Saturday, October 17, 2009

A happy reader! and a bit more KAL spoiler...


I was so thrilled when the mail lady came today - hurray my new book. I read and loved Michelle Wildgen's first book You're Not You and yapped about it here. When I learned she was local to me - transplanted from somewhere - but she lives in Madison now, I was pretty stoked - because well, I am going to have to go to a book signing right? I also recently learned that she knows a highschool classmate of mine personally - through Facebook you can discover many things - some you even want to know - well, I felt like I had rubbed elbows with celebrity - because I am like that. Brad Pitt could walk in, meh, I would probably not freak out because he is just a guy - an incredibly cute one who acts well - but just a guy (I would likely think, "gosh, I thought he'd be taller"). But if I have an opportunity to observe a writer (or a knitter!) in person, hear their words from their owns mouths - wow, that is exciting for me. (I am missing the author of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle tomorrow - darned Sunday school - haha!) I don't conjure personal opinion about the writer in my head - they are the conduit to worlds they share - and that's something. Okay, I sound a little star struck. So anyways, I was saying - Wildgen's new book came to me today - I pre-ordered ages ago through Amazon and have been laying in wait for the box to show up.

I cannot start it until I finish The Girls From Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow - because I cracked that one last night and realized, I need to know these women. I'll keep you posted.

Yarntini Honeytini

Here is another update on my Mystery Sock - egads, that heel is divine. I love it. And it is so fallish, I cannot wait to buy a sweater to match - hee!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another finished object, and a KAL spoiler

My wonky log cabin...the main fabric is Lantern Bloom by Laura Gunn

I made this quilt with the Old Red Barn Quilt-a-long group - I think I owe this group for singlehandedly getting me back into quilting full board. It started with a simple rail fence QAL, and now I have put this third largish project to bed. It is a lapsized quilt for my dear knitting penpal, Christine, it is her birthday TODAY! She is cbknits80 at Ravelry - so wish her a happy day if you have a sec. I chose a teal shot cotton for the sashing because she loves that color, and it just seemed to be made to complement the Laura Gunn collection. My sewing machine went a little wonky - apparently the name of the pattern should have been telling - when I was quilting, so I had to get my book out and do tension 101 homework - and now, I think my machine probably deserves a trip to the spa. It sat unloved for so long, and now she must be feeling so used.:)

I just got in from vacation yesterday - my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Fort Myers, Florida - with an overnight up to Disney. We went to the not-so-scary Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom. We went with our kids last year - and at first we were so forlorn, missing our kids. But then we quickly reminded ourselves that this was our first vacation alone in 10 years! We were like kids ourselves trick-or-treating every chance we could. The whole attitude at Disney is so darned contagious - I wholly recommend it - with, or without children!

I am so excited at the Hall of Presidents attraction - I'ma total nerd history whore, er buff...

While we were MIA, I worked on my Mystery KAL sock - by Kirsten Kapur over at Through the Loops. I have almost two cuffs done - I knit on the plane and on the beach - what a delight. I can't wait for clue #3...and if I can keep up, there is even a chance I could keep second sock syndrome at bay! I know, omg.

Mystery KAL in Yarntini Honeytini SW Merino

Now, the bad news - I have to go back to work tomorrow *sigh*...but the good news is I have a job and it helps to buy yarn... I am so trying to keep glass half full. :)