Monday, August 16, 2010

My mind might be racing a bit. in spite of medication.

I have been thinking about a hundred things lately - some very cool projects, excellent books, school is starting - look! pretty colors!

Picture 583

I've pulled a bundle of fabrics in aqua and orange for my {Urban Home} Goods Swap partner. She really likes the fish in bags pattern by Heather Ross, so I thought I could start there. I am thinking some sort of play on this Liberated Wedding Ring tutorial by Little Miss Shabby. I'll be back with some result soon, I hope. I have some other ideas - this swap has truly gotten my creative juices just about spurting between my fingers, in other words keeping me up at night should check out the group and see the amazing thing people are coming up with. Oh, the pressure.:)

Another thing that has been keeping me up at night...

My addiction

Have you read this book series by Steig Larssen? OMG. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo had been on my shelf for a year marinating, I knew it would be a trickier read, so I waited for the right moment. Then I finished the first book in a flash and even watched the Swedish version of the movie on Netflix. BIG thumbs up to both. I was impressed with the movie - it culled the details of the book so succinctly, leaving out things that would just be too confusing on the big screen. I got the second book today - I leapt off the couch and ran outside in my bare feet today to accost, er, greet the UPS guy today - I think I scared the poor guy. I can't wait to start it. I have just hugged it for awhile so far. I'm dying to see what Lisbeth and Mikail are up to in the next novel.

**side note - another cute read was Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen by Susan Gregg-Gilmore. It was a quick, sweet little read. I read it yesterday, between the Larssen books - like a little bit of sorbet to clean the palette.

Picture 623

Meanwhile, I really have been doing more than reading by flashlight, I finished my QAL quilt top - omg, TGIF as in Thank God it is Finished. I really appreciate Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts running another fabulous quilt a long, but these little squares drove me entirely batty. I don't particularly relish ironing, well, this baby required all too much ironing. I have ordered the backing and binding fabrics - so I hope to get it quilted soon. And then I will fold it up and just stare at it for a bit. Another quilt - wow - it will be so a record.

Ta for now!

A quilt, a sock and a wedding...

Holy lazy day, batman! My husband and I attended a family wedding in Chicago over the weekend, so I took today off to rest. Wow, glad I did - though I have to admit I have not accomplished much, unless catching up on the DVR, napping and eating excessive snacks counts. OMG. The wedding was wonderful fun - I danced and drank with members of my extended family I don't often see. I feel a little sheepish, as I don't generally miss my extended family - and then I had such a good time. Even in my middle age, He is teaching me lessons. Humble pie is a good thing - I'm thankful for a chance to do better. It was a good time, but now, I am tired.

My sister and my husband

We also enjoyed the wedding celebration because we got good news Friday. My husband's MRI - following his April brain surgery looks good. So hopefully he'll never have to do that again. I love this picture of him and my sister. She was just 10 when I dragged him home from high school - so he is her brother from another mother for sure. Two of my favorite people, looking like they are hatching a sneaky plan.

Picture 588
Crazy Mom Quilts QAL - Week 7

I am still a couple of weeks behind in the quilt-a-long, but I am getting there - it will end up being a twin quilt...soon, I hope.

Picture 562
Finished Squid and Ink Sock Kit by Mama Blue Knitting Goods

I finished my second Squiddie sock on the way back from the family wedding - good car knitting. I would be glad to pass this sock pattern on to a good home, if you are interested leave me your e-mail address in the comments and I will get in touch for your address. I enjoyed the knit but am sure I won't knit it up again. I think I have too many good socks patterns in queue to have any time for a do-over.

Well I had better get back to overeating and guilty pleasure television - such a busy day!

Monday, August 09, 2010

swatch this...

Picture 550
Tosh Merino Lite in Briar

So, I swatched - and while neither one got me the perfect rows - the stitches are spot on. Everything I read suggested that rows were less important in gauge - and if you needed less rows per inch go down a needle size - that didn't solve the problem. Any thoughts on that? I think I shall go forth - but now I have to decide Celery Cardi or Austin Hoodie. Isn't that sweet that they have the same gauge? Especially since I lost my head when The Loopy Ewe had an update. Somehow I didn't think I would be able to score any of the TML but then ::

Northern Spruce, Bloomsbury, Filigree, Briar

Yikes. So if I really get serious, I could make both sweaters. In the meantime ::

Picture 552

A Pimm's cup, the recipe found on Orangette. It was a find, locating it took me on an adventure to a fully stocked liquor store, the clerk excitedly talked about fruit cups and whatnot - so clearly, he was pleased to share the Pimm's - it really is quite tasty with a zingy ginger ale, as suggested but there are many yummy sounding recipes over at the Pimm's site. Nom.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

QAL week 6 and a the Urban Home Goods swap

Picture 534

Week 6 of the quilt-a-long run by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts. All of these little pieces are making me a little nutty but I am pleased with my progress. Though, truth be told, I'll officially be three weeks behind as of tomorrow - shhh. My little one is modeling my quilt here - so it's approximately the wing-span of a 5-year-old big, so far. It will be a twin sized quilt when it's finished. I have no plans for it, so it's a good thing all of the little futzy pieces really have no deadline.

Urban Swap Inspiration

Here is my inspiration mosaic for another swap - Urban Home Goods - a Modern Swap, hosted by Heather of alamode fabric and Kerri of lovely little handmades. It should be a fun and inspiring group to be a part of. I had "sew" much fun with the pin cushions, this swap will up the "skills ante" just a bit for me *gulp*.

I have had such a nice weekend, I hate to see it come to an end. As a State employee, I had a furlough day on Friday. While the strained Wisconsin budget is not something to celebrate, I think I put the furlough to good, if not a tad bit selfish, use. I saw The Kids Are All Right at the local Sundance Theater. It was so good - wonderful acting, I laughed AND cried! I also had the best popcorn. Then I had a wonderful adventure shopping and enjoying dinner with my sister. Life gets in the way so often, it's hard to find moments to spend together. I will remember our impromptu dessert at the fondue restaurant for some time, to be sure. We were in chocolate coma. I think I get how the chocolate "better than sex" cake got the name.