Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lordy, lordy...

So I am 40 today. I had been telling myself for the past year "it's only a number". But subconsciously, I have been in some kind of crazy, dark place - very bizarre and perhaps my thinking somehow personifies "mid-life crisis". Ew, I haven't liked it one bit. But somehow, now that I am "over the hump" so-to-speak, I think I am okay. I actually had a woman at the Aveda Store today tell me "congratulations" when I told her I was 40 today - "congratulations"? And you know, I am pretty sure she meant it - and somehow that might have been what I need to hear to help me believe maybe I'll be okay.

It has been so daunting because I have never really been overly concerned about my age or a new wrinkle or my pre-maturely gray hair. But then this year, I have struggled to stay active, pounds have creeped on a bit, I have abandoned yoga practice, I have lost my knitting mojo here and there - insanity compounding insanity. So, while many people make new year resolutions, I think I need to try to live my 40th year more mindfully. It's kind of like waking up after a too long nap - I need to remember I am in control here, now to grab the wheel, right? Sheesh.

So, I got a cool new bicycle, and I am going to yoga tomorrow - I have committed to my teacher I will be there. It's a start.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest - now let me show you someone special:

My new, stinking cute nephew - Benjamin was born on May 2.

And the Plus quilt I am slowly but surely making for him:


I made it using the tutorial here. I can't wait until he is all wrapped up in it...come on mojo!