Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Birthday, Halloween, Crap-Fest, Scout Spoiler

My Trick-or-Treat girls...our little chicken will be a fluffy bunny tonight for the outdoor candy free-for-all...kind of chilly here in the mid-west.

It also happens to be my husband's birthday today - can you imagine, what a cool day to celebrate a birthday! Getting all dressed up, getting candy - plus a cake - plus presents? Nice. He declined to have a photo on the blog - so in light of the "crappy" day we have had - I will honor his request. You see our eldest DD came into our bedroom at 1:15am to inform that our darling dog had an accident on the floor - so our planned afternoon off of work of lunch and movies switched up to an afternoon of carpet cleaning and floor scrubbing - after an early morning rendevous of the same sans the rented carpet machine. Good stuff. But thankfully, our dog is the best so he shall be forgiven once his banishment to the garage ends post-cha cha. I know, too much information - but to truly appreciate the day I have had - well, you need details. *giggle*


On a good, no great note - got my Scout Swag today - shee-ya, it's gorgeous *happy dance* I think it may be the best so far. The colors make me think of apples and pears, a spicy fall palette. Also included was a pattern by Lisa Shobhana, famed author of Yarnplay. And Elemm from Knitter's Uncensored graciously wrote up a chart. Another for the queue. Gosh, fellow Ravelers, how big is your queue?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Koolhaas is a Kool Haat! and STR spoiler!

koolhaas architechture...

I finished my Koolhaas last night. brooklyn tweed's pattern is simply gorgeous - easy to follow and easy to do. Just a little cabling knowledge and good to go. I am going to start another one in red Rowan Cashoft - I think these will go into my holiday gift bag. (wait - it's just been gifted to my little sister - looks great with her long hair, a perfect beanie!) My daughter has even requested a hat - after being my faithful model. I have a Meathead made up for her - but I need to felt a funky little flower. That's another post. Does anyone know if the Meathead pattern has been made available in a book yet? Just wondering.

another kool shot...

I also got my STR Rockin Socks kit this week. The colorway is Lenore - black and magenta - very Halloweenish, very elegant. I didn't like the plastic spiders in there - I just don't like spiders - plastic or otherwise. But the pattern is pretty amazing - it is by Ms. Yarn Harlot herself. Nice and interesting cuff and lace. A keeper.



confession...I ordered a hank of roving this week from zen string - I think I am hooking up with a drop spindle class. Funky Carolina makes me want to spin, spin, spin. Or try, right?

I sent out my Single Sock Liberation Movement pal package today. And I have recast on my Harvest Sock Pal's Jaywalkers again - that would be um, #4. Anyone ever hear that the fourth time's the charm? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And when I am not collecting yarn - I knit.

Koolhaas so far...

I started Jared Flood of brooklyntweed's fabulous, architechtural hat from the new Holiday Knits published by Interweave. It is called Koolhaas, and was inspired by a library in Seattle - gorgeous photos and the story behind the design can be found on his blog here. Link over - I'll wait...isn't it breathtaking? I so impressed with the duplicity of this pattern - so complicated but yet so simple. I have been employing the cabling without a cable needle method - this has been a time saver.

I think I am in love with cables. I think they flow so naturally. I am using Tahki Yarns Savoy - it is 52% silk, I like the sheen. Jared used something decadent with yak fiber - and Sundara (I think in green tea) - so my next yarn collection stop will include some Sundara, this hat would make a nice holiday knit - hence the name of the magazine, eh? Darn - I missed every skein I wanted at Sundara - I sent an e-mail 8 minutes after it was up - I was robbed. :)

I also need to get back to casting on that cursed Jaywalker again for my Harvest Sock Swap pal - it's on my to do list. My partner got in touch with me - squee - so everything is in motion. I hope to send the Embossed Leaves sock out to my other single sock swap pal this week - I hope the pattern is complicated enough to qualify for something fun but tricky. Personally, I love this sock.

On other yarn collecting news, my Fratello Kit came yesterday - de-light-ful! The yarn seriously looks like coffee with a little bit of cream swirled in. The pattern is such a professional quality and the laminated chart - ingenious! Marjan also included a few chocolate covered coffee beans - I'm not a coffee lover (fountain soda all the way!) - but what a nice little bribe for someone who is. I think Yarnissima has another winner, and with Wollmeise - where can I go wrong?? Which reminds me, I need to cast on a second Firestarter as well. If you have missed out, be sure to join the KAL here - send me an e-mail and I'll gladly hook you up.

yummy latte fratello

Monday, October 22, 2007

Author sighting!

Susie and her sweet daughter/ photographer...

I went to Susie's book signing for Itty Bitty Nursery on Saturday at Lakeside Fibers - she is so darn nice. She wrote wonderful things on her blog about me and I am blushing, she gives me way more credit that I deserve - but thank you! I really like the Pay-It-Forwardness, Susie wrote that she was inspired to blog by me (imagine?!), and then Jill from Knitterella commented over at Susie's that she was inspired to blog by her - love that. You knitters are amazing.

This book holds a special spot in my heart because I was able to see the unbound mock-up in Spring when Susie and I met up at Lakeside for some knitting and talking - lots of talking, little knitting actually - so I kind of feel like I have gotten to peek at this gorgeous book from creative "gestation" to it's birth - and now the debutante party. I was especially looking forward to meeting Grumpy Old Bear, my gosh, he is a sweet thing in person!

I don't have many babies to knit for right now, but I just love the sweetness that nearly oozes from this book, it almost hurts my teeth it's so...sugar. One can't help the involuntary "awww" as you page through each darling design, one cuter than the next. This book perfectly compliments Itty Bitty Hats - more itty bitty - sweaters, hats, toys - decadence for baby. If you are so blessed to have a yummy, sweet-headed baby in your life, go get one:)

Grumpy Old Bear in person...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Immediate gratification knitting restores faith...


I took a sock-break yesterday, after my Jaywalker fiasco - I needed a breather.

I have been searching for a hat pattern for my Funky Carolina Handspun and through the miracle of Ravelry - I found this Dulaan Fetching Inspired Hat over at Grace knits a LOT! I loved the Fetching mitts last year so this seemed a natural progression. What a lovely knit-in-an-afternoon kind of project. I'm in love.

Here it is modeled by my daughter - but it really is for me:) I am thinking I could even fashion a couple of little pom-pons out of my left-over and hang them off of the top - that might be a bit much...

Anyways, thank you Grace for inadvertantly helping me rediscover my patience.


**maybe I will let my daughter have this hat after I finish drawing up the contract = if she loses it, I get her first-born child - that's fair, right?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I think I'll warm up by the fire...


But first, I have to frog this whole damn sock so I can use my size 1 dpn's for kindling. All of this and it is too snug, hard to pull over my heel - and this is for my swap partner - I think her foot is very similar to mine - sooo, back to the drawing board. I think that I will knit a hat and take some deep breaths before I bother to get back to my Harvest Swap Sock. I think I'll just try the same sock again on #2's - I mean, why did I ever think I could use #1's? I have never used 1's - never. ugh. *expletive, expletive, expletive*

p.s. I don't think I have heard from my Harvest Pal, the person who has my name - I'm sure life is in the way...but I'd love to learn a little about you:)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

mopey dopey sunday

It kind of feels like a slow motion Sunday - it's so dreary out, the rain is steadily hitting the windows. Kind of perfect a pre-fall day in my mind's eye. It was still dark at 7 am, nice to enjoy the peace of the house before enjoying the Peace of The House. But now, it's time for cleaning and laundry, kind of lazy in between. Wash the dishes, rest, throw in another load of whites, rest, sweep the floor, rest...can you guess my meaning of perfect? It's between the chores - rest, that is what Sunday is for. Soon knitting and football shall commence.


So my newest knitting is another start on my Harvest Sock Swap. I tried the Jaywalker twice using Wollmeise Turkis and Karneol - both times, different needle sizes, still pooling. So I wound that back up in favor of some Yarn Pirate Punkin Head - I love this yarn. I generally find YP to be a bit thin - but it is a generous weight for the Jay - for the many cast on stitches - perfect on my size #1. I love the ever-subtle striping and the aptly "harvest" colors of raspberry, mocha and bitterswet. I'm pretty excited that the yarn and sock pattern have finally come together - I hope my pals loves it too - would it be wrong to include a note suggesting she return it if she doesn't? *giggle*


And then I just wanted to share my new acquisition. My yarn diet is not lost, promise. I just had to have this skein of handspun - I was trolling and saw Funky Carolina's spinning combined with Hello Yarn's fiber - Pretty Posies - I figured this was a marriage made in heaven. I have been so wanting to see some handspun in person. I am thinking sweet little hat for winter - I found one that could be a great source of inspiration, then I lost it (WAIT! Here it is!)...I'll probably just end up with plain stockinette to appreciate my first go at handspun, though suggestions would be delightful.

I have lofty goals this week - I hope to wrap up my Jaywalker, cast on my other Firestarter, get out my Clapotis and knit on, since I will need to it soon for the Wisconsin weather and wind up this yarn for my hat-to-be. Kind of makes me need to rest, just pondering it all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

*warning* ADD post ahead

ADD in that I can't seem to stay on topic, so hang on and stay with me.


I finished my first Firestarter today - I am in love with the crazy-unique gusset. It was really interesting to knit and the heel way kicked the ass of a short row version in my opinion. And the traveling cables along the foot and leg - gorgeous!

And then, I just ordered Yarnissima's Fratello kit today - more Wollmeise, more wonderful gusset architecture. I am so weak.


I took my eldest daughter Halloween costume shopping today. The original plan was to hit Jo-Ann fabrics for a pattern, she wanted to be a genie. We found a cool pattern but the immediate gratification of a crap "store bought" costume was more appealing, so she voted for something from a big box store. I am so sad. Yes, buying something off the rack saves me time and may actually save me money - but where is the pleasure in that? Ah, I was 7 once.

Has anyone seen Pushing Daisies? A new show on ABC? The narrator's details, combined with the colorful settings are so Lemony Snicket - I really dig it. And tonight one of the male leads was knitting - yes, knitting (and a burly, manly dude, to boot) - the narrator said stockinette and purling - love. Though I am curious to see how far the producers can go on the premise...we'll see.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I won a prize!! And a memememe


I won this fabulous little stationary sampler from Knitterella - I love stationary. And since I didn't win a nifty flower tag - I just had to order one *giggle* Isn't it darling? It's a pin too - I'm pretty sure it's for me. Thank you Jill, for a great little give-a-way and drawing my name!


I have also been tagged by Heather to report 7 "truths", somehow calling crazy details "truths" takes it up a notch - like you're taking a peek into my backyard or something.

The rules are:
1. Link the one who tagged you
2. Tell 7 truths about yourself, something funny/different
3. Tag 7 people at the end of the blog
4. Leave a message in their blog telling them that they have been tagged

So here goes nothing.

1. I look forward to my annual gynocological exam (you said "truths" right?). I love my OB/ GYN so much - even before I went through two pregnancies with her - she just rocks. I wish she was my friend.

2. I played the flute through highschool, and even went to bandcamp and was the drum major. I loved band.

3. I like heavy metal music - like Cinderella, some Metallica and Motley Crue to name just a few. I like to bang my head and once asked my hairdresser to cut my hair like the lead singer of Motley Crue - I was in the 8th grade.

4. I ran into the wall last night and thought I sprained my arm. My little one decided to climb out of her crib at 1 AM and turn the living room lights on - in my shock I apparently ran into the window ledge and hurt my arm while simultaneously stubbing my toes on the bathroom scale. I cursed. And seriously, my first thought - other than %^&$ ouch! was "I won't be able to knit". I'm generally a klutz.

5. I drive too fast - my co-workers thought it would be funny to give me a handmade speeding ticket. A co-worker today asked if I went through a lot of brakes. Actually I don't. I have never been in an acident - well other than backing into a pole at a function with many county police deputies. Secretly, I would love to drive a race car.

6. I'm so scared to fly I am paralyzed at the thought - I would need drugs, but only since 9-11. Even though Real Simple Magazine wrote last month that one in 15,000,000 people that fly dies whil 1 in 243 that drive does. That's sobering.

7. I remember songs by grade - oh, I was in 7th grade when Pyromania came out. I was in 9th grade when Push it was popular. The best Skid Row album was released the summer after I graduated hugh school. I know lyrics to so many songs, all gernres (well, except old country). I think music helps me survive the day sometimes. I usually have to get my radio organized before I pull away. And I drive a 97 beast-of-a-Pathfinder, I treasure it because it has a Bose stereo. One day I will just have 4 wheels and a Bose, but love my music.

8. bonus truth - I dress kind of girly for work and stuff but if you didn't guess, I'm such a tom boy. Grew up hanging with the guys, continued to giving them girl advice in highschool. I think guys are just safer, no painful gossip? I also curse like a sailor and like to watch action movies. I don't mind getting dirty - as long as I am dressed for it. This all seems so stereotypical... But let me add, blogging and knitting has lead me to find some neat relationships with women, it has been so eye opening and wonderful - this is what I was missing. I have a couple of super special girlfriends in real life - again, they are kind of rougue-ish disguised as awesome fashion queens, women rock - just sayin.

I don't normally like to tag people, free will and all. But if you are up for the challenge please do this on your blog and let me know you have the courage!:)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

A blogger meet up

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Auntly H. of Beyond Your Peripheral Vision. She is originally from Wisconsin, it seems we may have literally graduated highschool at the same moment just 30 miles away from one another. She was in town for a fabulous weaving event at her mom's store - which is just blocks away from where my dad worked for several years and near a street where I had stumbled along on one of my first home visits on the job 14 years ago. The world is so small. And I love that.

We met at a LYS where they have a cute little coffee shop nestled in back. I immediately recognized her fabulous Indigo Ripples skirt and great danskos.

I took some knitting along - I had cast on my Harvest Sock Swap just as was heading out the door so I would have something I could work on without looking, some ribbing was just the trick. I took some show and tell. There was some showing but then lots of telling. Not a stitch was knit. 3 hours flew by and I thought up 10 more questions I had meant to ask as was driving to my next stop. I really had meant to explore her passion of book binding - maybe next time? I really enjoyed spending time with a fellow blogger. We seemed to agree on the tilted-head-deer-in-headlights look we have occasioned from non-knitters/ non-bloggers - good to find a kindred spirit. It is amazing to talk about the 6 degrees of separation all bloggers seem to have - how when she was living abroad and met Mrs. B. and Victor of Knitters Uncensored, her love affair with Wollmeise which subsequently sparked mine, how I aught to pin my avatar Jaywalkers to my shirt - since we have become known as our avatars. We talked about Ravelry - the incredible concept of it as well as a few helpful tips. I think we covered a lot of ground, I think the only thing we missed was politics:) It was truly refreshing to chat with someone about the secrets of the blogworld - a group I am so glad to be a part of. Knitters rock!

**FYI - there is a new Knitter's Uncensored podcast up - in case you were wondering...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

To swap or not to swap...that is the question



My Embossed Leaves sock is finished. I am involved in two single sock swaps - so I started the sock with my pals' taste in mind and because I love the pattern and this Sundara yarn. But who to give it to? I am still working out the finer details, em. I soaked the sock in well, SOAK, for about 30 minutes last night with just a teeny bit of wash out - it is blocked, and ready.

Today I took the afternoon off of work (how decadent) expressly to move forward on my Firestarter. The pattern is by Yarnissima. (come join the Sock-A-long here)


The picture I realize is slightly odd -I think it is because of the position of my needles, I had to center the side traveling stitches in order to use my favorite 5 needle method. I am about to embark on the gusset, and given this is my first try at "traveling" stitches...I'm pretty stoked. The yarn is my prized Wollmeise, in Veilchen. (Wollmeise's new shop is OPEN and found here - no pressure.) Again, this could be a swap sock. If anything, anyone who could be my potential pal will be in the dark as to what sock I am really swapping, eh? (you know, since I also seem to be in the dark)

And just because, I also wound up more Wollmeise in Turkis and Karneol. This skein has so many of my partners suggested colors in it, maybe this is the one? It's a skein of fall. A Jaywalker perhaps?


I think the suspense is killing me. *giggle* Lucky I have a month or so to narrow my choices. Suggestions encouraged. Thanks knitters!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yarn Browsing and a laugh

Okay, admittedly, I'm sad that Sundara's Club is changing - I have been in love with the delightful packaging and amazing patterns... but have you seen her new permanent colors? I am in love with almost every one but especially Grape over Grey Violet. Maybe to make that Tatami Kimono I have been dreaming about? Ah, I have a few projects in queue before I can start that, but it's a good holiday gift idea huh? I mean the kit, for myself. Of course you knew that, rght?

And have you seen Madelinetosh? Wow, she is another lovely indie dyer that I may need to get my paws on soon. Some Robin's Nest, Peony and Ginseng - I mean, if I were in the market for more yarn, that is. *giggle*

And lest I forget, in case anyone was wondering - Wollmeise is open for business - woot woot! I am on a diet - again, it's on the Christmas list - but like any good yarn addict, I wanted to pass on the information.

And because I can laugh at myself and this post needs a photo...
My husband and I at Senior Prom - circa 1989

We celebrated 13 years of marriage yesterday - and 19 years of dating. Eek! Where does the time go? You gotta love the 80's big hair and mullet - I chuckled when I dug this one out of the vault! Our life has evolved to children, gray hair and early bed times, but he's still the one!

Tomorrow I hope to flash my finished Embossed Leaves sock - I have enjoyed every gorgeous chart.