Sunday, October 03, 2010

squeaky cheese in one pocket, heirloom tomatoes in the other...

Sign of a good weekend - is a great trip to the farmers market. I felt pretty smug with my squeaky cheese and pretty tomtoes in my pockets...and a butternut squash, and spicy cheese bread, kolarabi, leeks and a rhubarb pocket, and chocolate cherry panettone.

My husband and I celebrated 16 years of marriage Friday so my folks swept up the kids from school and we had a nice dinner out and a great kidless trip to the Dane County Farmer's Market Saturday morning - what a treat. I also finished this knitting project...

honey cowl knit from Mama Blue Troika Worsted in Lagoon

Jeez, this was so boring, my eyes almost bled. But it is a nice finished project that has marinated for months and months. It is a super squooshy infinite scarf wrapped around my daughter twice, so super cozy. Maybe holiday gift #2? I wanted to clear a project before starting my Through the Loops Mystery socks. I cast them on, but I am not sure I love the yarn I've chosen - so more on that later. And of course, I cast on another project to be companion to the mystery socks - of course (I have hidden all of my other WIP's this weekend too - clever, huh?).

I have a couple of yummy links to share...I made this crock pot Spinach Pesto Lasagna - if it tastes 1/2 as good as it smells, its a winner. Also this Apple Gallete. Mine is turning golden brown as I type.

And lastly, have you seen Jared Flood's new yarn? o.m.g. Shelter - must have. Jared is coming to my local knitting guild - I have never joined and his venue is for members only. I feel a little guilty - but I think I have to member up - Jared is going to be within 20 miles of me, I think I should see him. Would that be incredibly tacky? I ask because, well, it kind of would be - but I think I gotta. I promise that I always try to use my manners and always follow the rules...but I may have to sneak in under the buzzer on this one...