Monday, October 27, 2008

on the road again....

The road to knitting, of course.


I have finished one sock's worth of clue #4 of the Through the Loops Mystery KAL - I hope to get a jump on the other sock - it's been kind of nice knitting two socks at once just because when I am done, I'll have two socks - instead of one lonely loser that may die a spinster.

I am using Mama Blue Knitting Goods Simple Merino - it is a gorgeous semi-solid but my cables are a bit obscured, that's sad. But they're socks, so I will love them forever.

In other news - I have found a couple of esty shops I want to tell you about - the holidays are upon us and I do hope to go handmade wherever possible.

I discovered Creations by RagsNehali. She makes altered little things, I have purchased a calendar and several post-it holders - including a little custom order with "thanks" on the cover - I'm thinking practical teacher gifts. So charming, terribly reasonable - perfect. And the customer service is wonderful, Nehali is so accomodating and quick - run over and get something before you can't!

I also recently received a little order from Haunt, wonderful bath products and lipbalms - it was a bit late for the intended purpose because dear Haunt was swamped - but well worth the wait. I received some decadent spray-on skin gloss - I feel like I am hoarding a naughty little treat - like good chocolate only I don't have to hide it. Not to mention the packaging was lovely - like a little present you give yourself. (you have to give it to yourself first to see if it is worthy of gift giving, right?:)

Lastly, some professional photo postcards that support a Washington State Humane Society Fostering Program that I read about - the blog is The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - doesn't the name just tickle your sides? Anyways, the photo cards are high quality and give a little autobiography of each kitten. I love them, and so would any loyal kitty lover.

btw - Guitar Hero World Tour came out yesterday - my husband and I waited to get ourselves a little vacation souvenir, rockstar style!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

lost and found

I am home at last - what a great feeling, to break the threshold of home when you have been gone. It was only 8 days but 8 busy, full days.

the girls in costume for the not-so-scary halloween extravaganza

We had a blast at Disney, a blast. One highlight was Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party - truly worth every extra cent. First of all, we were able to collect about 10 lbs. of candy but also we were able to get on so many rides and see so many shows with little or no wait. It was wonderful. We "trick-or-treated" until midnight and the kids loved every second. After lights out my dh said "do you know what song I have in my head?" - Oh yes - it's a small world, I was thinking the same one. The song truly gets stuck in the craw - I think it could be a new form of torture for supermax'll drive you to insanity - hee hee!

We also had the opportunity to eat our way through Epcot's Food and Wine Festival on our last evening. Where else could you start with a frozen mojito from Puerto Rico and end with a cream puff filled with marscapone in Italy? My husband's sister and her new husband joined us, and it was great fun - extra sets of eyes for the kids - and more foods to sample. We ended our visit to Disney with two trips through Soarin' - I truly enjoyed this crazy, fast paced trip.

Well, except when I lost my driver's license in Hollywood Studios Wednesday (a day that wasn't going great already - perceived extended family rebuff that doesn't matter now) - it felt a bit like a nightmare as I was scared I would somehow not be able to board my plane without my photo i.d... On Thursday morning we got a call from our hotel's front desk that security had found it but somehow where I was supposed to pick it up got lost in translation. So three trips to MGM lost and found, a trip to the main lost and found and multiple phone calls - at last I was reunited with my i.d. I hugged the woman who finally handed it to me and got a photo taken with her - Disney gave me a neat photo frame (with my i.d. framed) for my troubles. Truly, troubles I created myself - just another example of how awesome Disney staff is - no one was ever crummy to me, even when I nearly cried at the main lost and found. I was just kidding about throwing a rope over the rafters - I swear. I manuevered Disney Mass transit alone like a pro in search of the elusive i.d. - let me know if you ever need any tips...

me, my sil, mil and the girls...

Anyways, we are home. Real knitting content to return soon! I am ready to get a jump on Kirsten's 4th clue for the mystery KAL and take lots of naps before work starts again Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

sun, surf, sand and socks...

Tonight my sister-in-law shall be betrothed on Ft Myers Beach, FL - a lovely backdrop, a seriously nice break from the new overnight freezes of Wisconsin. I had a lovely time during the rehearsal last night - my only jobs included purse handler and small-child watcher - my own small child. I enjoy observing my girls pick shells with such vigor, such newness, we even found Patrick of Spongebob(promptly murdered him and stuck him in a basket to take home to show the third grade class, egads. The fine sand on our feets is such a delight. As much as I balk at it when I am home "appreciating the seasons", I could live with full-time access to the beach, I know I could make this sacrifice.

My creation

Tomorrow we have the day earmarked for Sanibel where the real shell picking is. Then Monday we are onward to Disney. So far, our trip has provided time for some relaxing as well for a bit of knitting. I am nearing the end of my third clue in Kirsten's Mystery Sock KAL...

Mama Blue Simple Sock in Bramble

Sunday, October 12, 2008

triangle tribulation

Shetland Triangle in Beach Fog Dream In Color Smooshy

She's done - this darn shawl is done. I'm so glad. I modified it slightly, adding two lace repeats to account for the fingering weight yarn - I think that was the end for me. I am the kind of person that if I have a day scheduled off of work for any reason and my plans fall through - I cannot go into work - can't. I am convinced that I wasn't going - period. The same apparently rings true for lace repeats - when I had done the number the pattern called for, I felt I should be done. I found myself resenting the extra two repeats - can you imagine? I cursed those repeats - but at last I cast off and blocked her today. I think she is pretty - I have been toiling away this week on those stinking extra repeats so I could pack it up for my trip - I plan to wear her with my dress for a wedding this weekend. I will be glad to be wrapped up in my own little knit. I will have a drink with her (heck, I may have three), we'll dance, we'll walk in the sand. We'll make up, I'm sure of it.

here she is with the dress, a perfect marriage...pun intended, wa, wa, wa

I have also been bestowed with some very sweet blog treats lately.


Marisol of Purls Just wanna Have Fun honored me with "I love your Blog" and Morticcia of Two Knits of Ivory gave me a:


I am touched - and need to return the favor. I read many good blogs - many. You knitters are pretty awesome. A teeny offering of my favorites (other than the two sweeties that nominated me) are:

ADD Knitter
Friend to Knit With (I made her recommended cinnamon cookie recipe today - omg)
Tiennie Knits
SourCherries - amazing handspun
We do not have a knitting problem
Through the Loops - go check out the Mystery KAL

There are so many more wonderful blogs out there - I could go on, if I weren't struggling with my husband's Mac - I get my laptop back tomorrow - yay!

Last up - a little spoiler - Sundara's Seasons Collection in Autumn and Winter - they happened to coordinate perfectly with my new Real Simple Magazine...check it out.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another week with the piemaker...


We have decided to officially have pie with Pushing Daisies every week - that sounded like too fun and yummy of a proposition to pass up. I can't promise home-made every week - but we'll try. The Martha Stewart pie crust gets two thumbs up - and I really think it was crazy simple, I may just divorce the little doughboy for the real thing, I really like the rustic appearance made by my hands. Anyways, we had to postpone the watching and pie-eating to tonight because of some obligations last night - we just pretended it was Wednesday - thank gosh it isn't.

And I also knit with Ned. I am marching my way to the end of my sock weight Shetland Triangle - omg, will I be glad to be done with this - I'm just ready to wrap it up. If I run out of yarn, I may cry. I need it for a wedding next weekend. A wedding in Florida - hence the Peaknit family household personifies chaos. We are racing to prepare for our family wedding-slash-Disney adventure. We are planning to enjoy the Not-So-Scary Halloween party - though I will admit I referred to it as the Not-So-Fun party today, it was a true Fruedian slip. I should have prefaced by saying I asked my doctor for valium just to get on the plane. Yes, I know it's the safest form of travel - but have you ever heard "Isn't it Ironic"? I keep thinking Alannis Morisette was writing my future...I'm actually a very logical person, just not about planes. Could it be all of those episodes of "Seconds from Disaster" I have watched? I really should not have extended cable.

Anyways, (no, I am not breathing into a papersack after all of the thoughts of flying...really) my Mystery Sock KAL progress...


I am trying to perfect the crappy light box technique - I clearly need a couple more shop lamps. Anyways, I am use Mama Blue Simple Merino in Bramble and going for the cable-y version, though this is a mere cuff. I want to break up with my Shetland and get serious with these socks - I want to have some knitting monogamy going on for my vacation - try to be a good example for my children and date one project at a time. Does anyone know policy for knitting needles on a plane (once the Valium wears off, that is)? I'm planning to take the bamboo dpns...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

a perfect day

I was having a conversation with my third grader yesterday - and she said the most profound thing. "This is the perfect day!" Want to know why? A birthday party, macaroni and cheese for dinner and her favorite babysitter coming to hang out. It was a profound reminder of simple pleasures.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Scout's Honor

scouts honor

I received some gorgeous Knitpicks Harmony straight needles in the mail yesterday from none other than Scout - I won a contest on her blog and was treated to these beauties. I am thinking how pretty they would look, and practical too naturally, knitting up a simple garter scarf in my latest handspun experiment (they are all experiments for now) and it so happens to also be a product of Scout's Swag - Superwash Merino in Power Couples. I was inspired by Kirsten's of Through the Loops version. But here is mine:

Scout's power couples

I'm having so much fun spinning but I must confess I don't know how much I have when I am done, I haven't measured any of my skeins - I must plead ignorance - therefore, I am not sure how far I'll get on any project - for now, I am just petting them all.

Speaking of Kirsten...Ravelers - check out her new Mystery Sock KAL in honor of Socktoberfest. Since my sweater seemed to thrash my wrists I am going to quietly enjoy this fun little KAL - Kirsten has the most amazing designs, I can't wait to see how this develops. Join the group and join in. For tonight, I shall be "knitting with Pushing Daisies" - the show is back and I am so excited. I have made a pie to celebrate my 14th wedding anniversary today (good grief, where does the time go?) AND to pay homage to my beloved piemaker coming back to primetime.:P


I made Martha Stewart's pie crust using my Cuisinart, I usually go Pillsbury but 14 years deserves homemade - now we'll see if it is edible.