll take great yarn...

First is The Plucky Knitter - if you haven't read her blog, you just should. I think everyone would like a friend like this woman - she sounds too fun. And her yarn - omg. I had resisted but then saw so many beautful colorways over at Ravelry - I could resist no more.

Shropshire Merino Superwash Fingering

I'm kind of a purple junkie and my gosh, love the vibrant lavendar next to the browns.

Rosamund 80/20 Merino DK

Wowza, so soft and snuggly, I think it could make a beautiful little set for a baby, or some fingerless mitts, or whatever - for now, I would like to hang it off my keychain, a lucky rabbit's foot of sorts to rub at will. Why didn't I buy both skeins? doh!

Pigeonroof Studios fingering merino Autumn Cherry Light

Kirsten of Through the Loops!was right - she said I would love it. All I can say is, why didn't I love it sooner? Kirsten recently knit Ring of Fire socks, her own design, in the Pinklady colorway - lovely! I confess I surfed right over to Woolgirl to admire some more. Just looking.

I really am not a Noro hater after my last post, promise - I love Noro, I love the Clapotis I made from silk garden - but the sock yarn, not so much. I encourage anyone who is looking for something different and new to try the sock yarn - I was very on the fence all through the process, but I do love the colorway - just the texture is funky to me. Maybe smaller needles would have given me a fabric more to my liking? I'm far too "ready to move on" to rip out the whole thing though - a picot cuff? I would never frog picot.:) I'm so selfish with my time...I only frog if I see no other option to be honest - selfish or lazy? In any case - if your curious please try it - I found it a bit cheaper on ebay *wink*.

One last little bit for Madison area peeps - Jodi Picoult is coming to Border's on University Ave. tomorrow night - it sounds as though "due to her popularity" people can start getting "line tickets" at 9am for her 7pm discussion and book signing for her new book. I'm a little verklempt as my sister and I try to work out a way to weasel to the West side for those tickets at 9 am - in any case, maybe I 'll see you there?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Finished Noro


Okay, I cast off my first stockinette Noro yarn sock - mmm, the jury is still out. Even after a good soak, the fabric is a little odd, maybe a bit saggy? It could be a nice boot sock - maybe I just needed to go down a needle size? I will never know since I plan to make a mate but then that's it for me - no more Noro sock yarn. Tried it, meh. (so Knitting Bandit - you are off the hook on this one *hee hee* no more bad influence from me!)

I've read several books since my last review - but these are most deserving of a nod. Riding Lessons and Flying Changes are a "mini-series" by Sara Gruen who also wrote Water for Elephants.



The book centers around Annmarie Zimmer - once an Olympic bound jumper - but after tragedy strikes she decides she will never get on a horse again. Fast forward 20 years, Annmarie struggles through divorce, a sassy teenager, moving home to her parents' home - her father is dying from ALS and they have had a strained relationship since the Olympic hopeful became a has-been - she also can't seem to help but repeatedly make a fool of herself as she fails to "get a grip". In spite of all of her faults...Annmarie is likable and real - I had empathy for her pathetic, undone foundering.

I have been trying to journal my reading adventures as I am trying to read at least 52 books this year and in Riding Lessons I loved this passage - "I stop, perplexed. I examine it a little and toss about in my head, testing its consistency. I poke at it, and it pokes back. Is this what it feels like? Yes, by God it is. It's contentment, and I'm so full of it I almost don't know what to do."

Have you ever felt that - what a full feeling. You can feel the sun warm on your cheeks, your heart bursting against your sternum, so good. I was glad for Annmarie to find "it" after stumbling so aimlessly. I was glad to see her become a hero in her own right after being such a screw up. Very pleasurable books. I have struggled through a couple of so-so's, so these were a treat.

Lastly, Cinnamonamon tipped me off the new Knitty is up. I like the Honeycomb, looks like a nice scoopy vest that could be...wait for it...flattering!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Flat Peaknit **(and a Scout Spoiler)**

"Stanley Lambchop is just a normal boy, with a normal younger brother named Arthur, and two normal parents. That is, until a bulletin board falls on him during the night and flattens him to half an inch thick!"


I was thinking earlier this week I was just so deflated, someone could slide me under a door, or pop me in a mailbox slot - when it dawned on me - I feel like Flat Stanley. My daughter has been working on a school project with her gracious Chicago-based aunt and uncle - like the travels of Flat Scout from awhile maybe this is where my "flatness" analogy sprouted. But surely you have had that kind of day? Week? Just so worn down, worn out...I just know you have. I think it's a combination of the weather, last week's flu, the fact no one else cleans at my house, too much work and not enough daytime hours...No disrepect to any male readers, but I think (as a working mom), us ladies just have too many hats. When our kids are struggling, it's personal. When the house is a mess on wheels, it's personal. Too often, I think I feel like everything reflects on me somehow. It might sound nutty - so I am a flat nut...pea-nut that is.

The hat I like to wear on days like these is "knitter" - I have found my knitting to be my sanity. It may sound silly and contrite - but seriously, knitting gives me the calm of yoga right on the quiet of my own couch...Thank God for yarn.

And thank God for my rockin Scout Swag this week. It is my last installment of the club - and I think it is the best!

The yarn is Raspberry Sorbet...marchscout

I'm all about pink - what a breath of fresh air during such a downer week. And look - my favorite yarn "posing" spot is visible - some snow melted, and there was our back deck. Nice.

But then we also got a scarf stick from Romi...romi-oh

The gorgeousness is lost in translation - but omg, it is breathtaking - a little carves heart atop a dark wood swirly stick, I could have cried when I opened the box. Lovely. Perfect. Thanks Scout for making my week a little less 2-dimensional!! *ahhh*

And did I mention...Thank God it is Friday?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Punk Rock Gift Exchange Questionnaire

1. Why did you join PRGE?

It sounds like fun, the rules sound strict - which is reassuring after being completely abandoned on a recent swap - and I like rules anyways:) Plus it sounds fun, I'm a closet headbanger - so any "rock" related swap is intriguing.

2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)

Alone time, my kids' giggles, the Springtime breeze (thank god it is rumored to come back soon), fountain soda and taking the stairs.

3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?

A Clapotis out of Noro Silk Garden, two Koolhaas hats and several pairs of socks that stand out...the Dahlia pattern, the Yarntini Jaywalkers, Embossed Leaves...I also like some of things I have felted - what a neat process.

4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday?

Wow, this is a tricky one, I am usually pretty excited just to see the package. I would love to a see a new indie sock yarn I haven't tried, or a knitting book like Cat Bordhi's latest or perhaps a fiction book you've read and enjoyed, something handknit or sewn for me, gummi candy, a funky pen, something local to your area - like a postcard or whatever.

5. What are your three favorite yarns? What are your three least favorite yarns?

Favorites include Wollmeise, omg Wollmeise...Yarntini and Sundara. I am a fan of sock yarn in general and am always looking for a new one to try. So many cool indie dyers out there! I also love handspuns.

Least Favorites include fun fur or pretty much any novelty yarn.

6. What are your five favorite delicacies?

Cadbury mini-egg candies, gummi bears or gummi anything...any novelty candy or local things.

7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?

American Idol, I confess. Guitar Hero (my guy has the best hair) and reading or knitting wherever and whenever I can.

8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?

The TV show LOST, ordering out on the weekend, new yarn coming in the mail, yoga class and reading a new book. Oh, and Friday.

9. What do you collect?

I collect yarn...oops. I also like to get sheep when I see them, stationary, stickers, little notebooks, greeting cards.

10. When is your birthday?

May 17

11. Do you have any wishlists?


12. Do you have any allergies or health related conditions that your pal should know about?


13. What do you do for work and what do you do for fun?

I work in law enforcement, which can be fun and interesting. I like to read, walk and go to yoga when I am not knitting. I also like to sew, go to the movie theater and play board games. I also like to stamp and scrapbook but this has been squashed by my knitting time. I like to craft with my girls - ages 2 and 7 - when I can get them to sit down.

14. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?

I look forward to also getting to know you - I love getting e-mails and creating new friendships. I have developed some neat relationships via swaps or blogging - such a world of knitting support out there. I don't personally know a lot of knitters, so I really do rely on my blogland friends for inspiration and help - and they deliver. Can't wait to know you.

Oh, and I am peaknit over at Ravelry too.

Rock on!

noro sock
...and because every post should have a picture *giggle* this is my Noro sock so far - cruising along on my stockinette, the fabric is weird, the jury is out whether it is "weird good" or "weird-weird".

I also have Scout Swag to show but I'll try to be patient until more people have theirs - trust me - the BEST one yet!

gitchermitts and see my Stalkers

If you haven't stumbled over yet - Hello Yarn has posted the pdf for the much coveted Fiddlehead Mittens here. The kits were snapped up so quickly that it cause a major snafu and killed the server for a bit over there. I am settling for the pattern for now - well mostly because I can't get one but then there is that little in I have done like one, yes one, stranded project. But I must try these...someday.


I also finished up these socks last night. The pattern is Stalkers by John Brinegar over at Yarn Ball Boogie. I always get excited to see my bloglines light up when Yarn Ball has a new post - he seems like such a fun, clever, sarcastic person. Anyways, loved the pattern - and the resulting big, thick, cabley socks. Again, I think I should have went with a solid, but down the rabbit hole I went to a variegated - will I ever learn? I feel as though I have gyped my cables out of their proper "shazaam". Next time. The yarn is Firebird from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin' Socks Club.

I have gotten a pair of socks done each month, so far this year (I know that is like two months, whatever) - I'd like to keep the trend going - because I would have 12 new pairs of socks by the end of the year - and that is a good thing.

Next up...


This is Noro sock yarn in colorway #95. The feel is a bit rustic but I do like the wait for color changes, it is exciting to see what is ahead. I am using Hello Yarn's Simple Sock pattern with a charming picot cuff. This is my traveling sock. I'm considering casting on a only-knit-when-i-can-concentrate sock as well...that LaDigitessa Wollmeise is beckoning me like a siren, I wound it up just to admire the little cake. I think it needs to be become something fabulous - I know, why not the La Digitessa Sock - I can't help but consider a flutter?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Knitters are so awesome!

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled into the best deal ever with Eblina Birks over at Ravelry. She had some Turf Hello Yarn that I have wanted since I sent a skein of the same to a secret pal, the colorway is Turf. I love the golden contrast against the deep blue and olive green. I just love the blue combinations that Adrian comes up with.


So anyways, this started as an inquiry for the Turf but ultimately parlayed into a trade for the Turf and some handspun from Eblina Birks. She dyed the roving to my specifications and then uploaded a bit of handspun for my approval - can you imagine not loving handspun? Anyways, I present...


I think this is destined to be a Baby Surprise Jacket - Eblina Birks spun up enough specifically for this project for me. And the she even included two sets of gorgeous, handmade stitch markers "1 set of stitch markers for socks, 1 set of stitch markers that might be used for a BSJ" - the generosity was truly humbling. Thank you!

Now, I just need a "surprise" for this jacket - once it is knit:)

p.s. my mom loved the Evangelines!! and I got the distinct feeling my sister would be willing to wear myt next pair...