Saturday, August 30, 2008

sweater lust and sexy vampires

Aw, I was so humbled by the kind comments on my February Ladies Sweater - it was such a fun knit. Between the fun, the relatively decent fit, no seaming and all of your kindness, I think I need to knit another sweater. I may be changing my socktacular ways. Knitting monogamy is for the birds! I feel like my eyes are open to the possibilities of sweaters - though I won't pretend to get excited about seaming just yet...

*enter* Madelinetosh Worsted in Tern

I have a pile of worsted weight awaiting the call to duty. I saw Wendy Bernard's Ingenue in her new book Custom Knits - what do you think? It's like a FLS only no lace or open front - I love top-down no seaming, though it could be even more Jackie O'esque as a cardigan, no? The book is on the way, I had an gift certificate burning a hole...we'll see - so many sweater choices.

Speaking of Amazon - books - sheesh - I have burned through the entire Twilight series this week - I'm on the last half of the last book. It's been rather addictive. So much so that my sister borrowed the first one and then could not stop herself from buying the other 3, its quite ridiculous. We have been texting back and forth all week - unabashedly speculating "will there be some sex?" because we've decided vampires are sexy. Okay, yes, it's about vampires. Yes, it's teenage lit (and we want some sex? the shame. Thankfully for us there was at least inference of some consumating...) Yes, it's going to be a movie - and damn, me and Kasey are going to go out for fondue and see it the second it premeires - I am maximizing my pleasure with this reading adventure for sure.

Once I finish Breaking Dawn - I will be 15 books from my 52 book goal for the year - losing sleep over the Cullen Family has really gotten me a jump on my goal. Now, if I could just figure out how to sleep like this...the kid can sleep anywhere...lucky.


Enjoy a safe Labor Day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

At last....

My February Ladies Sweater *cast on July 10, buttons on August 25*

Yay! It's off the needles. Forgive the sassy picture, I was getting a little silly running back and forth to my timer trying to get a decent picture...I positively hate having my picture taken but finishing this sweater gave me sense of pride, I gave myself permission to get stupid and show off a bit. Woo hoo! I love it! I never thought I would say I love a sweater I knit - I mean, I am a sock knitter, afterall. A sock knitter who just purchased 5 skeins of Madelintosh Worsted in Tern, em.

p.s. thank you flintknits for adapting this pattern for grown ups, I love the top down construction, the garter yoke, and even the never-ending gull

Sunday, August 24, 2008

knitting, spinning and broken bones

At last I have cast off the February Ladies Sweater, whew - it's blocking and I am praying - that it will dry my size, if by magic. If it does not fit accross my bust like I hope I plan to add this modification, an added button band - clever - but here's hoping it does not come to that. Thank you all for your generous input about my buttons - I am going wood for this sweater but I might try to tailor my next sweater project to work with those metal ones if I can - since I do love the intricate detail. Yes, I did say "next" sweater. This is only my second official sweater - the FLS has been such a fun knit, I want more - I am planning to have another cheap romp with a sweater soon - sorry socks.

This week I have been spinning a little bit here and there - here is my first semi-useable two ply...maybe a coaster? :)

Flawful Fibers Shetland Magoo

I'm fighting with my wheel to get the two ply to spin onto the bobbin - I said the "f" work several times - not the typical vision of a milkmaid spinning, but ah well. I have been spinning up pencil roving at the suggestion of my own spinning fairy godmother at Bockstark Knits, what a difference that makes - so little drafting to be done to get skinny and presentable singles, at least I hope - we'll see come ply-day.


I'm really hoping the wheel class at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool will be the "ah-ha" moment for me. fingers crossed. If you happen to get to the S & W (Sept 5-7), chocolatesheep is planning an after-party - no doubt a far cry from the after parties of college - far more fun and I won't spend $5 for a cup I won't use. However, I am still happy to be a desinated driver if anyone is interested...

Lastly, my eldest broke her arm this week - dangerously close to a growth plate, - sheesh, I've seen about enough of the hospital lately:) She may have to have surgery if things shift - here's hoping faith is on our side again. She is being a rock star about the discomfort and has been somewhat humble about the gifts she has garnered...I think she is seeing the silver lining of breaking a bone, em.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm nothing if not a bandwagon jumper...

Yes, it's true folks - I get on the bandwagon.

Wagon #1: The February Ladies Sweater

I am so close to finishing my FLS - does it seem like I have been writing about it forever? It kind of feels like it. I have one sleeve to go and then some blocking and praying - praying it grows a bit. Even though it is not a FO - I wanted to show you my progress anyways...


Can you help me decide on buttons? I mean your opinions will be invaluable if I ever finish...


I love them both for different reasons. I kind of think the dark wood would work best with this colorway, natural and warm, but I'm torn. I love the intricacy of the metal buttons, hmmmm.

Bandwagon #2: Meyer Book Series


The series of books by Stephanie Meyer starts with Twilight. I wanted to read it before the movie comes out! I grabbed it up this week and I must admit, it's hard to put down, I finished it in a few days - a good recommendation from my non-blogging friend Christine. It's touted as teenage fiction, but it's good for us grown-ups too. It's a nice thick book but a simple read. The author has a knack for describing details, I can picture the scenes, the moods of the characters, I enjoy reading material that help me conjure a vivid visual and this book has to get the second volume....

Bandwagon #3: NPR Podcasts

My sister and her husband are technically the only others I personally know on this wagon but I would like to invite any bandwagon jumpers to come aboard with us if you have the time - check out This American Life podcast, it's free from NPR. I am intrigued by the topics. Yesterday I heard a delightful but unpublished fiction on this episode, read by Dermot Mulrooney, it's about how truth comes out, it's quite silly really, absurd almost - the author is Etgar Keret. Worth a listen; I promise.

Bandwagon #4: Spinning

I alluded all over the place to this one in my last post - but I like what I am seeing so far. I tried some pencil roving today as Bockstark suggested, and wow, what a difference this kind of roving makes in lending spinning confidence - if you are a new spinner, must. get. some. pencil. roving.

Friday, August 15, 2008

the kindness of bloggers

Bockstark handspun

This arrived in the mail yesterday - into my grubby little mitts - I squealed. Kris from Bockstark Knits (see her ravelry stash here) and I struck a deal, though I must say - she was clearly on the short end. She agreed to spin me 8oz of Crown Mountain Farms, I merely had to throw in a second roving for her. I know people, it sounds too good to be true. She spun up nearly 900 yards of fingering weight We are The Champions for little old me (I've renamed it Bockstark is THE Champion). Words can't really express my gratitude. Really, I am humbled.

She also sent me this - pigeonroof studios BFL and some FatCatKnits Merino Tencel - and some "crap" roving, that made me giggle - good practice stuff. But seriously, the

My visions of handspun started really heating up when I saw the trade that Bockstark and Micki of a thing for string (ravelry stash here) made awhile back - it seems to me, as I followed the documented fiber trail, that it was that handspun from Micki that truly got Kris started spinning and spinning. I have rabidly followed both of these spinners blogs - watching from the sidelines. I even won a skein of coveted handspun from Micki's blog contest - the stars were lining up!

Then as soon as I sent the roving to Germany for my own trade I started firing e-mails back back and forth with Bockstark about spinning, how could I get started? My ideas of waiting to take a class and look at wheels at the Sheep and Wool in September quickly fell by the wayside - I got my Lendrum and have spun up some pathetic beginnings - I have hope however, with Kris' encouragment that one day - I might be able to gift her some handspun in return - it is a lofty goal, I know.

Other pretty handspun I have admired, well actually, that has me all in a lather... (some ravelry links) - SourCherries' entire stash, Krista of Pigeonroof Studios, Carrie of Funky Carolina, my favorite skein from Through the Loops, everything from UptheMudCreek, Gherkin's stash - and this folks, is merely the tip of the iceberg...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

it aint pretty...

Hello Yarn, Romney Wool Top - Threatened by Rust

But it is my first schmibbles of handspinning on "my wheel". I'm pretty stoked in spite of it's slubby lumpiness. It is clearly a hobby that will take some work - I need to figure out how to draft just right and keeping those treadls going clockwise - I have never been able to master the stick shift/ clutch concept - hope that doesn't stand in my way here, eh em.

Meanwhile, a hoarding I will go...

too much roving

p.s. This last week was one that does not bear repeating any time soon - gramma sailed through surgery but she had a number of ups and downs at the hospital - so for now, I am glad she is tucked into the nursing floor of her CBRF - gramma, feeling crappy as she did with her prize-fighter-worthy briusing, still managed to look disdainfully around the room she has to share. Gotta love that feistiness. Thank you again for all of your kind prayers.

Meanwhile, I have just a bit more than a sleeve to go on my Feb. Ladies Sweater - I'll be glad to be done, these "bigger" needles are killing me, I think I'm a sock gal!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

it's here! and memememe!!


Meet my Lendrum DT...unnamed, unused - this is it for now. I will just gaze at her in wonder. I'll share something when (and if) I have something to share:)

Meanwhile I was over at two knits of ivory , Morticcia had this little memory lane meme...I couldn't help it.

Who was your first prom date?
Travis, a wonderful friend - he wanted to be more than friends, but shucks - he was so darn nice - we had the most fun being silly. I occasionally see him, and it just makes my day.

Do you still talk to your first love?
nope - however, I do run into his sister occasionally who is compelled to fill me on on what's going on with him and his family - I think she tells him what I am up to also - so vicariously, maybe.

What was your first alcoholic drink? I'm going to guess Sun Country Wine Cooler out of the 2-liter bottle - am I dating myself? hee hee

What was your first job for pay?
Frosty's Frozen Custard - it was such good fun. The boss's son now owns the place and we share giggles occasionally - he remembers when I dumped a full mop bucket over at closing time - it comes up everytime I see him, ineveitably. I called him some expletives because he laughed at me in 1987!

What was your first car?
1982 Buick Skylark - two toned, dark blue on the bottom, ecru on the top - the tires squealed like a mo fo - that's what I would have said at 18. I got a humongous speeing ticket in it, I'd had my license 2 weeks. The District Attorney gave me a break (as much as he could, seriously, 36 miles over - eep - the speedometer really didn't work, but come on...) - I now work with that DA pretty regularly as part of my job - weird.

Who was the first person to text you today?
My sister - she is the Queen of the texts in the family - she's just a girl compared to me:)

Who is the first person you thought of this morning?
My grandma - who is doing awesome post-surgery. Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words!

Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs. Strom in Fort Atkinson, WI - she let me bring the Kiss Destroyer album cover for show and tell - that's a coool lady.

Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
Florida, on my honeymoon.

Who was your first best friend and are you still friends?
Tammi - we met the first day of kindergarten. I wouldn't call us "friends" anymore - we exchange holiday cards now.

What was your first sport played?Softball my freshman year - I stayed with it until I was a senior - I was not Varsity material - I thought it was a "game" and didn't get all sad when we lost - didn't jive with the rest of the gals...

Who was the first person you talked to this morning?
My husband...

Whose wedding were you first in?
Tammi's - maybe we were closer 14 years ago, huh?:) But I did always wonder why I was in it.

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Woke up thankful my grandma is doing well.

What was the first concert you went to?
AC/DC Blow up Your Video in 1988 with my friend (and prom date) Travis - at the Coliseum in MAdison, WI - omg, it rocked! The guy next to me got busted for pot in the parking lot - I was such a good girl, he scared me. Now I supervise people like him - poetic, huh? And seriously, I have learned pot isn't the worst crime in the world, unfortunately.

What was your first tattoo or piercing?
I got my ears pierced in 6th grade.

What was your first run in with the law?
I hid under a manure spreader at a party that was raided when I was in 10th grade - mind you, I hadn't drank a drop - but aforesaid first boyfriend had - so we hid for an hour. By the way - I was the ONLY kid at the party who got grounded - My mom had to pick me and dragged me by the hood to the cops to find out what was going on - I was grounded for "not calling when the alcohol came out". Hence why I was such a good kid - I had no choice!:) (okay, okay, I made some bad choices now and then...)

Who was your first roommate?
Other than my sister - My first unknown roommate in college bailed before we got started - not sure what happened, so a highschool peer who was looking to get out of the house, and happened to be going to UW-Whitewater moved in. BIGGEST mistake - she was awful - her boyfriend stayed all the time and got mad when I would be up typing homework - hello, my room too!

Where did you go in your first limo ride?
From church to my wedding reception:)

With that - I wish you all good night! Thank you again for your kind words about my grandma - Everything went so well - she is a champ! I knit so much in the hospital, it is the first time I went to bed with a sore wrist. I am 1/2 into a sleeve in my February Ladies Sweater - and think the damn thing is going to be too small - so here's to some serious mom is littler than me, and said "oh, my favorite color" - maybe her wish will come true - doh!:0

Saturday, August 02, 2008

gimme some water...

Did anyone recognize that title from an Eddie Money song? He was just at our County Fair...a local band opened for him, I find that a little sad but anyways...


It is a new Project Spectrum round, water...blues, purples, black. Well, from looking at my stash - I clearly like blue and purple and this round will apparently give me a chance to really go stash diving. yay! I am sputtering to the end of my gull lace bodice on my February Sweater - I'm loving it, though I am curious how much it will stretch when blocked, and I am praying it will fit - that is "fit while buttoned". But lo and behold, it is blue - so it fits nicely with PS. I am also planning to cast on for the Stacked Cowl using Mama Blue Troika Sport in Trifle, a lovely glisten-y purplely, brown. I figure that will be a simple but fabulous hospital project, if I can't focus on the FLS. The cowl pattern was created by Sour Cherries, a truly pretty blog to read.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers, I truly believe in the power of prayer - I'm knitting some into my sweater today. Last night, I spent the evening with my *gramma*, she is so strong and her faith is just unshakable. We talked about surgery and she believes when her number is up, well, that is it - though she added she was sure God would guide her surgeon's hand - how cool is that?

**I swear, I thought this was one way how to spell grandma until adulthood because I had been writing to my dear "gramma" since I could sound out words - I must have been hooked on phonics... Seriously, I quilted her a wall hanging for her apartment that had "Gramma" on it in big letters - when I hung it up... THAT was when it dawned on me, wait that is not "one" of the spellings for grandma. Doh!**

So drink in some water with me- imagine purples and blues coursing through your fingers in the shower, put your toe in, come splash with me!

One last thing - all of this talk of praying reminds me there is an awesome drawing going on over at earthchickknits - her story is pretty amazing - the prizes are breathtaking. A teeny donation might just get you a big prize!:)