Thursday, April 30, 2009

almost nothing makes me more giddy...

than a gorgeous pile of books to read.


Isn't that a pretty sight?

Several are new Amazon arrivals. One is from the library. One is from my book club, QPB. And one just arrived from I just love books. To own, to borrow, to lend, to carry without purpose, to smell, to gift, to lose sleep over, to covet and to read again. I love to have a pile waiting for me.

Now I am off to bed for my nightly ritual...of books, of course. Nighty night!

Friday, April 24, 2009

"good" week

First, I had a good start...


I really like how sweet and feminine picot is, and while it's kind of a chore, it's a good thing. It turned out to be an awesome knit-group-knit, too - I cannot walk and chew gum but I can chat and knit stockinette. whew. And if I keep at this baby, I can pull it's lonely match off the singles market.

Then I had a good spin...

Hello Yarn - Throve - Corridale

Is it redundant to day I like this skein best? Because I think I love this one the best.

And I watched a good movie...


And I started a good book...


So all in all, it's good.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ishbel Insanity


Ishbel by Ysolda Teague
Yarntini Fingering :: "The Crotch on Those Pants is Insane" inspired by Michael Kors on Project Runway.

What a quick, instant gratification-y project. It's a little teeny but it was fun, and possibly a warm-up for a larger one in sport-weight? An addictive little shawl-ette that is spreading like wild-fire over at Ravelry. The yarn was great to knit, the name got me. I got into Yarntini's new semi-solid club, bring it on:)

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! This fiber by Funky Carolina called "Duck Feet" just makes me think spring:

yarn 001

Now if we can just get some spring weather to match. Have a good week!

(And because I think my cat is the cutest guy ever and I am having fun experimenting with a new lens...a token pet shot::)

ETA: would you even guess this spry guy is 15 years old? The best cat ever.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Funky Hat Swap

The Funky Carolina group over at Ravelry had a Funky Handspun Hat Swap and I joined up, because my spinning is starting to get worthy of sharing - and any reason to knit with it is a good thing. My partner is so kind and a master spinner - see her etsy shop here, so she gave me lots of good advice. I made Through The Loops! One Day Beret for my partner, Sheknitigans. A disclaimer - it did not take me one day - haha! I knit and then pulled part back because it wasn't slouchy enough - I think it was pretty close to what I wanted when I did cast off. Here is my daughter trying her best to look french, studiously clutching her book, imagining accordian music in the background...

one day beret
Funky Carolina BFL Really and a little Madtosh Worsted in Allysum

Sheknitigans received it Wednesday, so it is safe to reveal. And now my daughter has put in her beret order. I'm so flattered when she loves my stuff, I just can't keep up with her wishes.

And this is the gorgeous Thorpe Coley created for me:

Picture 264

This is also Funky BFL but, can I tell you it feels like silk. The drape is fabulous. Thank you Coley, it is gorgeous and a perfect fit! I may, however have to hide it from my daughter. And as luck would have it (luck...ha) we are expecting a snow storm this weekend - so I might have an opportunity to don it before Spring gets here. At least there is a silver lining to a finally snow blast...